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Sentimental Me by Charles L. Fields
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Boston attorney Charles Stone is handling a special assignment for Franklin Life. A $500,000 insurance policy was taken out and the insured brutally murdered. Stone is to find out more about the beneficiary, Senorita Consuelo de V.

The novel is advertised as a travel mystery and one should expect information about various places where the story takes place. Since Stone drives from Boston to Mexico, the reader is given glimpses of places like Carlsbad Caverns and San Antonio. However, sometimes there is too much information such as the fact that the restaurant on the first night had a certain meal and salad bar. This happened often and I wanted the story to continue without distractions.

Coincidences abound. As soon as Stone arrives in Mexico and goes into a bar, Consuelo, "Connie" is sitting there. She knows who Stone is and approaches him to set up a meeting with her boss in the morning. At the meeting, Connie's boss, Eduardo Silva tells Stone that he attended Univ. of Nevada and majored in mining. Stone says that he has an old friend who runs the mining school there and Silva tells Stone that Stone's friend was a major influence in his life.

The dialogue is stilted, at the border patrol, Agent Collins tells Stone about the brutal attack that ended in the death of Agent Jack Spears. The person who took out the insurance. From then on, each time we spoke of Spears, it was always referred to his "brutal' death instead of using a similiar word.

I enjoyed the story but felt that it wasn't realistic when the two women in the story immediately are attracted to Stone and want to go to bed with him. He wasn't doing anything to attract that attention and it didn't flow.

The author can tell a story and the plot was compelling enough to keep the reader interested in the outcome. I think that with more editing and better dialogue, the author's next book will be an improvement.

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