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Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher
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Dec 27, 2010

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First of all, this is the first book I have read on my new Nook. :) That being said, there were a lot of errors, the Nook Editors really need to step up their game. It made the book hard to enjoy when I am spotting typos left and right.

Secondly, I gave this book 3 stars and maybe it only deserves 2, but I did enjoy it. The characters were vastly underdeveloped, and the relationships between them were unreliable and unrealistic (at best). I know those of you out there are thinking "It's a FANTASY book, it's supposed to be unrealistic.." and I get that. The plot line, the demons, and the "other world" feel to it is all good in my opinion. However, the relationships and how the characters acted in the classic love triangle left something to be desired. (understatement)

The book was riddled with cliche metaphors and similes. Some of the elements of the story were hard to grasp and poorly explained. Crucial elements could have been simplified, but rather were woven into complex details that just annoyed me. Even the main character was just plain stupid at times. Dense. Frustrating.
Overall, 3 stars, whatever. It was alright.
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Mikey I agree 100% about the poor editing and under developed characters!

Ammu I whole heartedly agree with this review!

Penelope Fletcher Ha! Ouch ... okay, thanks for your opinion. :)

Jason I find myself in overall agreement. But, I did finish it. It was way too fast, and with the above aforementioned errors, made the enjoyment more challenging. Penelope, you have talent. I just think you might not realize how far you went down the Christopher Paolini route (with Twilight). That's not such a terrible thing, but I hope the sequel and the 3rd book are better, and good enough to show you can make it real good. I will read. I'm looking forward not to being let down :)

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