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Night Runner by Max  Turner
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Dec 27, 2010

liked it

** spoiler alert ** Now, i have only one word to say about this book...weird. And i mean it. Let's get it from the start though.

We have Zack who grown up in a hospital, or to say it better mental facility. Suddenly starting is a bit off, and he escapes. Wondering alone or sometimes with his best friend or unknown people, he is trying to save himself from a person who hunts hims and find some help. As the story rolls, he learns what he really is, more about his past and his family and starts to live for a first time ever.

I will admit, the book was good. It was really fast, with many surprises. Full of action and really clever as an idea. I liked how a vampire managed to live in our world and no one noticed what he was. I liked the whole running thing. It was full of emotion and it was making me really nervous. I couldn't put the book down. The love story was a bit cliche but well...you can't have everything!

And then...here comes the end. A total disaster! It made me not wanna read the book ever again. Now, to explain what i really want i have to spoil. So if you don't wanna know what it is, then just skip the paragraph inside the red ***. I say read it :P

So, we are at the final "battle". At the start everything is cool and then..the killing start. And by killing i mean every single character in the book. The bad guys, the good guys...everyones dies! And not only that but Zack kills his best friend! He kills him and feels okay! No, he didn't do by accident...he knew what he was doing and didn't stop. That's when i hated Zack....Once small action and the character goes down...So here i am, "wow...everyone dies..that sucks". And next page? Everyone is alive! Are you kidding me? WTF? Suddenly you learn that everyone is alive, with the most unbelievable excuse ever. Seriously, i preferred them dead! Plus, Zack's best friend is now a vampire too. And they are all good and love each other like nothing happened! Gosh...he killed him...like really killed him. He wasn't planning to turn him vampire, no matter if that happens. His intention was kill. I would have kick his ass really hard if that happened to me not acting all goody.

Sooo....your choice what will do with it. I don't know....:/

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