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Fallocaust by Quil Carter
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I have very conflicting feelings about this novel. There were some things the author did incredibly well that really sucked me into the story and made it a worthwhile read, but there were some things that weren't quite as well done and really bothered me. So this is going to be longer and a little more rant-y than my usual reviews, but it's not all bad, I promise.

I'll start with the things I liked.

The first half of the book had more issues that I'll get into below, but the further I got into the book, the harder it got to put down. About halfway in, the characters, their problems, their relationships, and their emotions really started getting deep and rich and complicated. It went beyond cookie cutter emotions and obstacles and became a web of pain and anger and grief all interconnected with inner demons and the effects the past were having on the characters in their present situations. Somehow the author managed to portray the complex emotions in a natural way and get me to sympathize with all the characters on all sides of the conflict. The emotions were so high and intense sometimes, but they still made sense. THAT is the kind of stuff I love in my books.

The second half was also when the book started to get disturbing in a good way because it was more about psychological things and characters trying to handle the messed up events in their lives. One particularly disturbing (but in a good way, albeit definitely fitting with the gruesomeness of the book) thing was *SPOILER* (view spoiler) *END SPOILER* So my point is, I was incredibly impressed with the psychological depth from about the middle on. Like, INCREDIBLY impressed.

Now for the things I disliked.

*TRIGGER WARNING: I'm going to be discussing rape a lot, in somewhat graphic ways, in the next few parts of the review. There might also be a few mildly spoiler-ish things, but nothing big or important or concerning main plot points.*

(view spoiler)


But then Killian, one of the few characters who wasn't a rapist, wasn't likeable either. The thing is, he started out as a perfectly normal, acceptable character, but then as soon as we got to the point when he was dating Reaver, he turned into this weak, submissive, emotional, dramatic, squealing, giggling, crying, wimpy, whiny, pathetic, lost little kitten of a character. Being mentally ill and/or struggling after going through terrible experiences is one thing. Being Killian is something else entirely. He acted more like a child than a 17-year-old man who had been fucked up and hardened by the world he lived in. I think my favorite moment of Killian's was *SPOILER* (view spoiler) *END SPOILER*

Another issue was the plot. It was a bit episodic, but mostly I was bothered by the fact that there wasn't really a goal. I like knowing what we're working toward when I read books so that I know if the characters are getting closer or further.

One last problem I had was the editing. I wouldn't normally let that bother me, but there were just too many issues with verb tense not quite making sense, sentences with confusing typos, using the wrong word, etc. There was also a lot of repetition. I also hated how the author had most of the book in 1st person POV alternating between Reaver and Killian but then sometimes changed to 3rd person POV of other characters and once went to 1st person POV of some random character named Jade, especially since Jade was the worst narrator ever. He literally just went into shock or something and had no clue what was going on which then meant I had no clue what was going on.

All of that being said though, any book that can impress me the way this one did with the complexity of the characters and their emotions is worth my time and is a book I'm glad to have read. And any book that can actually keep my attention for 800+ pages---and keep my attention enough to make me finish it in three days---is obviously doing something right. So even though I had quite a few issues and decided not to continue the series, but I'm still glad I read it.

Recommended For:
Anyone who likes seriously dark, gory, disturbing books. Anyone who likes complex characters and relationships.

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Kazza I enjoyed the heck out of this book but there's definitely no finesse to it - walnut meet sledgehammer, and the editing, oh my god, it's abominable.

Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight) Kazza wrote: "I enjoyed the heck out of this book but there's definitely no finesse to it - walnut meet sledgehammer, and the editing, oh my god, it's abominable."

I'm pretty sure I've read your review since I actually read this book and wrote mine over a year ago and only now got to posting it lol. I think this author did some things really well, like the character interactions, but I didn't love it as much as you. But ugh, yes, definitely needs some editing.

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