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Triskellion by Will Peterson
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Dec 26, 2010

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Read in December, 2010

I picked this one up not because of the reviews, which were eh, but because of the description--ancient mysteries in old British villages are like literary crack for me. I found it kind of a mixed bag--in other words, the reviews were right. I think there's nothing wrong with the basic plot, it's just that the author wasn't quite up to conveying it in the best possible way. Too many characters, too many times in which the author decides to skip something in order to start the new scene somewhere exciting then has to explain how they got there, when the skipped scene would actually have been not only interesting, but would have given the reader a clue as to why the main characters would do so many dumb things without explanation...well, that's kind of circular, but that was the problem. Overall, there were too many hints at the portentiousness of it all, to the point at which there was no way the answer to all the mysteries could live up to the hype, and it didn't. In fact, I guessed it a few chapters beforehand and kind of rolled my eyes. Then it was just pretty much thrown away without any explanation at all, probably because there are sequels due, but I was just frustrated. For something better and more rooted, try 'Haunted Ground' by Erin Hart. It's an adult book with less of the mystical but more of the skin-tingling, and also involves old things buried in the ground.

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