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Looking for Mr. Goodbar by Judith Rossner
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Dec 23, 2010

really liked it
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First off I finished this a minute ago and all I want, besides the vodka-soda I'm sipping fresh from the freezer, is a hot dog. Why? Because Theresa eats several throughout this story about her and I'm impressionable. Or perhaps I'm just hungry and that is all there is to eat that isn't some sort of major commitment. I'm impressionable, hungry AND lazy. And it's late so I don't want to eat at all but I can smell hot dogs because I'm impressionable and I know that I cannot smell hot dogs because I'm not insane. It's winter, the heat is on and there are wood-burning types locally so what I smell is a suggestion. So, I'm not just impressionable, I'm also suggestible. Highly. There is also that element.

Oh, so what do I think of this book? Hey! I'm getting to that. Let's see. Feminism, Women in transition from object to subject and really it's all so current and everyone is doing the same thing, now, I mean sleeping around to assuage self-hatred, lying to self, deceiving others... Double lives kept hidden even from surface level self-consciousness.

The writing is terrific and I haven't yet bothered to look the author up to find if she's done more than this, I want to get back into reading my book on the Periodic Table, I want to get back to my book on the economy, I want to get back online and share the good news of my recent digestion of yet another work of fiction. Yay.

Thanks to my dear friend for giving me the book. Very enjoyable. It isn't often I put the world aside and un-distract myself so I might finish and focus a book.

Definitely worth a look-see if you enjoy NY stories, stories about the doomed, the damned.

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