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Hunters' Quest by Kasper Beaumont
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Written in what I consider classic fantasy style, Hunters’ Quest sticks true to the traditional archetypes of elves and halflings, dwarves, shape shifting men, gnomes, centaurs and fairies, just to name a few. A group of eight companions travel together on a quest to rescue an elven princess who also happens to be the key component to a forcefield/shield that protects the magical land of Reloria.
While not terribly written, I found this book to be slow and uninteresting. It picks up where the first book left off and gives only the most cursory background details concerning previous plot. Character development was negligible probably because the author assumes the reader will have read the first book. Since this reader did not, I felt a little lost on how the relationships in this second book came to be formed as well as their importance. For instance, why are the fairies bonded to the halflings? Why are the fairy names only modifications of the halflings’? How did the mountain man, Asher, end up with this unlikely group of heroes? This second book leaves too much up to intimate familiarity with the first book which isn’t necessary a bad thing so long as you do the required reading. Faithful readers who’ve been with the series since the beginning will likely find this to be a seamless transition from one book to the next.
Reading this reminded me of sampling from novels written by fledgling high schoolers with an abundant love for fantasy novels and an eagerness to lend their love to stories of their own. It’s clear that Beaumont takes her inspiration from other classic works from authors like Tolkien, Brooks, and Moorcock. It’s just unfortunate she couldn’t take more notes on character development, plot pacing, etc from notable authors like Rothfuss, Eddings, and Donaldson. I didn’t think there was too much in the way of original ideas put forth in this book, harkening back to high schoolers anxious to recycle the fantasy elements they love so well.
Not an awful read overall, this book just failed to capture my attention on a consistent basis. Far too easy to put down compared to other books in the same genre, I had to give Hunters’ Quest a low rating.

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