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Girl Trade by Chloe Thurlow
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Dec 29, 2010

did not like it
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Read in December, 2010

Although the craft of this book is well done, the material was not to my taste. I found the heroine to be somewhat vapid and the first person she encounters to be so distasteful that I had to quit reading for fear that the book would be nothing but a series of encounters with the same stereotype. I read the entire Kindle sample before deciding not to buy.
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message 1: by Chloe (new)

Chloe Thurlow Dear D.V. It always breaks my heart when one of my books hasn't touched the reader and would beg you to try The Gift of Girls, which has a far stronger female character and a more Heathcliffe like male character. xx Chloe

message 2: by D.V. (new) - rated it 1 star

D.V. Ant Bought and read "The Gift of Girls." Posted a review today.

Dave Rhinehart Wow, I really can't agree with your assessment. The book fits the genre perfectly. my wife and all her female friends pass various erotica around, and they all love Chloe books as they say they can identify with her much better than any other writer. they all think she is the best female erotica writer out there at the moment

Karen Latham Oh, DV I am sorry that you didn't enjoy Chloes book. I find her female characters so strong and focussed. maybe the genre is just not for you

message 5: by D.V. (new) - rated it 1 star

D.V. Ant Dave and Karen -- There is a world of books out there. No reader can or will like them all. Chloe has the craft of writing down very well, and my giving my opinion was never meant to deride her abilities. I write, too, and I am absolutely, positively certain that not everyone will find my stories to their taste. All I can hope for is that they'll take a Kindle (or other eReader) sample and give my words a try. Just like I did with Chloe's work. In fact, I bought The Gift of Girls at her polite suggestion.

I read erotica quite a lot, but that doesn't mean that every kink I am exposed to is one I'd like to try. I don't think the genre is the problem; it's more individual than that.

I'm glad you both found an author you can get behind. There is nothing more fun than finding a new author with a robust catalog of books that resonate within you. Best wishes.

Karen Latham Hi DV I had an email saying that you had commented on my comment. when I read my post, and the previous poster, it looked like we were ganging up on you! so sorry if this seemed the case. i only joined goodreads yesterday, and found the Chloe books were on there, so I reviewed and commented away without much thought, I'm afraid. Of course, you are 100% right about individual tastes. I am afraid I am very much a fan of erotica, so if you write such a book.... kaz xx

message 7: by D.V. (new) - rated it 1 star

D.V. Ant Thanks for your understanding, Karen. I didn't think you two were ganging up on me, though I can see where I might have gotten that impression.

If you want to read erotica that's quite different from Chloe's literary style, you can go to my website and sample excerpts. www.dvantbooks.com I also write under my legal name, but won't post that here. Chloe's writing is excellent, however, and I would be foolish to imply a competition.

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