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it was amazing
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I'm pretty sure Laini Taylor books just exist to capture and devour your entire SOUL AND IMAGINATION. I just went on such a wild adventure omg, I feel acTUALLY DRAINED. Like this duology has totally filled my creative well. I am heart eyes and my heart so so full and !!!! my emotions are just !!! which is exactly how a professionally reviewer would summarise a book.


So this takes off basically seconds after Strange The Dreamer ends. Who needs to pause for breathe. No you don't. You get tossed back in with your heart in your mouth, watching everything unravel. But may I just say the pacing was perfect?! This duology isn't a "break neck speed action adventure" and for that I love it. Oh there are plenty of action scenes at the end. But it balances them with so much thoughts and feeling, explorations of ACTUAL OTHER DIMENSIONS AND UNIVERSES, and delicately crafted characters who just feel real now.

THE CHARACTERS AFDJAKSLDFLJFD. They are the light of my little heart!! Ahh!! We actually start the book getting introduced to two new girls: Nova and Kova. Who become so pivotal to the story omg. But we get all the old favourites and I just !!! I really truly care about so many of them. And my favourite thing is how the characters aren't always GOOD or BAD. They can so easily fit into both. I absolutely feel for the antagonists. AHHHH I feel all the things for Minya. Holy fafhfashs I love Minya.

But also we have:
LAZLO AND SARAI: Actually Lazlo doesn't have quite a front-position for this one. We don't spend as much time in his head. I missed him a LOT. But he's there!! It's just there were a lot of other things to cover, and I really did feel this was Sarai's book. (HELLO THE TITLE.) And ajfdkslad SaRAIA. She is so sweet and obviously her role in the story (and in life) is tenuous and terrifying. AHHHHH. I love love love how she wants to save people and turn her nightmares into understanding others and helping them out of their cycles of hate and terror.
RUBY, SPARROW AND FERAL: Ok they are the best teens ever. Because they're like these little blue-skinned wizard gods and such teenagers. Lmao. Feral is clueless. Ruby is a bundle of raging hormones. Sparrow is soft and perfect...and surprising !!
MINYA: I freaking love her ok. Everything she does is to protect the others. I can't even. I love love love how she's written - so you can fully hate her and what she does BUT UNDERSTAND HER. (view spoiler)
THYRON NERO: Can I just say that he has an amazing character arc. I kind of love Thyon. I always shipped him like just 2% with Lazlo at the beginning lmao. And omg Thyon. I'm dyyying. I love how he and Calixte develop a friendship, and then he and Ruza and Tzara. LIKE LIVING FOR THYON BECOMING AS PRETTY INSIDE AS HE IS OUTSIDE. (view spoiler)
• ERIL-FANE: guyyyys I love this tortured damaged soul. I think he's such a good representation of PTSD and I just ache for him but am also so proud!!
• SUHEYLA: an actual queeeeeeen I love her so much (view spoiler)

basically perfect characters are perfect. Everyone is dimensional and complex and STOLE MY HEART. I love that I could hate/love the antagonists (they're never really villains) and care about the side-characters after only a few heartbeats!

Also book 1 left us with SO many questions. This one answers! And it will EXPLODE your mind how big the world gets. It's complicated and huge and detailed. The first book is riddled with foreshadowing and omg it ties in so well?! Also shout out to those Daughter of Smoke and Bone references! I see what you did there.

We get to find out where the seraphim came from, who the blue-skinned gods are, why they were breeding babies, what else the gods can even do, what this means for Weep...

...oh and I KNOW WHAT WEEP'S TRUE NAME IS. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also just adore the magic and how fervently and beautifully it's crafted. Seriously the descriptions are lush and the world building is perfectly and extraordinarily magic. IS there writing I love as much as this?! sajfkldsad I am besotted and cannot be made to stop.

One thing I always worry about with finales is: "hey but will this break me or be satisfying?" And I'm proud that MUSE did both these things. It is satisfying, but it doesn't shut doors. It is heartbreaking, but it doesn't leave me disappointed. IT IS PERFECT IS WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY.



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9.34% "So the only problem here is I've read Strange The Dreamer TWICE...but by audio. Now I'm actually reading with my eyeballs and like...?? What are these words. 😂😂Why do things look so different from how they're said. I'M DYING HAHA HELP.

(but anyway I'm so freaking excited to be reading this!!)"
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19.46% "Thyon: Nothing can hurt me!
Calixte: hey Thyon guess what
Calixte: you're not special
Thyon: [shuts down in total shock]"
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23.93% "ok but Lazlo trying his very goodest hardest to be badass (and failing) is adding years to my life"
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36.77% "omg Thyron saved a book he thought Lazlo would like... 👀"
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53.5% "all i want is for them to get to eat the cake they have dreamt about for 15 years okay"
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77.82% "Human: So how are you enjoying Muse of Nightmares?!!
Me: [screams]"
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Wendy Agreed with literally everything in this review!!! It's so perfect. I need to reread the whole dosab trilogy again too now

Miri ♪ Book Dragoness ♪ And you get to know Weep's actual name? I NEED THIS NAOW.

Katie I feel exactly the same, and I kind of want to reread all of her books so I can just keep kicking around in this world.

C.G. Drews I absolutely want to reread Daughter of Smoke and Bone now!! 😍I can't believe how cleverly all her universes entwine omg.

Candlewick Books I need this in my life!!!!

Jeremy   I may or may not have read the spoiler parts without reading the book. WHY AM I LIKE THIS??? Also, I just read DOSAB and didn’t like it, so this really brought back up the hype I’ve been feeling for way too many months. This seems weird and cringy, but thank you, for writing this review. Whoopee!

Kasia Proce this review is everything

Sarah I’m going to cry...I’m almost done with this book...is it truly only a duology???

message 10: by C.G. (new) - rated it 5 stars

C.G. Drews @Sarah: I know right?! I want more books ajfdklsad

Chris Yes, I love how there really were NO villains. All the true villains are dead. The message of the book was healing and moving on from the past and embracing hope. So great. (I live for Eril-Fane and Azareen)

Brenda Waworga agree with everything you said (wrote) 😍😍😍this duology is perfection!!!

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