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The Jewel of St. Petersburg by Kate Furnivall
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Dec 28, 2010

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run–of–the–mill: not outstanding in quality or rarity.

This book hits the mark of mediocracy. It has it's enduring moments, yes, but on the whole it's not amazing.

Set in Russia, the year is 1910. The Russian people are rallying. They want a better life, they want Czar Nicholas and all the Romanovs gone. Valentina has lived a life of supposed luxary. From the outside looking in, she appears to be just another aristocrat living the high life. Little does the outside world know, she is looking after her paralyzed sister, she is thinking for her own self, she is becoming a nurse, she is in love. She meets her Jens by chance, playing the paino for the Czar. He unnerves her. They pretty much fall for each other from the start, only Valentina's father has plans for her. Plans to marry a captain to get him out of his enormous debt. In a time of war, can Valentina chose love?

This book had a wonderful story in it. It had much more depth than I had originally thought it would. There is something about the way the author writes that I'm just not crazy about. It's almost like she writes too factualy, instead of telling the story.....
3.5 stars
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Osman you makes some undeniably fair comments. though i think her storytelling is peculiar in a way that i cant really call it mediocre nor award winning but still i'd read her other works

Kristy I would definitely give her another chance :)

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