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Madame X by Jasinda Wilder
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“I belong to one man and one man alone, and he does not share.

6 STARS - Madame X sets the stage for one hell of a wild, all consuming, thrill ride. This brand new series by Jasinda Wilder is going to have everyone talking!

Madame X is the first book in a brand new series by Jasinda Wilder and when a special uncorrected galley showed up in my mailbox, I did a little dance, SQUEEEED and I think I frightened the mail clerk at my post office a little bit! WHOOOPS!!! But how could I not be excited, a chance to read this book early, WINNING!!!!

Madame X is a story about a woman with a past that she has no recollection of, still this haunts her. She is Madame X but who was she before, she has no idea. She spends her days training men how to be better versions of themselves and how to be successful in life and business. She is controlled, unemotional and successful at what she does, in fact she is the best and she demands the best. She has no tolerance for whining, simpering, sniveling weaklings and she will tell you how it is, giving no care for your feelings… that is what she is paid for after all.

“A simple thing, asking one’s name. So easy for everyone else. Something I never considered until today-how impossible a normal interaction such as this could be, away from what I know.”

This book is beautifully and meticulously written, the prose is outstanding and once again I found myself totally absorbed in the story that was unfolding before me. Madame X is dark, it’s complex and intriguing, and it will totally mess with your mind. I devoured this book in one sitting and I found myself shaking my head, talking to the pages, and puzzling over what was happening and why. Understanding who, what, why, where and when became my goal, I was relentless, determined to figure out this rubix cube of a story. But alas this is only the first chapter in a story that will take place over the course of three books. I became obsessed with a story, I know, I know this happens a lot with me. I am an obsessive, emotional reader, it is my nature, but this story held me captive quite literally from page one to page two hundred and sixty five.

“I shouldn’t, but I do. I am weak. So weak.
I am falling under the spell.”

Madame X made my heart race and my head spin. It’s a story that is many things, an erotic thriller, a mystery and I think the beginning of a romance as well. It’s a huge puzzle with tiny little pieces just waiting for you to solve it. I’ve always been a huge fan of romance novels, even when I was much, much younger than I am today; I’ve read thrillers, mysteries and even horror. I even dabbled in dystopian for a short time, but the genre that has always been near and dear to this bookworm’s heart is romance. This book takes erotic romance and mixes in nerve wracking thrills and chills, secrets, lies and deception. The entire story is still a mystery to me, as I have no clue as to where I am being led next. A good reader always has to trust the author right? And after being on many journeys with this particular author I trust her implicitly. When will we be given all of the answers that we so desperately crave and need? Over the course of the next two books of course, I just need to learn to be patient, hahahahahaha. I’ve been told patience is a virtue.

“For the first time I can remember, I am truly, completely alone.”

Jasinda Wilder is a master storyteller and when she wants to draw you in, you can be guaranteed its’ going to happen, don’t fight it, just go with it, you know you want to. Her writing style mesmerizes, the story induces addiction, and the characters become real, leaping off the page as their stories unravel. She has done it once again with Madame X, she has set the stage for what will be without a doubt a wild, all consuming and unforgettable story. I have so many thoughts, questions, theories and feelings still running through me even now, and I finished the book weeks ago. It is going to be absolute torture waiting for Madame X Exposed (Book 2) but it’s a torture that I will happily endure for the chance of unraveling the mystery that is Madame X.

This book is a must read for all readers that love thrillers, mysteries and romance, it's dark and sexy. Intriguing and compelling. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Just read it already!!!!

“Damn all the gods for burdening me with this truth, but I need you.
I don’t want to need you, but I do.
And I will not, cannot give me you. I don’t know why, and I do know you will never tell me.”

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