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Almost Human by Melanie Nowak
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Dec 24, 2010

it was ok

Volume 1-Fatal Infactuation: I give One star. I did not like this book at all and completely regretted buying this 3 in 1 trilogy. I did not feel or care for the characters. Cain I could not picture or envision him @ all. And Felicity I was not quite sure what I thought of her. I did immediately like Ben and to be honest he was the most interesting of all the characters in this book. Sindy I did not like nor cared what happened with her and her "complicated" personality. This entire book just came off as boring, irritating, and with no real depth or direction for any of the characters involved. I found it very hard to see or find where the "fatal infactuation" was where Cain and Felicity were concerned. And the plot, the other vampires, how vampires are sired etc.. it was all just really blah to me. I understand that this was suppose to be Felicity's first year of college, but it felt like I was reading something more about high school kids than college kids. Especially since Matt is a Junior in college and his best friend Alli is obviously of age a bit because she works in a bar. But everyone just seemed so, for lack of a better word, or two, too simple and childish. So because I bought this 3-in-1 trilogy based on the rave reviews it received, I decided to at least try to finish it cuz 1 I hate to start something and not finish and 2 I spent 25 freakin bucks on this book! Moving on to Volume 2...

Volume 2 Lost Reflections- I give this one 2 stars just because after chapter 6 it got alot more interesting. And I know alot of people said they thought that Cain explaining his past could have been cut in half, I feel that this is what caused me to be able to finally see Cain, envision him, and understand his plight and why Felicity felt so drawn to him. So for me, this aspect of the story is what made this book the most interesting and the fact that Cain and Felicity finally take their relationship to the next level and what occurs between Cain and Sindy as well. But then of course the story and plot lost its way once again and it became a struggle to finish. But I did.

Volume 3 Evolving Ecstasy- I give this one 2 and a half stars. Only because of the last 2 chapters of this book. From begining and basically to the end I had alot of mixed feelings about this one. Over all it didn't really get any better. I understood and liked Felicity alot more and I felt for Cain but at the same time he just got on my nerves. Ben once again was the interesting one and I saw him grow alot more even though he had alot of passionate and conflicting emotions where Felicity and his best friend Alli were concerned as far as their choices in "lovers" this conflict made this a little interesting and the climax for the "big battle" was an eye opener as well. The love triangle, I did not see coming at all. I thought it would happen in the first or even the second book, but when nothing came to be I just forgot about it. But it was a pleasant surprise and bitter sweet as well.. So I can't say if I would recommend this read, but if you must please DO NOT BUY THE BOOKS! Check them out of the library borrow them whatever, but definitely don't purchase the 3-in-1. It's not worth the money. There is an intriguing cliff hanger at the end of this one but I'm still debating whether I will read @ least the 1st book in the next trilogy series. We shall see.


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 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ I can't wait to read this one! I'm waiting for it to get here!

 ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ It's here and I've dived in! =D

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