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House Rules by Jodi Picoult
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Dec 27, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: not-what-i-expected, disappointing, predictable

I don't usually like to admit this but I can almost NEVER solve the mystery or crime in a book before the end. This time it was ridiculously easy which actually really disappointed me. I was drawn to the book because I was previously a special education teacher who is now a guidance counselor. I did find the social issue of diagnosis and treatment of a person with Asperger's interesting. It is important to shed more light on this topic. Picoult is a popular author. If a greater awareness of Asperger's and individuals on the PDD spectrum is bolstered by this book, I think that would be great.

A recurring theme in Jodi's novels that bothers me is always the other sibling being completely left out and ignored because of the "higher maintanence" sibling's issues. Is it really hard to imagine a parent finding time to parent both children? Or find a way to nuture both of their needs? It leads me to believe Jodi was the forgotten child in her family. (Of course I don't even know if she has siblings or not!) At any rate, her stories have gotten to be ridiculously formulaic as can be the case with many best selling authors. (Dan Brown is another that comes to mind.) And while I did think that the entire story could have been over in 75 pages if someone had just asked Jacob to tell them what happened when he got to Jess's house, I also found myself eagerly turning the pages to get to the conclusion. Unfortunately it was very rushed. An epilogue more detailed that Jacob's last "Case Study" might have helped. So much lead-up to a giant fizzle at the end.
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Meghan Uugh! That ending was the WORST! After having such an easily predictable story, the only thing I carried about was the verdict and the relationship, and it said NOTHING about them to end it!

message 2: by Wayne (new) - added it

Wayne Blackburn exactly the older sibling being treated like total crap

message 3: by Vicki Renee (new)

Vicki Renee Please tell me how y'all were able to predict the murderer so early on in the book? I'm on page 260 and still "don't get it."

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