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Dec 22, 2010

it was amazing
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Theshrewedshrew Did you really like this book? I kept having problems with the downcast society/pill popper being the main character. I couldn't even get that far in the book after I realized how hard it was for me to keep reading. Did it get better?

Roxanne I loved it, it took me maybe a third of the book to get use to the slang and way they talked. It drove my crazy at the start but it eventually grew on me and made the book more unique.

Chess the heroine is an acquired taste...her self esteem is practically non-existent hence the drug use and attitude but it was one of the things I loved about her. She's one seriously flawed character and it's refreshing to have a different type of leading lady instead of the usual snarky, sarcastic and kick-ass woman you see in most Urban Fantasy books.

However Chess's drug problem is an ongoing thing through all the books, she doesn't even want to quit. I think you either love this book or hate it. So if you couldn't get past that issue with drugs I probably wouldn't suggest reading any further. Let me know what kind of books you enjoy I would be glad to recommend a great series for you!

Theshrewedshrew Normally I enjoy Urban Fantasy. I like Patrica Briggs Mercy Thompson series and Kim Harrison's The Hollows, also Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files. I read Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros Book Number 1... Nightlife. It was set up like a movie or a TV show a bit to much for my liking. Possibly the constant reminding that someone for a human is deadly turned me off.

But Ive been on a fantasy kick lately. I finished Robin Hobb's The Realm of the Elderlings nixing The Rain Wild Chronicles. I can't read anymore of her books for a few months at least. I hate her hero... or at least her idea of a hero. Someone who does the right thing and gets nothing but grief for it. I realize that Dresden basically gets nothing but grief for his involvement but things generally get better. Most of his books end on a happy note.

So I don't know. I just started Wheel of Time at Eye of the World and so far am happy with it. But who knows how long that will last.

I hate George R. R. Martin's books. I dont know why other than to say I like to follow a single character. When multiple characters are followed it often feels like I am missing more than I want to. I can normally deal with following up to 3. But thats about my limit. ;p

As for this book... The slang wouldn't have been bad. But it just reminded me of a train wreck of an episode from L&O SVU. lol.

Roxanne I feel the same about the one character thing, I think it makes it easier to relate to one character instead of jumping from person to person. It's also hard to read a book when you hate hearing the main persons inner monologue because they are a complete idiot or are weak and whiny.

I LOVE the Mercy Thompson and Hollows series, I've never read anything by Jim Butcher but heard great things about his Dresden Files Series, did you enjoy it?

I enjoy Fantasy books but haven't read all that many The Black Jewels Trilogy: Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, Queen of the Darkness is quite good, well the first three were. I stopped reading after that since I heard the story line completely changes. And I was pretty happy with how book three ended and didn't want to ruin it. The story does however change point of views quite a bit, the main focus is about a girl and two brothers but it does sometimes branch out to the father and a few other characters.

The Hunger Games is a really good YA Dystopia/fantasy novel. I usually prefer Adult novels with the occasional Young Adult but this book is really worth the read.

I know quite a few Urban Fantasy books. Among my favorites is Ilona Andrews - Kate Daniel's series.Magic Bites and Karen Marie Monings - Fever series. Darkfever Although I'm not sure you'll enjoy the first half of the Darkfever book, the heroine is a little girly for my tastes but she doesn't stay that way for long.

Do you prefer Adult or Young Adult books? and what level of romance do you like? My brother who is a 6ft, bald and tattooed man hates most romance lol and he still really enjoyed the Fever series.

OR if you're interested in anything Sci-fi (a genre I honestly didn't think I would like but found I absolutely love!) Ann Aguirre's - Sirantha Jax Series is really good. Grimspace

Sorry about the long winded reply, I get a little carried away when recommending books to people :P

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Theshrewedshrew Okay, I want to start at the top so I can keep track of my responses. ;p

I KNOW!!! How many books have I read and would have loved if it wasn't for the main character. lol. That sounds horrible... If you have ever been a fan of Star Wars Novels you might understand my frustration. For some reason the newer novels New Jedi Order era and forward they have just about anyone who can write, writing. I have read 3 books where a character undergoes the most bi-polar schizophrenic episode ever recorded. He goes from timid unable to do anything to HERO!!! to Ultimate villain and back in 3 books.

Oh well. I generally choose not to read those novels anymore. ;p

Me too on Mercy Thompson and Hollows. Check out that Alpha & Omega series by briggs to its concurrent events in Mercy Thompson's world. Its interesting and while not exactly 100% accurate with the Mercy World its possible Mercy just wasn't told everything.

Dresden. OMG! I don't know who got me hooked on it... But since I have started reading the series I know 9 of my friends who have fallen in love with the books, my fraternity brother's wife who likes the same TV shows as I do. Smallville, House, etc... (Its weird. Me and her have like the exact same preference in shows minus the girliest of them and I think she manages to watch the maniliest that I watch. So she pretty much wins.) But anyways. She started reading the dresden files and almost exactly word for word my response. You have to get to the third book. The first two are kind of the weakest books of the series. HOWEVER upon finishing the last two books, we start to see that the first two books were more intertwined than we previously knew.

As for those books I haven't even heard of any of those. Im gonna look for them around town.

My ex wanted me to read the Hollows. She was like if you want me to read the dresden files read Kim Harrison's books. I bought the first at Hastings on a shelf end, then I looked at a 2nd hand book store in Dallas for her's and couldn't find them. I spent hours looking and finally asked. I have never blushed so much when the lady told me and took me to the "Fantasy" Romance section. That was the first time I thought maybe I might be out of my depth. lol.

Honestly. I don't worry if the book is Adult or Young Adult. I just don't want a full on romance novel. I don't really worry so much if the book has a plot. Well I haven't read many so I guess ill find out.

hmm... Sci-fi I am either engrossed in or repulsed by completely. I don't know why. Its some remnant of being a child and constantly told Star Trek was just like Star Wars. (OH the traumatic scars) ;p

Don't worry about the long reply. I know exactly what you mean. I always find myself thinking of books I have read or have been meaning to read. I have a nightstand full of Mathematical texts I flip through and read as I can and manage to read when I become less engrossed in other novels. ;p Of course this time of the year I don't know how much of those Ill get through but I know Ill blow through 30-40 fiction or just for fun books. ;p Im really bad about re-reading what I really like. Mystery novels, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, etc.

Roxanne HAHA I laughed soooo much when I read about the "Fantasy" Romance section. Book Stores really need to rename that section since it has pretty much everything in it, a bit of Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi, Urban-fantasy, Steam-punk Mystery, and Fantasy. One of my friends refuses to go into that section, he makes me buy his books for him and refuses to read anything with a 'girly' cover so I converted him over to reading e-books and he no longer has that problem. (If you ever decide to switch over as well let me know, I have over 1000 different e-books and all of the series I recommended that I could send you.)

I'll definitely check out the Alpha & Omega Series since I really enjoyed Mercy's World not to mention I need to finish Mercy's books (way too many books on my 'To-Be-Read Shelf') but you've got me all excited about The Dresden Files Series, I think I'll start that!

Since I've been a huge reader most of my life and well...a girl :P I never really got into Star Trek, I did enjoy Star Wars though but I won't add to your emotional scars and get them confused with each other lol.

Also being a girl I do enjoy a bit more Romance in books than you probably would. But at the same time I would rather read a book with a good story line than two people mooning over each other. Which is of course why I like Urban Fantasy so much. Don't worry I did take into account the levels of romance in the books I recommended :P since I'm use to my brothers preferences. It is there but it's minimal and doesn't distract from the story lines.

I very rarely re-read a book, not because I didn't like it but because I have such a large number of new books to read (I swear it gets bigger everytime I look at it, for every book I take off to read another 3 show up). I do have a small list of favorites that I try re-read every couple of years but it has to be a pretty phenomenal book to make that list. The upside is that I'm a very fast reader so if I don't like a book it's not that big of a deal.

I know I have a lot of trouble finding any books in Australia. Either the release dates are months apart from America or they just won't be released here which definitely annoys me, especially if I'm waiting for a new release (I'm not the most patient person lol) Not to mention 50% of book stores have closed over here due to lack of sales. Anyway good luck finding those books, let me know how it goes!

Theshrewedshrew Lol. I go but I do quick run bys in the Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Romance sections. For some reason me and e-books have problems. One day I will get on that band wagon. But until then. VIVA PAPER!! ;p

As for the To Be Read. I know what you mean. I look on good reads when my current ideas run thin. I have no clue what all I have read recently. I read L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries not too long ago along with a few other books that I cant think of right now. I read this one book that had a section about Roosevelt's Island in it. But I have forgotten where I put that. Oh well. I have read fantasy, mystery (God I <3 Old Mysteries... Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, & Nero Wolfe - I have about 30 of these to read again in my books that I have started the series over.) sci-fi, fiction, etc lately but not really payed attention just read. I polished off The Millennium Series on a whim a friend pretty much told me I was apparently the last person on Earth who hadn't read. So I jumped off that bridge and was pleasantly surprised. But I still have problems with it, just not as many as before.

Oh the Star Trek thing is really weird, when I was a little kid my family would ask my parents what to get me. And as a safe bet... you could get me anything Star Wars. I had some family who got me nothing but Star Trek stuff till I turned 18... People at book stores would push Trek books on me. People at Sci-fi conventions (oh yeah no backing out, total geek ;p) would argue that trek was better. I just didn't care. I was just fond of Star Wars, never did I think until Lucas started playing around 1999 with the publication of Vector Prime, which totally ruined Drizzt Do'Urden until I was out of high school, that I could not like something Star Wars. Lucas showed me. ;p

Don't worry about the scaring now. Im pretty broken on that whole issue now-a-days. lol

I get the reading craze. I am just really hard at finding what I like. I've read Tolkien who knows how many times since I was in grade school. My 2nd grade teacher read us the Hobbit, and that was when fantasy became away of life. lol.

Apparently I am not as opposed to Romance books as I thought I would be on principal but I still tread carefully. Half naked guys on the covers of books generally don't go over well while reading out in public. lol. (not that I know, just a hunch)

I know how that goes. Adding and subtracting. I have a list. I recently read a chapter of Robin Hobb's book 2 of the Rain Wild Chronciles which is set in the Realm of the Elderling series. I thought I'll read this series so I picked up 9 books... lol I read them and discovered I am done with her for awhile. And never touched the Rain Wild Chronicles. added and subtracted 4 or 5 but managed to read 9 additional.

The good thing is. My list is generally really tight. I pick up new series and mine are always obscure or everyone likes them so no second hand book store has more than 2-3 books by that author and generally only the common ones. Its like playing the lotto. Sometimes that big winner ticket is behind the door and sometimes they are not.

Release dates on books seem like they used to be set in stone. Lately I swear they just change them when ever they feel like it. I hate reading living authors!!! lol.

I forgot to check but if you semi like fantasy at all you should check Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind. I forgot when I read that but I know I read both books 2 times just because they went by so fast. But once again if you like the first you can read the second but you never know. ;p

I know the book stores keep closing here left and right too but second hand book stores are opening right and left. ;p Im starting to see some patterns.

message 8: by Roxanne (last edited Oct 11, 2011 12:29AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Roxanne Don't worry your time will come...they all eventually give in to the new shiny kindles and e-book readers. I commend you for staying strong against temptation :P I adore books but I have over 500 as it is and really can't fit any more in my apartment, the shelves are already starting to buckle under pressure lol hence the change over. I do give in every now and then when I see a classic or one on sale.

I'm not a fan of Facebook but I have become a teensy bit obsessed with Goodreads, it's like crack for nerds. Every time I sign on there is a new book I have to had to my list. Pretty sure I'll be close to retirement age by the time I get through my 'to-be-read' list.

We all have a little bit of 'geek' in us, some more than others *chuckle* I've definitely had my fair share of "phases," I went through my Lord of the Rings Phase, Harry Potter Phase, Online gaming phase...the list goes on. Some may still be in effect. *awkward cough* I understand the whole Star Trek and Star Wars issues, I had a thing for Sailor Moon when I was younger, family members assume ALL anime is the same and if it looks Asian then it'll do as a present. (worst birthdays ever)

You should see my bookshelves! I'm a little OCD when it comes to my books. They all have to be in Alphabetical order, followed by series order then I group them according to size. It's a little sad how much I pay attention to those books, I swear I develop an eye twitch if a friend comes over asking to borrow a book...and of course it's always the one at the top corner shelf behind a row of other books. We all needs hobbies right?.....right??

I totally get the whole 'half naked guy thing' I'm a girl and it still makes me uncomfortable to read that in public. It would make so much more sense to give the book a gender neutral look, it would probably up the sales as well. I had a rather embarrassing experience with book covers once, my great-grandmother knew I read quite a bit and decided to give me her large collection of 'Highlander Romances' at a family gathering. I think I was maybe 12 at the time, these were pretty raunchy covers, Scottish men busting out of their shirts while lusty woman drape themselves over him. Absolutely mortified!! Needless to say they were pushed far back into my closet for many years gathering dust.

I've added The Name of the Wind to my TBR list, the reviews for it looks fantastic. I've also started The Dresden Files book 1, about 20% through and I'm really enjoying it so far. Harry is a very likable character, is it from his POV through the entire series? The first murder scene has definitely got me intrigued to keep reading.

I have noticed quite a few 2nd hand book stores opening, while they may not have just released books they do have some great books for half the original price. All because of a tiny black marker spot on one of the pages, their loss is our gain!

Theshrewedshrew I tried to say I would never buy an iPod. Then I somehow ended up buying an iPhone. I still count that as a win. ;p

I know what you mean about books. I honestly dont keep many books... (Who am I kidding) I keep things I really like. However, I am really bad about loaning books to friends and never seeing them again. Hence no clue or way to keep up with books until Goodreads. lol. I used to think book shelfs or cases were the way to go. My friend and me looked at it one day and he was buying chemistry books and I was buying Math books. Our books weight a ton. not literally but pretty close. So we looked again and he bought a 6 foot tall shelf with 3 tiers. I applaud this because his last apartment flooded and this keeps them off the floor. He has filled the first one. And is working on the second. But once again a lot of his books are reference, so he "needs" them. Of course some of the pleasure books he reads are weird. Not romance weird but like just weird.

I used to be a fan of facebook. Now its just tiresome, however a lot of my friends force the use of Facebook. Goodreads is like a money pit on some level. I can just see myself buying these books to keep a library that looks like my library on goodreads. lol. TOTAL COLLECTION! However youll never get through that to be read list until you become overly cynical... Then youll find books that other cynics write that your enjoy.

Everyone our age. ok... your age. went through that Potter phase. I read it. It was good.

Online gaming? psh. thats not a phase... its a way of life. currently I am not involved in that way of life at this time thought. AMEN.

Sailor Moon. Ahh... Good times. My friends used to give me so much grief for me reading some manga, and like half the girls we know secretly watched Sailor Moon. I know your pain on the gifts. I feel for you.

lol. My nightstand would literally make your head explode. I tried to be OCD once. When I realized that I lost it seemed right to just admit defeat. I'll never begrudge anyone who has that library. Although I have always been envious of the older movies that have that library with bound books all of the same size in leather and gold filigree.

Ok... Highlander Romance? like regular Scottish Highland people or like the Movie/TV series where you have to take the immortals head to kill em? Regardless I know. My grandmother used to have the wall o' shame, my mothers old bedroom had romance novels the "Harlequin Romance" etc., etc. novels stacked from the floor to about 4 foot tall and 2 to 3 books deep.

I still remember going to a book store and ordering a book for her when I was 16. One look at the cover and I was afraid I wasn't going to be old enough to buy a book like that. lol.

The Dresden Files is either 100% his point of view or 99% I can't remember off the top of my head. There is a book called backup thats another characters point of view and Side Jobs has backup in it and another short story from another characters point of view. I think the first 2 books were ok. Just comparatively to the following books they weren't as good. But its only because of the intro, or the plot build.

Harry is some form of a mix between Dirty Harry and Roadrunner. I mean its all of the greats from while I was growing up thrown into the fray.

If you end up reading anymore of the Dresden files or something and end up needing to buy it drop me a line. I have a friend who has Rothfuss and the Dresden files on e-book. He gave me a copy once I just have to find em.

Roxanne Speaking of bookshelves I just put one together, you know them ones that get ordered in flat-packs. They give you flimsy bolts and an very small allen key to put it together. Online shopping is the best! I did put extra bolts in it to re-enforce the shelves. Better be safe the sorry, however I'm not the safest person to do DIY work lets hope it holds *fingers crossed* I also think I would have a heart attack if my apartment flooded and ruined all my books. I've spent YEARS collecting them.

I adore my Goodreads bookshelf, my aim is to have it mirror my real bookshelf. *sigh* It's going to take a while.

I love that you 'tried' to be OCD, it's quite amusing :P The older libraries is a dream I have, my plan in life is to marry an extremely rich man with a Library like that, it must also have a fireplace and comfy lounges...end of story. (ambitious right?)

Harlequin Romance!! There was some of those in the collection of books I was given, the rest was regular Scottish men except they had rippling biceps lol I must confess I have read a 'couple' books like that and they aren't as bad as I make them out to be but wow...they are extremely heavy on the romance and sex so I would suggest taking them in small doses. Kinda gives me the creeps to know my great-grandmother was reading them books.

How embarrassing that you had to get a book for her, you have my sympathy.

So far I've managed to get the first 4 in e-book format so I'm good for now, but thanks for the offer. This is my first strictly male POV story, didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I am so thank you again for the recommendation!

Theshrewedshrew *crossing fingers* I dislike the new assembled stuff. My friends got a couple hundred dollars worth of Ikea furniture and I am pretty sure if they lean on it wrong its all going to tear asunder. lol. You can probably do DIY work well enough. About 7 or 8 years ago I made this massive wooden bench out of 2 by 4s and 4 by 4s the seat is around 4 foot wide and back stands about 5-6 ft tall. Its not pretty anymore but at one time it was sharp. I made it for a chair/bench for a porch. But ended up moving out of that particular apt and not wanting to carry around a 200+lb piece of furniture I left at home and in the yard. Its still standing, and sturdy. Why is it that the ikea furniture my friends got around the same time has already been replaced at least once. ;p

As for apartment flooding I completely understand never wanting to loose the books. I have probably about 5-6 boxes of stuff that I wouldn't ever want to misplace or be destroyed. However his apt luck is not even minimal. He is that friend who you see on tv call the cops because his celing is leaking and by the time they get there the upstairs neighbors bathroom falls through the roof or some horrible circumstance like that.

Is that even really ambitious? ;p

Exactly. Who wouldn't cringe a little that your great/grand/mother was reading such a novel.

Nah. Its not the getting of such novels. I mean I would get some for her anyways thats never been a problem it was just a few in particular that I sneered at, well more aptly said I blushed profusely at.

No problem. I generally read Male Pov. Nothing on women pov. But in general I get scared of female, my friends tried forcing Twilight on me years ago. I read part of the first book and had to set it aside and admit defeat. But since mercy and rachel morgan I have to admit I like strong female characters, I just maybe don't have the same interests or priorities as they do. Well its not to say that sometimes I think exactly like the villians in most fantasy novels. WHO DOESN'T LOOT BODIES!?!?! oh well.

Roxanne Oh no, you've got me all worried about my bookshelves now. It's my first time buying that kind of furniture, it looked awesome so I thought what the hell. I'll be watching it like a hawk now. There also seems to be two nail holes on the outside panel...I know I put it together correctly because I'm a woman and I read instructions :P So those holes shouldn't be there, I'll just have to push that side against a wall lol. Never getting cheap furniture again. Now the fun part of sorting my books out!

What an awesome friend, I need one like that to keep my life interesting. The friends I have are boring...well not so much boring. They just have a lot of different interests to me, very few of them read books and those that do read on a much smaller scale than I do. Hence my Goodreads addiction, everyone on here loves books and they talk about them more than me.

My dad is always trying to make me read his books, thankfully there is not a Scottish Romance in sight but he has a large collection of books on serial killers and underworld bosses etc. However he's one of those people that want you to read their books but before you do they proceed to tell you every little detail from start to finish. So there's really no point in reading something I already know.

Don't put yourself through the pain of reading the Twilight books, I've read them and they really aren't that great. People just got sucked into the weird love triangle and sparkling vampires. (seriously vampires that sparkle?! worst imagination ever) I prefer reading about strong characters as well, who wants to read a whiny, childish heroine? Not me.

Theshrewedshrew Don't be afraid. ;p Unless you have several hundred pounds of books and constantly move your bookcase with books on it around. Then you might have problems. But doubtfully. I know what you mean about the holes on the outside and men can read instructions as well... we just notice those types of things like holes on the outside and dont have so much pride as to refuse disassembling and fixing. lol. Ok we have too much pride to do either of those things but it could happen.

Lol. Yeah. Interesting. ;p We got kicked out of a fraternity together and managed to start up another one with in a year. He makes life interesting. LOL! He always has random things happening around him and for some reason his things that happen are always so much weirded than mine. I went to Oktoberfest not 2 weeks ago and saw like 3 people that we went to college with not to mention a guy from our fraternity that I see maybe once a year and he hasn't seen in like 3.

He literally was at work playing around. (He says he was working but its a lie) And managed to get a 3 month long project to work in his first attempt in under 5 hours. His professor gave him the rest of the week off at around 9 p.m. and was going out and ran into a wedding party's bachelor party for someone we both knew and they couldn't get ahold of either of us via phones. I called him with my story when I got home around 10 and he was still out partying. I swear he always 1 ups.

Me and him go to book stores constantly looking for new books, he lives like down the block from a 2 story Barnes & Noble and sits there reading books vs. buying them. We are so diversified in what we read its truly interesting to hear about a book and like the synopsis but know you would never read that book, because you won't like it.

As for the father who reads! OMG! My father's reading material consists of Car Parts catalogues and Guns & Ammo Magazines. Not to say I dont read them as well just thats it for him, that and occasionally reading the news paper and he has hit his quota.

My mother is the mystery novel buff, well was. Something changed and she went Harlequin Romance Novels. I want to say its like the dark side of reading, but I just don't know. lol.

After a few pages of Twilight I realized I was never going to agree with it. And one day... maybe I would have a teenage daughter and look back and think to myself I know I should have read this book so I know exactly what not to do. But beyond that I just didn't like Bella (thats her name right) I can't really remember. But the sparkling vampires hadn't even come up yet in the books I was just cringing waiting for that. But I gave up before that.

Childish Heroine!?! Me. Heck yeah. But the plot has to be a little better than Turn me im 17 and ancient.

Roxanne Men do not read instructions nor do they ask for directions, it's a truth universally known. (of course you 'may' be the one exception to the rule) And I would disassemble it if I could, I may have gone a little overboard with the glue sachet that came in the box. I don't think a crowbar could pry it apart.

I would love to live that close to a book store, pure heaven. I have a Borders 10 minutes from my apartment, it has the comfiest lounges and makes fantastic coffee, I could spend hours in a place like that. Although it annoys me to no end when mothers bring their children in the store and sit down at the reading area. Book Stores/Libraries are suppose to be quiet places not somewhere to drop off screaming children or talk about neighborhood gossip.

My father only started reading the last few years after I badgered him for so long to at least try reading a novel instead of the news paper. Thankfully he finally caved and it makes it so much easier to buy his birthday and Christmas presents. He's easy to please, either a Crime novel or slasher movie. My mum reads, not as much as she use and she's never made the transition over to Harlequin Romances :P She reads anything that relates to Egypt, I've tried countless times to make her read one of my books but she's extremely stubborn and refuses to budge. I'm one of five children in my family and the only other person I've managed to read a book is my older brother and occasionally my older sister. (but she doesn't really count because she only reads and re-reads the Twilight books over and over and OVER again.)

Bella is the girl in Twilight, she's so annoying and her relationship with the main guy borders on obsession. She clings to him like a leech and has no backbone whatsoever.

Theshrewedshrew I doubt I am the exception. Although I put some Ikea Bed with drawers together for a friend when they were moving. (Down side of being the only person who my friends know who has a truck and doesn't know not to answer when its a trick) It took almost 5 hours just putting it together. Only because we had to pull it apart at least 4 times to turn a board inside out or switch the R and the L. After that and with most things I at least attempt to read the instructions. Just somethings are simpler when you just connect the pieces and not worry about inserting section O into section W using screw 3b with bolt 9l... etc.

And if the furniture is safe from crowbars its obviously sturdier than I normally find in stores.

I thought so too at first, I lived over close to a borders before it went out of business but I worked all the time. Then I realized I had a ton of cash left over... I wasn't buying a book a week once it closed.

I know what you mean about screaming kids. The library where I grew up at has the kids section next to the door and while I can honestly say it wasn't all that impressive I avoid it and places with indoor play areas (McDonalds/Burger King/Chik-a-fila) like the plague. I dont mind kids, I dont mind my friends kids. But when a parent takes a kid into a place and the kid starts crying and the parent gives you that "Oh well" look. Its horrible.

Oh does she read adventure books? Like James Rollin's the Sigma Force. (well the first one is egypt-ish)

I am an only child with friends who read. (can't really decide if thats a blessing or a curse) lol

Roxanne There is the upside to being female, people assume I can't put anything together or lift heavy items. It's only my own stupidity that gets in the way, the smart thing to do would be to milk the female angle for all it's got. :P Damn brain gets in the way every time.

On closer inspection of the bookcase it seems the over use of glue was a bad idea, that or I just can't apply glue properly. There seems to be white streaks on all the joins. Seriously though, who puts white glue in the box with black furniture?! Luckily the books will cover up my mess lol

I love children...if I can give them back, such as nieces and nephews. I don't do the 'babysitting' thing, I panic when a child makes the slightest noise and immediately think something is terribly wrong. Newborn babies a big no-no, I look like those awkward fathers that don't know how to hold a baby, and of course the baby knows this and proceeds to scream bloody murder. It will be quite some time before I ever consider having one.

I'm not sure about the books you mentioned but she was completely obsessed with the Ramses series by Christian Jacq. I've read a couple and they are 'ok' but really not my kind of book. That of course doesn't stop my mother from mentioning them at every possible opportunity.

Wow an only child...I could not imagine that. It would be so blissfully quiet! Something that none of my families houses have. Half my family is Italian and the other half is Irish, and they are ALL breeders. There's a minimum of 30-40 people at every family gathering, more food to feed an army and so much noise you can't hear yourself think. How I envy you. :P

Theshrewedshrew Lol. Its kind of like the downside of being a guy. People assume you can put anything together, and my lifes goal is to lift heavy things and move them for friends. Its kind of like being tall and walking in a store you get requests from people all the time to help get them something off the top shelf that they cant reach. And LOL!!! Is it your brain that gets in the way? Or is it some female pride? You can do anything I can do, or something along those lines someone says no you can't and you end up doing it.

Eh. Glue is one of those mysteries to men. There is never enough, and somehow always too much. I gorilla glued my fingers together last month while working on a Deer feeder. We knew we put to much on. But we thought better to much than not enough... well it would have been true if it wasn't impossible to get the glue off my fingers and I didn't loose skin unsticking two fingers. Generally if its dried you might be able to scrape it off but you run the risk of scratching your book case.

Don't get me wrong, when kids are asleep or happy things are peachy... Just when they scream and yell my ears tell my brain to run. lol. I've always been the same with newborns.

Ohhh, that looks good. Christian Jacq. Hmm.. I normally end up reading sci-fi fiction / adventure novels about egypt. Kind of Indiana Jones meets CIA/Bond. Well at least your mother's books might not be seen as "sinful". I was at this meeting over the summer and they were thinking of setting up a community library at a local Historical society site. And allowing people to bring in books and leave and when this theory was thrown out like 8 old women said we would have to screen the books to see if they were appropriate. The men thought they meant like books on the banned list for schools. But they meant Romance novels. I almost laughed when I thought of telling them my mother reads those "trashy" novels that no good christian would read. lol.

Yeah. I don't know how or why exactly. But I am. My family is pretty much American for the last 150 years I have no ancestor who wasn't born here. I did some genealogy research the past 10 years piecing things together and trying to find ancestors from Europe, finally I found some english, some german, some irish, one of my irish lines has a single family fleeing from french to ireland. But thats about as diversified as I get. ;p All of my cousin's have at least 2 siblings. But I was always a lone (I have no idea what colorful noun I am looking for). I have that massive family being 1st 2nd 3rd 4th all the way to 9th or 10th cousins that we have kept track of. But there has always been so much enter family drama that I don't see them in large groups anymore. I kind of envy you a bit. Reading in your room goes from being a choice to a way of life when your an only child. ;p

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Roxanne I will neither confirm nor deny if my pride is an issue.

*awkward silence*

It's not so much that I think I can do what a man does, because I know quite a few things I can't and it doesn't bother me. However if my older sister was to do something then say 'I bet you can't do this' then you bet damn well I'm going to do it and make sure it's better than hers. Ah sibling rivalry at it's finest.

The first two in the Ramses series were decent in my opinion, nothing to brag about but I still enjoyed them. Hmmm sinful, if she does read them I'm glad I don't know about it. :P However if I remember correctly the Ramses books were a little raunchy but I read them when I was maybe 13-14 so maybe it just felt sexual at the time. *shrug* who knows, I'm not in any rush to re-read or finish the series any time soon. If you ever decide to give it a try let me know what you think of it.

I remember reading my first ever horror novel, I swear I couldn't sleep for 3 nights. I can't really remember the book after so long but what I do remember scared the hell out of me. Something about shadows coming off the walls and slicing peoples throats open. I had to sleep with the lights on for weeks after that book. One day I'll track it down and try a re-read to see if it really was as scarey as I imagined.

Also back to the glue paragraph that I seemed to have completely missed, a deer feeder?! how close are you to the wild, or are they in populated areas as well? I confess I know very little about wildlife in other countries. If you try feed kangaroos in the wild here they usually try to kick you (once you've run out of food that is) or scratch and bite. Not to mention the large abundance of snakes that are EVERYWHERE! I saw on a documentary that Australia has the largest number of deadly snakes in the world...yay us?!

Theshrewedshrew lol. I have that male chauvinist pig pride. ;p Well its the kind you never think you have until you agree to something or do something and that awkward 2nd thought pops in your head. Like today I was running late and this woman was slow getting into work. I opened the door and waited like 3 mins for her to get to the door. I walked in behind her and thought... WTH!! That's not necessarily a bad thing but same difference.

Yeah raunchy is kind of a general term for things now. I would have never imagined I would have read The Hollows at 13. Heck I would have thought it on the line of smut. (*prolly not but I would have not wanted to listen to the audio book in front of anyone for fear of what part might come next) As I grow older I come closer to that old man phase of my life where I tell kids to get off my lawn while I'm in my boxers and house slippers. ;p lol I'll look into the Ramses series, it might take me a few days to get to it though. I started this wheel of time series, which i thought I wouldn't like at all(turns out im hooked but we will see how long), and my friends swear its a month long process... I have another 2 books coming out in Nov. The last eragon book and brandon sanderson's continuation of the mistborn saga. Hopefully I'll get those quick and finish them quicker. ;p

When I was a kid Goosebumps was a big deal, then I started reading Stephen King and Koontz when I was in HS. But some horror is awesome, some is creepy, and some you read to figure out how to kill the things in case of emergency, because lets face it if you put it down you can't sleep and the only comforting thought in the book is the hope it can be killed or warded off.

Yea Deer Feeder! ;p Its a 50 gallon water drum basically with a lid and the bottom funnels down to this kinda water sprinkler (best way i can describe it off the top of my head). Shoots corn or "feed" out on a timer.

Close to the wild... hmmm... Sorta but not exactly. I live in a little town that is seen by Dallas as the country but if you live in the country you see my town as a city. But any town with a fast food chain wouldn't call us one. ;p

But we still hunt, out in the farms, there are "wildlife areas" sorta, more like just acres of land with nothing on them right now or anymore. Old farm land, and older still bottom areas no one wants to clear or farm. my friend lives more out in the country than I do and they swear to seeing deer 2-3 days a week when its closer to winter.

The kangaroos sounds a bit ornery (I swear I have never spelled this word before because the way I say it, its got an 'h' in it.).

We have snakes. Not as many as you prolly do, but its enough that I don't like tall grass or ponds anymore. I remember the age of innocence when I used to run and jump in the pond before I turned 20 something and realized that no that wasn't a stick that just brushed against my leg.

Snakes... a good reason to go to Ireland? ;p

Roxanne I have the same problem, I would rather go ahead with something I've agreed to rather than back out (even though my common sense is screaming at me to) but in the end I still look like the idiot.

Lol the word smut reminds me of those Harlequin books, that word guarantees lots and lots of sex. I've never been a fan of audio books, I've tried a couple but couldn't get past the first five minutes of it. It's just too weird listening to either a woman or man trying to impersonate the opposite sex. I couldn't imagine listening to a sex scene on audio, how awkward if you were busted haha. I know there are some that have both a male and female voice but I have yet to try one. Have you heard many audio books?

Wow at 'old man phase' just don't start chasing those kids with a rolled up newspaper. That may be pushing it a little to far :P

What are the Eragon books like? I have the first two but never read them. They just sit on my bookshelves gathering dust, I keep putting it off because I've seen the movie on the first book. If they've missed a lot of stuff out then I might give it a try soon. Books are ALWAYS better than movies...well except maybe the Twilight series, they were both quite terrible.

GOOSEBUMPS! oh my god it's been so long since I've read one of those books, they were legendary. If you didn't read goosebumps in my neighborhood then you weren't cool. Probably the first and last time you could read a book and not have someone sneer in your direction and question why would someone 'read' a novel. Nothing annoys me more when people say they don't like books but at the same time they have never actually picked one up.

I have to admit, that deer feeder is pretty awesome. But hunting? I could never handle that, poor Bambi. I see how your mind works, feed the deer and beef them up then shoot them for Sunday barbaric :P and male. Is there competitions on who has the bigger gun? lol

I've never used the word ornery all that much but now I'm sounding it out in my head and I totally hear that 'h' as well.

Snakes are everywhere here, you can even get them in the city. Sneaky bastards slither into your house and hide under cabinets and beds. I've lived in both the city and houses in the middle of nowhere, and had my fair share of frightening snakes experiences. I had one actually chase me up a flight of stairs once, my uncle heard me screaming (as anyone would if being chased by a poisonous snake) and came running with a shovel then proceeded to chop it's head off and the rest of it's body into tiny pieces. My dad is the worst, he was moving a cabinet one day and found a snake underneath. So he jumped up on the lounge and yelled at my mother to 'kill that damn monster.' If you ask him about it now years later he'll say it was at least 2 meters long. I swear every year the snake in his story seems to get bigger and bigger.

I would love to move to Ireland, they have the best 'reading' weather. Nothing better than curling up with a book on a rainy day. But since it rains a lot I'll probably become a hermit and stay indoors the entire time which will of course make me feel lonely, so then I'll have to get lots of cats. People will refer to me as the 'weird lady down the street that throws cats at neighborhood kids.'

Theshrewedshrew It's not that we look the fool, I think its more that we feel foolish. *Somewhat different* ;p Its that subtly that makes all the difference.

As smut goes... I have been thinking a lot lately over what books I turned away from, and well I did call some of the type books we are talking about Paranormal Romance things smut. But at the time I had a great amount of pride going, this girl whom ended up marrying one of my kinda friends who was in love with my friend... (oh I lived the romance novels lol) She used to read the Harlequin books and once read a passage from a Paranormal Romance that made me feel dirty just by hearing it. (ok I was 19 so prolly not exactly true but it definitely wasn't something I was interested in)

And I have listened to all the Dresden files on audio book and Harry Potter and some other books. I tried listening to The Wheel of Time on audio a few years ago but the sheer time it would take to listen to it is like 30 something days straight plus it wasn't my favorite. Although its one of the few where men and women read men and women veiw point parts respectively. One of my favorites is the Mistborn Saga or The Harry Potter audio books. I listened to the Eragon audio books as well and it all started when I was a kid. I am dyslexic and well... one of the perks is reading problems. I can sit somewhere and if I am uncomfortable or the slightest bit distracted I can read the same line hundreds of times.

I got this thing through the library of congress when I was in the 1st or 2nd grade, remember when your parents might have read to you? Mine played audio books. It was amazing. I finished most of my classics before middle school. But I got hooked when I heard Lord of the Rings. No matter how many times I read fantasy books. I always get caught up in the pronunciation of some things. Like how is the best way to say some elvish words. I read Eragon and the other books when I was in College but I got the audio books as they came out and when I couldn't sleep or before I went to sleep I would turn it on and listen for awhile. Starting back at the last place I remembered the night before... etc. etc. If I was sick I could play the audio book in my dorm and not worry about a migraine from reading. ;p Of course its also one of those migraine causers from waking up with a hangover. So some books in audio are great. Some are weird. Some I might have to fast forward through parts. I mean come on... Some parts are best left read and unheard. ;p

Im holding off replying to old man phase till the end.

Eragon is 100... 100.2 times better than the movie. I read the book before the movie. Thought well it can't be too bad plus it might color in somethings that the book touched that I kind of want to see... It did. It was like they took the plot of the movie said we need to make it semi-lord of the rings-esque of a movie and we will just go ahead and change the things we want... no one will notice.

But as for the books. I enjoyed them. I have always enjoyed Elfs and magic and dragons and men. (ok that sounded a little gay, but your know what I meant) I would say that if you have some free time... maybe 2 days read Eragon... If you like it continue by all means. If you are kind of disappointed read the first 4-5 chapters of the 2nd book... And if you want to stop because its not catching you go for it. I was hooked from there. I kind of enjoyed the book but I thought it kind of ended poorly. Then I read the next book and was hooked. I mean the adventure value is what got me. I am a huge Drizzt fan though. So thats a warning.

Goosebumps were the way most kids at my school got their AR (some reading scale, books were given value vs. the complexity of the work) points. But you had to take a test over any book you read, and after you read a goosebumps book unless you are scared you really only have like 1-2 days, or until you pick up your next book before your no good.

I know exactly what you mean about people who don't and complain about it. I got my degree in Mathematics and I swear every time I tell someone about it, or what I am interested in, in math, they ask if any math has any real world applications and why would I waste my time on something thats pointless. lol. *Rips out hair, veins bulge in neck, eyes go blood shot*

Ok. Think of it like this. I feed 100 lbs of corn, every year in this one area. I might some years feed as much as twice that. And only every so often do I actually shoot a deer, and only one a year (well one a season I could shoot one in jan 2012 and then another in nov 2012). But I am feeding at least 20 or so, easily. I only shoot a big male. So it kind of evens things out a little. But the feeder isn't so much to bulk him up as it is to draw them out. And I never shoot bambi's mother. ;p (a weak but firm point of contention) I have only ever shot 3 deer. So really I am not out so much to shoot and kill as I am out to hunt. Me Taylor, Deer food good... Ugh! lol *Maybe thats more caveman than barbaric*

And as for the competition I may have blushed a bit in confusion there. may have.

ornery is a word you usually use to describe the only north american marsupial. I don't know why. I just hardly ever hear about an O'possum that aint ornery.

Bleh. Snakes. I hated working on my great aunt's farm because of the water moccasins and the copper heads. The chicken snakes weren't pleasant either but I have put a shot gun, pistol, and even a rifle to use out there on snakes. Of course you can use a shovel and Hoe but where is the fun in that? lol. I couldn't deal with snakes in the house... Well I could I just don't want to.

As for your dad, I can totally see Jörmungandr hiding in his cabinet. It was probably a close call. You think your mother used a hammer on it?

Texas weather ain't bad. If it wasn't for the drought and the fact I'm not a kid anymore I would love to climb a tree and just read a book as the day goes by. That is one of the few places I can go and read completely at ease outside of a couch, chair, floor, or bed.

If you become a hermit and a cat lady. You totally have to send them to town to buy you books... I mean its the only way. Courier cats. And your telling me chasing kids away with a newspaper may be too far, as you declare a happy reading you throwing cats at neighborhood kids. ;p LOL

Roxanne Woah big post! OK give a minute to compose myself...

Feeling foolish is always worse than looking like a fool, even if you won't say out loud how ridiculous you feel it still stings. (If that even makes sense)

I've read my share of smut books, I wouldn't say paranormal romance is completely smut. Those books definitely have sex in them but it focuses more on the relationship side of things. Smut books are just sex and more sex. Lol I got curious and decided to try a few of them, purely academic reasons of course :P The upside to reading those kind of books is the ideas it puts in ones head, makes for some interesting moments in the bedroom haha. The books I can't stand are the ones full of cliches. Also ones that go on and on about 'soul-mates' and spout romantically corny poetry. It makes my gag reflex kick in.

I'll definitely give another try at the audio books, I don't know anyone who has tried one beside myself so I've never had anything to compare it to. (besides you, and I'm very grateful for your thoughts on them) I can definitely see the upside to them especially when you have a headache and most definitely if you're dyslexic. As for being distracted when reading, I don't have that problem. Probably due to the large and noisy family I grew up with. I pretty sure I could read through the apocalypse, not to mention I usually read with my Ipod on. Reading the same line would be very frustrating, considering you read quite a bit shows your determination, something that I admire in a person.

You listen to your audio books I listen to my Ipod, we aren't so different :P I use to go out with friends and get drunk then come stumbling home in the wee hours of the morning and because I had enough common sense to stay awake, drink some water and try sober up a little I would get bored and decide to pick up the current book I was reading and continue one. So of course I wake up the next day with the bookmark in a completely different spot and not memory of 'trying' to read the night before. Ahhh those were some good nights. I put my books somewhere a drunk couldn't find them, not that I get drunk all that much these days but one never knows.

I did enjoy Eragon, it was an OK movie, it may have something to do with my love of dragons :P. But like you If I had read the book before I watched it I would have been constantly picking out the differences and scenes they cut. I had the same reactions to the Harry Potter books, I think it was maybe the 5th movie they completely screwed up. However for the length and detail of the books they have managed to condense it but not so much that the main story line gets lost.

I'm a huge fan of elves, magic and anything 'other.' I mean who wouldn't want to live in some magical kingdom somewhere?! It makes everyone more interesting. And the men thing...I won't lie that was a little gay haha, but you do hunt so I think it cancels it out.

Wow a degree in Mathematics, that's impressive. I could understand why someone would pursue a career in that field. I would be nowhere near as smart as you but numbers make sense to me and I like solving problems. I wasn't the most dedicated student going through high school and looking back I truly regret that, If I'd applied myself I would have gotten straight A's or close to it. But at the time I honestly thought I wouldn't need any of that stuff in the 'real world,' teenagers can be so foolish. (but that's a little deep for a Goodreads chat :P)

Don't go all 'Incredible Hulk' on me now.

Lol caveman style, at least those guys had the right idea and had only base urges. Shelter. Food. Women. And yes in that order.

If you blushed at the competition comment then I bet you loved the smut paragraph! :P

I could deal with a snake if I absolutely had to but like you I really wouldn't want to. I do however have a deep fear of insects *shudder* Anything that has more than two eyes or creeps and crawls around is a big no-no for me. I actually shoved my sister in-law aside when a moth was flying towards me...she was 8 months pregnant. I know I'm a terrible human being. But I swear that moth had teeth!

My new apartment in the only one in the complex that gets it's own private courtyard so I got lucky in that department. I've just got to find a nice outdoor table and chairs or maybe a deck chair, haven't decided yet but I definitely will not be getting cheap furniture again.

Courier cats, I love it. If I do become a hermit and cat lady you will have to be my neighbor then we can chase the kids away together. It'll spice up our retirement days. Lol

Theshrewedshrew Ahh. I suppose on feeling versus looking. But sometimes its worse to look foolish and not know than it is to feel foolish for a bit and no one but yourself know. ;p I get your point too. Hmmm... Conundrum?

True. I don't think the same way anymore. However at the time, I was sure that everything she read was smut. So it was something that I had to over come when I realized I was reading a Paranormal Romance book... Well not even just one. Mercy Thompson and The Hollows are both considered Para Romance sometimes. And as for the academic reasons, I can't say there is anything wrong with that. And I did blush a bit, but I almost fell out of my chair when my eyes drifted and the paragraph ended in gag reflex. lol.

My family being only me and my parents is also noisy. When I was in High School I actually tuned out my parents talking, I think it was like a moment when I reached Zen enlightenment or something similar, the sun was brighter the air smelled cleaner it was a good life. Then they realized unconsciously wether it was talking on the phone standing in front of the TV while I was watching it or shaking my elbow making sure I was listening to their "story" I had heard when my mother told it on the phone to 5-25 other people first keeping me from being able to read. It never really mattered. My zen was crushed. lol.

However as audio books go. Sometimes no matter how good the book is. The audio book is horrible. You might find 10 different versions of the Lord of the Rings, and you might like all of them or just one. Generally I like the ones that they try on infliction and such.

Jim Dale reading Harry Potter was amazing though. Through and through it was great. One of the Star Wars audio book turn ons was that I think all audio books have sound effects. Like R2D2's beeps and whistles along with pretty much all the special sound effects from the movies sometimes. And background music occasionally. (They are interesting) However I have to say, you find what you like and test that out first. Because some people love audio books, and some just dont.

Mathematics would be impressive, if I had focused myself earlier in college. But I just did what I kind of wanted to and took very few classes and it was just easier to take a course where I could end up never having to write a paper. ;p (plus I might <3 Math) And anyone can do it, I think. Its just kind of when I was in school the one course I had every year was math, some years because of my dyslexia course in school I would not have english, writing, or reading. So for me it was always better to do something I enjoyed. And I have always been fascinated by equations and numbers.

And while I understand the sentiment to I never thought I would need any of that in the real world. I did the same thing in High School I got A's and B's but never really did much. If I had homework when I got home it was always something I attempted after my life. You know right around that time when I wake up 20 mins early to attempt. ;p (Is that deep for Goodreads chat? lol) I understand the regret I even have it myself. But trust me. I didn't just get A's in college if I had of not had any friends in college it would have been a completely different story. Sigh.

Lol. I wont. I had an interview a few days ago, and I told them what I went to school for, they looked at me and I saw it in her eyes. I was like she's going to ask if I wanted to be a teacher. Wait for it!!! And then she did.

Somehow I doubt that was the order for caveman style. ;p But I can see how it might have been easier if it appeared that was the order. Cavemen were the original pimps, they had their cribs set up and they went out knocked some unsuspecting female out with their "pimp cane" aka Club and took them home. lol Ok so there was some creative license there, but caveman style is a complex sociological thought process.

Lol, yes. I did.

We had a big problem with scorpions when I was growing up, also spiders still. But I just don't like insects. I used to love catching them and putting them in those boxes with air holes. Then I kind of didn't anymore. Praying Mantis's are still fun to find. But after a few long hours in science class where we learn about the poisons that can be found in nature, I tend to lean towards indifference now. I don't mess with them if they don't mess with me. Of course I have a rolled up newspaper that I practice on with insects who get in my house, until I am ready to move on to bigger game and get those no good neighborhood kids who get out on my lawn. ;p

As for the pushing down of a sister in law... over a moth. Hmm... was there really a moth? lol jk. I can see it. I know people who would do the same thing over a mouse.

Wow. That sounds nice. Just remember to keep those pesky kids out of your ... yard... courtyard?
I know what you mean about cheap outdoor furniture and furniture itself. I used to have a balcony at one of my dorms. It was about 8 foot wide and 5 foot deep inset into the apt. keeping the walls flush But we set a cooler out there on the balcony and would go out there to sit. Drink and read. Also people watch. (I swear it was a sport in college) Its just a past time now. But I have the gift of finding great spots for that.

If you ever train a courier cat, it wont be too much more trouble but try to train a cat to wave bye. lol. Its kind of sad that we can look forward to retirement days and say I am going to love being that old crazy person who scares little kids. ;p But I seriously day dream over that. I want to be that guy when I grow up. LOL Also spicing up our retirement days if you send those academic texts over with a courier cat. lol.

Roxanne I had to read that first paragraph 4 times for it to sink in. It's Saturday morning here and I just woke up so I'm not running at 100% just yet so bare with me.

Speaking of the Mercy Thompson books, I had thought I already read Silver Borne book 5 then I had a look at the book blurb and had no memory of that book so decided to read the first few chapters and completely got hooked all over again. Mercy is so bad-ass, she is what an Urban Fantasy heroine should be. I was also glad to see things looking up for Samuel.

Also apologies for shocking you, I've had a similar conversation with my brother about smut books/para romance and every time I bring it up he reverts to a five year old and puts his hands over his ears while yelling 'I'm not listening!' Probably not the best conversation to have with my brother but he asked. No doubt he regrets ever being curious.

I wouldn't have minded a little Zen growing up. A day wouldn't go by that I wouldn't get in a fight with at least one of my siblings and yes really punch-ups, hair pulling, scratching, biting, you name it we did it. My sister was by far the worst, she's 4 years older than me and felt it was her right to boss me around. So being a naive child I fell for it everytime. Let me give you a few examples of the things she did to me so you can fully understand how psychotic she was.

1. She force fed me dirt at one point.
2. She ripped off one of my barbies heads and threw the body at my face, it hit my nose which of course made it bleed.
3. She grew her nails really long and would gouge skin out of my arm until it bled then threaten that if I told mum she would do it when I was sleeping.

This is only a few things off the top of my head, but she truly was a monster growing up. I can gladly say we are the best of friends now and frequently trims her nails. lol Bet your glad you're an only child now.

I had no idea audio books had background noises/music. I'll definitely give them a try when I find a good book.

The good thing with High School over here is that grade 11 and 12 there is no homework. You get assignments but that's really it, not sure if that's how it worked over there but it was definitely the upside to our Senior years. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time but I chose Biology for my Senior years, I stupidly thought it was all about plants etc...Oh was I wrong. They actually made us cut open a cane toad and pin it to a board, I spent the whole lesson pressed up against the wall, white faced and clutching a scalpel. Never again.

Lol at the teacher comment, who would voluntarily choose to teach children!?

Cavemen with 'pimp canes' I could totally see that. Don't forget the hair dragging as well, I think it might have been a sign of affection. If any man tried that these days he would be on the ground in 1 second flat clutching his groin.

Oh god Praying Mantis, if I had to choose the worst insect that would be it. Followed closely by the stick insect they take creepy to a whole new level. So you were one of those weird kids that catch bugs, as long as you didn't pin them to boards then I'll let it slide. My niece is 6 years old and is fascinated with bugs, she also knows how much I hate them and any chance she gets she'll shove her latest find close to my face, she is also the daughter of my tormenting older sister...see a pattern here?

And yes there was a moth, a HUGE moth. It was honestly the size of my hand. It would have eaten me if I'd given it a chance. I'm one of those people that uses half a can of bug spray on one insect, I just keep spraying until it's completely covered in white.

We'll add to the list of crazy old lady with a dozen cats, I'll also be the old lady that has an entire library of Harlequin Books who lives next door to the creepy old man that sits on his porch scaring the neighborhood kids and collects bugs. Hahaha.

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Theshrewedshrew No problem I just got out of a horribly long day. I spent it with my mother... Shoot me in the head now. Ok no like 2 hours ago... YES! My mother is that person who shows up at school and all the people in your class know*edit here* I totally forgot to add that even those people in your class of 300 + that you don't know, know your mother. Not to mention everyone in the 3 years below and above you* end edit*. Often when I was in High School I would see someone in the hall and they would tell me they saw my mother, and she would swear she wasn't there. I doubt it. Ok so that ties into your family para. But I would have you know that this is the best. When I was growing up and around 3-9 I was the youngest who wasn't a baby. So 6 years of being the tag along and youngest child to boss around. I stole the mirrors off a police car cause my cousin told me to... ok it wasn't one that ran and it was just behind the station but i still took em off. When I was in high school the only people around my age were 16-22 and female around. the men either moved off or we were at odds with. Until my jr. year then a few of the boys were like 12-14. So finally I had what they wanted. Friends... status. Booze. lol Ok so last may be a bit later in life and never given but it was often a game changer. If you dont do this ill never buy you beer. HA! oh. The joy. Well I only got to use it once or twice. But still a joy. I even bought them both a beer when they turned 21.

And I totally see the pattern. You should raise a heathen child and one day leave him/her with your sister. As some form of recompense. My grandmother often told the horrors of having a sibling growing up right after the depression. They shared beds being the two youngest females. And the age difference was 8 years. She often told me 2 great stories.

1. Her sister ruined the radio for her. (Which totally runs in the family since I never listen to any music (weird I know)) By turning it up real loud.

2. Ruined Onions for her, because she didn't really like them and her sister would always eat raw onions before bed and breath on her at night... (oddly enough i don't eat onions so Im thinking my great aunt totally altered my genes) lol

Samuel is probably my favorite male character in the series followed by either Brand or Stephan, then Charles. Omg. Alpha & Omega is hard to read as I am remembering but I was so happy to see charles.

Anyways Silver bourne is like my favorite book. I often re-read just to remind me why I wait for Mercy Thompson's new books.

lol. Eh. I'll get over it. ;p What is it that Chivalry Farseer said "It's too late to apologize, I've already forgiven you." Plus it was a funny shock.

I can imagine your family squables were a bit worse considering you had to come home to them, where as I went somewhere else... but I could be at home in my room and my cousin could tell their parents I did something I never even knew about and get in trouble for. I would think there is a zip code rule about this or even innocent by alibi but no!!!

I would still want siblings. Even if that. Because when I was at college or even today they could be getting half the phone calls I get.

I think I knew that, just didn't remember it. Maybe. Idk. I think for sure though that I had heard that. I had AP Calculus during my senior year and AP Physics... I was literally doing homework at funerals (Oh yeah, I have been to so many funerals there is no such thing as a comparison, I talked to some friends in college and before I was 1 years old I had been to more funerals than they had in their entire lifes.)
I have a ton of old family. Well HAD.

Never say never! Get back in that room and grab your scalpel and beat the heck out of I want to say project cane toad but operation cane toad has that nifty double meaning.

I would. But its not like I want a degree from college that says oh yeah I went to college to teach. I went to college to learn something, not learn how to teach something I went to high school 4 years learning. ;p

You have to wonder how that didn't come up back in cave man days?

Seriously? Praying Mantis is the worse? Well I can see some, but hissing roaches and maggots or grub worms by far. I had a friend with Mottephobia or I think it was Mottephobia is fear of moth's but he was afraid of butterflies. He saw one of those pictures of a person standing still covered in butterflies and seriously has nightmares about it. I don't see them much anymore but we used to have thousands of monarch butterflies fly through here on the way to mexico when we were kids and he wouldn't come outside.


I believe you. Moths are nasty. Sometimes you hit them with the fly swatter and they get back up asking for more.

I am that person who has never used bug spray in his entire life. unless you count hornet spray as bug spray. (Hornets/bees/wasps are all satan spawn)

lol. I can also see you as that old lady throwing those insect bombs out in the middle of your yard in attempt to kill a stray moth.

I was re-reading and I totally must have zoned out the reply to your drunk paragraph from last comment I know I had one. But I must have deleted it. Like I said before I never listen to music, probably ever. Partially because my mother has the hearing of a bat/hawk/sonar device. I swear I was in my room when I was like 7 or 8 and played a Metallica tape a friend loaned me she was outside and all the doors and windows were closed she ran inside unplugged my stereo and confiscated my tape.

But I totally know what your saying. I just normally got back at like 3-6 a.m. with class at 8-10 a.m. So I was always more than happy to have the hangover and an extra hour of sleep vs. water and an hour of sobering up. ;p Well i did have a few years w/o hang overs but those were dark times. lol. And the only way I can explain my lack of hangover is that you can't have a hangover and still be drunk. I think I dreaded a theoretical massive hangover build.

There were times when I kind of wanted to be that crazy guy who sits outside of liquor stores that kids give money to on the hopes he would buy them beer. But I think your retirement plan sounds soo much cooler. ;p Oddly enough I am pretty sure there were cats in my theoretical future as well.

Roxanne My mother was the 'cool' mom. All the parties were always at our house and she drove not only her own five children but everyone elses to all the sports and entertainment events. She even bought me alcohol before I was 18.(The drinking age of 21 over there must have sucked)She was by no means irresponsible, but she knew I was going to get alcohol from somewhere, at least if she bought it she could manage to quantity I drank lol. In my opinion cousins are always meaner than siblings, since they don't live with you they think they can get away with so much more. (I won't lie stealing the mirrors off a police car is pretty bad-ass, nice work.)

My day for revenge will come, but for now I am content to wait, the heathen child angle is a good one. Going straight to the top of my list. Sharing a room with my sister was enough, if I had to share a bed with her I would have gone insane. We have bunk beds and she had the top bunk, she would wait till I'm just about to fall asleep then throw toys down at me. This became a nightly routine, which is probably why I now sleep with think blankets even in the summer, she scarred me for life.

Eating raw onions, that's the most disgusting thing ever. Your poor grandmother, I occasionally eat onions if they are in something or on a burger but after reading that I might reconsider.

I was a little disappointed Stephan wasn't in Silver Borne at all, I've heard that he's in River Marked. He's definitely one of my favorites in the series.

The worst family squabbles is when ALL the children got into a fight, so instead of a one-on-one fight it turns into a free-for-all. Hair pulling was always a favorite of mine, along with high pitched screaming in the ear of my victim.

The Phone calls! I could imagine how much your family calls you, at least with me it's spread out over 5 of us. You get it all, thank god for caller ID. :P Although if your mother is like mine, she'll panic if I don't answer my phone and assume I've fallen down the stairs and broken my neck and fly across the country just to check on me and see if I'm eating right.

I know I shouldn't find the comment on you 'HAD' old family funny, but I chuckled a little. Not that you lost family members but the way you bluntly stated it. My family and extended family are all spread out along the east side of Australia so we did have quite a few funerals but due to distance it was hard to attend all of them.

Lol operation cane toad, makes me feel like a special agent. For now I'll leave the cane toads where they are, rustling around in bushes and away from me.

I would teach High School kids but not the lower grades, I haven't got the patience for it. 6 months of teaching grades 1-4 and I would have ground my teeth down to nubs in frustration.

Hissing roaches are high on my list of most hated insects but praying mantis still take out the number one spot, however I must give props to the females that eat the male after sex, it would solve a lot of problems if human woman adopted that practice. Lol. I have a friend that has a phobia of snakes, we were walking through a museum and we walked into one of the rooms, it was completely filled with snakes and snake skins all pinned up on the wall. My friend lost all her coloring and started to hyperventilate, I had to practically drag her out before she passed out.

I've bought an electric fly swatter that works like a charm, one zap and those suckers aren't getting back up. (I agree completely on the Satan spawn)

I totally would be that old lady with the insect bombs, can never be too careful. We don't want those moths to breed lol.

I love music, if I leave the house without my Ipod I break out into a cold sweat. (maybe not literally but close to it.) I was always the one in the family that would have my stereo up really loud in my room and my mum would get the broom and bang in on the roof to make me turn it down upstairs.

I love the liquor store idea, you can save Friday and Saturday nights for that, I can play the old, homeless bag lady, while you play the crazy guy. So far our retirement plan is looking pretty good, not a boring day ahead of us.

Theshrewedshrew Awww... the cool mom, I am soo jealous. Mine thought she was the cool mom except she also thought the cool mom's job was to be overbearing on everyone. My friends enjoy talking to her or meeting her in a store or out on the town, shes like that lovable dog who comes and talks with you and remembers you, then when your done or shes done you can leave. However... aparently I am still a work in progress. Its gotten worse over the last few years she had a melt down and has these pauses in the middle of her train of though, she gets cut off by another train, and she just jumps ship (train didn't sound right). She yells now that she doesn't want me to 'what' her.

But have you ever been talking with someone and they are telling you they want you to go to the other room and do something for them. They then begin by handing you something and say go put this in the other room on the... And they start talking about something completely different. And start arguing with you about why you haven't put that out on the center of the table on top of the centerpiece.

I tried to be nice like 2-3 years ago when this started.

I swear I pratically yell WHAT at her as soon as she starts her pause's now or start the sentence over. But basically its best just to leave her alone. And whats better is... its only when she is talking to me or my father about doing something. I would totally have her committed but I don't have power of attorney... and I am afraid they would send her back with a defective sticker on her forehead. (Ok so thats mean, its just the agitation of spending time with my dear mother... Ok that wasn't sincere either but it gets less cynical)

Cousin's are meaner... maybe. But family in general is where the psychological warfare comes in.
We called it family feuds. I mean it might be heirarchy or even an arguement but they are always fighting. (They are totally the grown ups).

You know like how at family gatherings you see the kids table? Oh yeah. To move up not only age but you have to hook a few votes. Its sickening. I can play with the best of them. But my father is the black sheep of his family and my mother is the black sheep of hers. Only other black sheep did we associate with and some how we ended up in like one of the low rungs of black sheep or they climbed by destroying our black sheep status by sheering us... I don't really know anymore. The metaphor has kind of become too hairy... wooly?

Straight fights might be simpler. Plus you obviously were a sweet child because if you weren't yous sister's bunk bed would have mysteriously crashed when you went for water one night. Or some similar leveler. Plus you would slyly have noted to her that if she liked sleeping in a bed vs. falling out of one randomly when the bed mysteriously falls apart she might stop throwing stuff at you. lol.

As for the mirrors. I KNOW RIGHT!? lol We had a tree fort and a stash of loot... totatlly confinscated and redistributed by us to each item's rightful owner after our parents found it.

The heathen child, could backfire. I mean you would have a heathen child. Or... you could have a child who is hyper and feed him pixie sticks like they were going out of style before you drop him off, leaving him a secret stash for when he starts to get tired.

Thick blankets in the summer. Bleh. lol. Never running the risk of finding that in those academic texts. lol. No I understand. I have these heavy blankets I sleep under year round as well. Althought when I wake up they may or may not still be there.

Ok. Raw oninons sounds bad. But its not as bad as you think. It's not exactly like eating an apple and she didn't do it just before bed she just ate onions at dinner. My grandmother held it against her though. I don't really like onions still but I have had friends who eat them like apples.. well a friend he also at bell peppers that way to... Ok so he was weird. But its still an example.

Stephan is awesome. I mean his debate with the deaf boy was awesome. I still laugh when I think about that.

ok. So from this paragraph about family squabbles all im going to retain is that your techinques are hair pulling and your a screamer... OK that sounds bad.

Lol. YES phone calls are horrible. I lived that lie for about 2 years, the one where they say if you call and talk 5 mins a day they will be happy... I had stats for it my sopohome year. It was crazy.

Missed Calls
Avoided Calls
Calls when they know I'm in Class
Calls when they just hung up from talking
Calls that go over 30 mins
Calls that go over 1 hour
Calls that I hang up on because I am tired of the constant pestering So i tell my mother (only stat I remember) : 1

Ill have to look it up but I had like over 500 phone calls one month on my phone bill and my mother tried to stangle me... then she realized the only calls were from her and to my voice mail to read the ones I missed. She was still angry at me.

As for the check up, I went about 3 weeks without answering my phone. Caller ID and such. I looked out the window at my apt and I saw my mothers car pull up. I hid in my roomates room locked all the doors and turned off all the lights! I so won that. lol. She was in town for like an hour though. She tried to get me with the calling my phone trick. I was wise on that one. Turned it on silent. ;p lol Ok so i might not win son of the year or anything. But I was out of my apt dealing with school something like 70 hours a week. Either in class or in study groups or in tutoring sessions. I was tired and my mother needed emotional help. Her best friend/2nd cousin got a new best friend and kinda went (I am going to kick myself for this later but) ninja on her. She played the hurt game and for like 3 hour bitched her out about how everything that has happened in her life was all her fault. I think at some point my mother was blamed for some events that happened during 9/11. It was crazy talk but it devistated my mother. I had already taken like 2 days off from school and gone home and heard all about it. But that wasn't enough.

I can totally see the fly across the country gig.

Oh no. You should have found it funny. I often laugh. ;p My great grandmother had 13 brothers and sisters and each of her siblings had a huge family while she only had 5 or 6... They almost all stayed around here. So growing up I was literally unable to talk to anyone in my home town and be sure they weren't related. lol. But I went to school in another town.

The special agent feel was intended, also operation, as in a surgery, Yeah you prolly caught that but I was really proud of it. You can let them rustle in the bushes for now just know this message might self destruct. lol

I was the exact same about kids. Until after a few months of unemployment after getting out of college a few years ago I came to the realization that I would not be too bad with jr. high as alternates.

I can only imagine hyperventilation. That has to be the scariest bodily reaction I can think of, outside of cesiure.

I am going to have to look on my back and see, I used to have a partial brand from my friend whom I am going to see tommorrow from his "nifty" electirc fly swatter. Its awesome, and all fun and games till someone gets branded. ;p lol. I loved it cause its awesome but he was kind of an arse sometimes and managed to burn through my shirt after enough attempts to keep hitting the same spot.

lol. I can get that with an audio book, when I have a long drive like tommorrow I am totally going to listen to an audio book, but music I listened to my friends. I just have no urge to get up and turn it on. I used to love concerts too but I burned myself off on that somehow one year.

I am liking that retirement plan. When I was growing up I would see homeless in big cities and things and see the shopping carts and the stuff. I kind of never remembered how tall dumpsters are because we didn't use them really much. and when we got them in town they were always kind of temp dumpsters and not really full size.

When I went to college, people would talk about the dumpster diver twins. I saw them sometimes with their grabbers going through everyones trash, but one morning early I heard something looked out and saw the one woman give the other one a boost up and her go straight in. I'm not going to say that, that action is on my bucket list because to be honest when I saw how they did it. Oh yeah I went and did that right as soon as I found pledges willing to go with me... Well not so much willing as they were pledges. Ahh the good ole days. P.S. I also kind of have this longing to be able to shout obscenties at the top of my lungs and have people smile at me.

Roxanne Lol at the dog reference to your mom. As for my mom being the cool one had downside, she was also considered the 'milf' of the parental pool. (embarrassing right?) She's in her late forties but has aged extremely well, she looks more like a 35 year old would, and of course she's beautiful. Nothing worse than when your guy friends want a piece of your mom. I have a fantastic relationship with her though, it is probably due to the distance between us :P but we talk a couple of times a week for a few hours each time, the only time she really drives me crazy is during the family holidays. I do however have to listen to her rant on and on that I have zero skill in the kitchen (which is true of course, but who wants that rubbed in their face?) she's the family chef and expects me to remember every recipe. Instead of my mother yelling 'don't what me' it's more along the lines of 'Roxanne don't mumble.' It's not my fault she's going deaf in her old age.

My dad however is actually part deaf due to life long work in construction, so when I need to tell him something I have to repeat myself 3 times, getting louder with each try until he yells at me to "stop yelling, I can bloody hear you *curses in Italian." His memory and attention span is shocking as well. So I totally understand your frustration with your mom cutting of mid sentence to pursue another matter.

I get the family arguments, it's the same for mine. Uncles and Aunts not talking for months at a time or my moms side of the family hates my dads side. My parents marriage was kind of scandalous 30 years ago, my dad was suppose to marry another Italian but didn't and married out of the family. My Italian grandmother was so furious she decided to make her own 'Italian' wedding cake and take it to the wedding where she proceeded to take it around to all the guests before the REAL cake was to come out. Not to mention when I was growing up she would take every chance she could and actually tell me how much she hated my mother. How petty can one person get?

The kids table! Oh the shame, and being the second youngest in my family and out of all the cousins I was close to the last to graduate from kids table to adult table. I even sunk so low as to use blackmail on several occasions to get someone else's seat.

It never occurred to my when I was younger to retaliate to my sister, common sense kicked in a few years latter and I managed to get in a few shots, I also managed to find my own little slave. One of my older brothers is very shy and meek, so of course I played on that and made him do what ever I wanted. Even play barbies with me a few times haha. Something I love to remind his fiance about now :P

I had to actually Google 'pixie sticks' I had no idea what the hell they are but now that I do, they definitely look like food for a small child.

Lol I may have thick blankets in the summer but I do also have air conditioning that I set to freezing. So as long as the room temperature is quite chilly, strenuous activities can still be carried out under the blankets with no problem. :P

Lol how could raw onions not be as bad as I think? It's bad either way in my opinion, and bell peppers? That's just wrong on so many levels. We all have our weird eating habits but I'm not THAT weird.

Hair pulling and screaming, is that how you'll remember me in the future? Let's add biting, scratching and moaning to that list haha.

I am so grateful my family isn't as crazy as your mother, 500 calls is insane. If I were you I'd invest in a new number :P just to be on the safe side changing your name couldn't hurt.

Extremely sneaky of you to hide from your mother, if that were me I would forget to turn my phone on silent and then get busted by my mom and given a 'good talking to' in front of all my friends. How mortifying.

Ninja on her? What an interesting description. Family always knows the worst way to inflict emotional wounds, most the time they go one step further and rub some salt into it.

Oh the hyperventilation was bad but she was also diabetic so I've seen her seizure quite a few times, I actually had to shoot her up with a needle of glucagon during one of her really bad fits, scariest experience of my life.

Speaking of homeless men, when I was in high school I worked part-time in a supermarket and this guy would come in maybe once a week and walk around the store ripping open packets and eating it along his leisurely stroll, then leave the rubbish behind (without paying of course) and walk out. We had a special call for him to send out on the PA for all staff to know he's in the store and for the manager to get him the hell out.

Our retirement plan is fast becoming one of the most interesting ideas I've ever heard. If you want people to smile at you while screaming obscenities we'll have to make sure you're well liked otherwise they will just curl their lip at you and curse under their breath. We can add it to our 'to-do-list' since we won't have anything else to do besides training Courier cats, standing outside liquor stores harassing teenagers and reading Harlequin novels.

Theshrewedshrew Hmmm... Milf of the parental pool? lol That would be disasterous. My friends mothers were always friendly but not until High School were any of my friends mom's at that level. I mean even looking back. There were some that were pretty but not on the beautiful in more than a mothering way. (That sounds so harsh, just maybe its my perception) Anyways its only really bad when they flaunt it. Or act like its nothing. That is uncomfortable. I kind of got lucky and as a guy you are going to hear something along the lines of "your mom was good last night" as some form of cut down. My response to anything aimed at my mother is always pretty much the same. "Man will you put in a good word for me." or "can you at least try to make her a little less grumpy in the mornings" or my fav "can i call you dad?" lol Anyways most of my friends weren't even intrested in joking about it after a few comments.

As for don't mumble. Gah! I am soo sorry. I know every time I hear that I look up or back to where she was and she has left the room and tried to continue our conversation. Or she over hears me talking to myself in a room by my self and is mad she didn't hear it.

So Roxanne's weakness is found in the kitchen? Is it like a krypotnite dish? Or just not the way your mother makes something? I used to really like cooking... I watched the food network cooked with my grandmother and great aunts, and picked up some intresting things. But most of it lies forgotten. I just kept the useful stuff like how to make saw mill gravy and chicken fried steak. And a few other things.

I used to love watching the food network and picking up recipes. I tried 3-4 and by far my favorite was Alton Brown's Apple Pie... only problem is the prep time is 13 hours or so. And it takes every min of it. Plus they have things on that show, I can't get around here for at least 100 miles. ;p

My father's whole side of the family has weak hearing as either a genetic thing or a result of his loud arse brother. I wanted to throw this in here because I completely know about the grandmother thing. My grandmother for I kid you not 24 years. Had selective hearing. My mother could say something to her and she couldn't or wouldn't hear it. She couldn't hear me until I was 14 and she knew I was there to stay.

Oh and as far as how petty... Thats a question I never want to know more than I currently do. lol.

I applaud your use of blackmail to get someone else's seat. Its really something to always want that seat. When I was in High School and my parent's went out to eat with their friends we always got 2 tables. Always. Which was ok they had 3 daughters and their father is a... pretentious jerk. So once again away is good, but still it was a kids table. Well their oldest had graduated, the youngest was in a sport and the middle had a car so finally they couldn't send me away. I totally flaunted that I was at the big kids table. lol

Lol. a few shots? Just a few? As I said about my cousin's after I realized what they were always up to getting me into trouble I deditacted a personal hobby into the art of backstabbing, just to anticipate. ;p Purely hypothetical for self defense. lol *Evil lol*

Oh i never imagined you wouldn't know what pixie sticks are. Its a straw with flavored sugar in it. No matter what anyone says thats pretty much it.

lol strenous activities? like... water arobics? You have a water bed don't you. I knew it. ;p

Bell peppers I whole heartedly agree is wrong. But I have meet a few people who bite into onions whole. And we have a wild green onion around here to that maybe is what she was eating, she isn't sure and my grandmother was never very specific. So if your not THAT weird in eating habits how weird are you?

Add biting, scratching, and moaning to list... check! ;p

You know a new number sounds good... just shes gonna find out. So its better to just let it ride.

Is there ever such a thing as a "good talking to"? And most likely had you have not put your phone on silent you might have still managed to keep calm and wait her out. Calling back later that day saying you just got back from campus/work/etc and must have left your phone charging.

Ugh. I know 3 people who I have had similar experiences with well 2 others. But one was about to go into anaphylactic shock after eating a bag of peanut m&m's while thinking they were regular. He didn't even start till we told him what they were then he started saying his throat was closing, he pinned himself we called his mother told him he was sleeping and she called an ambulance and drove to his apt. I can't exactly remember but I think she won. They lived like 2 hours away. Terifiying.

Part time at a supermarket? What did you do? I used to push buggies for a bit. I think it was like 3 months. I can't remember it was during my year of part time jobs. I worked everywhere for no time. ;p

I think that guy is awesome. How brilliant is that. I mean he goes to the store realizes you only have to pay for what you walk out with and knows that the packaging is what really costs. So he just eats as he shops. I used to always be jealous as a kid of the parent who would let a kid eat out of what they were buying or even a parent who ate out of what they were buying.

Do I have to be well liked or just have a medical excuse like turrets or dementia. We also need to build you up a little more active social life as an elderly person. I mean you can come with me, but is it really your hearts desire to scream random obsenities into crowds, or just something that will make you smile? ;p

Roxanne Haha "can I call you dad?" that was a really good one. One of my friends dads was extremely handsome so I can sort of see the appeal, (I also have a thing for older men :P maybe not that old but still lol) but knowing that someone thinks that way about my own mother creeps me out.

My weakness is most definitely in the kitchen, but I partly blame my mother. She is a fantastic cook, every dish she makes is mouthwatering and expects me to be at her level of skill. (Not going to happen in this life time) The hard ones are all the Italian dishes that she makes from scratch. I'm one of those people that have to read cooking directions one step at a time, even if I've cooked it before a dozen times. I'm paranoid I'll miss a step and ruin the entire thing. I once tried to make cupcakes, and forget a key ingredient...eggs. Yep that's right I forgot the damn eggs. Driest cupcakes I've ever tasted, I just smothered them in icing lol. I have maybe 5 dish's I'm really good at, so whenever I have someone over for dinner I make sure I cook one of those. My whole family is obsessed with the food network and Master Chef (God I hate that show) My 13 year old sister is a better cook than me, lucky for me I live alone and I'm not picky. My pantry is full of instant meals and my freezer is full of microwave meals. Sigh, I'll learn to cook one day. OR I'll just marry someone that can cook-I like that idea better.

13 hours for a pie!?! Better be a damn good pie lol Chicken that like chicken schnitzel? And what the hell is saw mill gravy! Is it like normal gravy? haha

You haven't heard loud until you've attended an Italian family gathering, have you ever seen the movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding?' is you have it's EXACTLY like that, you need to be quick if you want to get a word in. Another tip is to eat absolutely nothing before you go because you will be there all day eating, if you don't it's a huge insult. When I was a kid I only ate a small handle of food at any sitting, so when I went over to their house for lunch or dinner people would constantly be worried I was 'sick,' I just wasn't hungry dammit!

What's even worse than being sent to the kids table is being sent to the kids table when you are an adult, during large gatherings there's sometimes not enough room at the adult table for everyone. But lucky for me I'm considered the 'mature' one of my siblings even though I'm the second youngest so I always get a seat, I snicker when my older brothers sisters get sent to the kids table, and because they breed like rabbits they have to sit with their own children. Nothing better than flaunting your seat at the big kids table.

A personal hobby in blackmail would come in very handy, how very evil of you.

We have pixie sticks over here but they are called Sherbet Sticks, it's crack for kids. I loved it when I was younger, that and red licorice.

Lol no I do not have a water bed, but now that you mention it...might makes things more interesting don't you think?

Ummm ok weird food...I eat toast with Vegemite and porridge on top. (Don't knock it till you try it) Chicken noodles cooked, then I place it in a pot and crack an egg to cook through the noodles. I have other weird food habits but those are the things off the top of my head. I also can't drink anything without a straw (weird I know). What about you? I bet you're worse than I am lol

The thing with my mom calling back asking why I didn't answer my phone would end badly, I'm the worst liar ever. I start fidgeting and I speak really fast when I'm lying, my mother of course knows this and would bust me straight away. However I am a pro at the 'avoid' technique.

Anaphylactic shock would scare the hell out of me, my biggest fear is of having my oxygen cut off. It may have something to do with my horrible cousins holding me under the water when I was a kid, ever since then I get a little panicky at the thought of not being able to breath.

I was a checkout chick :P worked there from the minute I was of legal age to work till I finished school. What really drove me crazy was the people that would go to the fruit and veg section and grab a bag of nuts and eat them around the store...but the problem is the nuts are priced per kilo depending on how much you get out. So they finally get to the checkout and give me an empty bag that I can't weigh...because they ate it contents!

I think a medical excuse would work brilliantly, dementia is a good choice. I definitely need a more active social life for my retirement, so far I'm the old cat lady with an unnaturally large collection of romance books. I could cook my really bad cupcakes and annoy the neighbors with disastrous cooking skills, I'll be old so no one will say no to me. They'll feel obligated to try my cooking every.single.time.

I love how our conversation has started out as a general book review inquiry and turned in a conversation on 'who's family is worse' and 'retirement plans' haha.

Something we haven't covered is movies! Do you watch a lot of them? If so what genres do you like?

Theshrewedshrew But you didn't make sexual innuendos all the time to your friend, or throw yourself at her dad with no regard. So I doubt your appeal was truly as bad as your friends who stared at your mom. ;p Unless you did, in which case I am clearly going to say that was impossible and your not that kind of person.

And it might be creepy. It would be creepy. But its easier to just turn all of that out as white noise.

I don't think yours is so much a weakness as you don't have that flare that makes you a natural. I'm sure you get by with your skills, and what you make tastes great. I make a few variety of foods. But everyone has had that one thing, be it cupcakes, cake, pie, cassarole, etc. etc. that they have made and forgot or tried to sub one thing in for another.

Your pantry sounds amazing. lol. I think in mine there is like 3 cans of corn and 4 packages of cornbread, maybe some greenbeans and black eye peas if I look. But thats about it. I am really bad about buying what I need for a week or two and just eating ramen or something like that in between. Cereal was a gift from god. I swear a cup of cereal is golden for any meal.

13 hours for a pie that was AMAZING!!!

Chicken fried steak is like a thin piece of beef, that is covered in some form of batter and fried. and cooked that way. I used skirt steak and crackers as an easy breading. Its messy on clean up but its amazing.

And sawmill gravy is white gravy. I don't really know why its called saw mill but I think its bacon/sausage grease that you add flour to and seasoning. Thats how I make it anyway.

Your family gatherings sound colorful in a good way. ;p I haven't ever seen that movie. I hear about it every now and then. The food thing is intresting. I would have never known that. Of course I am trying to figure out which of my friends is enough Italian for me to ask if they do that. Hmmm... Intresting. I get the eatting before or the not wanting to eat all day and being rude. Its kind of like how you are supposed to try some of everything. I have never been that person. My great aunt drove like 100 miles for christmas one year and brought a cassarole, and was trying to get me to try it. I told her I didn't like cassaroles and my mother put it on my plate. I went to the sink put my plate in the sink and went and got a desert plate and got my piece of pie. And that was the end of putting things on my plate. Well at least that day. That night I got my lesson in humility. But still.

I know they feeling. I have a cousin who is 3 or 4 years younger than me with 3 kids. That is crazy. Rabbits at least have some common sense when they breed.

I do have to admit at our tables it would be opposite, if they have kids thats almost an automatic voucher for the big kid table.

As for handy, you would think. But you often plan for the backstab you see and still you manage to miss one that comes straight at you. Its a daunting hobby.

Crack for kids... I don't know if there has ever been another true description of pixie/sherbert sticks. Red Licorice is amazing too, most people don't like it. Even more don't like Black, but oddly enough they like Jager.

You would think a water bed would make things more intresting, but I would always worry about the future horde of cats making a tear on the water bed. So what kind of strenous activities do you do under heavy sheets if its not water aerobics on a water bed? ;p That is pretty intresting.

Ok. Now mine is weird but I haven't ever had yours either. So here we go.

Oatmeal (instant is fine generally peaches w/ creame) with beer, not in it just drinking it while I eat. I freeze grapes in my freezer and eat them, ever since I was a kid I called them marbles.
I know there are others, but honestly I cant think of them, maybe on my next post I can.

The avoid techinque doesn't work on my mother, she wears you down, only 3 choices lie, hang up, or truth... and lets face it the truth isn't really an option.

My cousin was partially burried by her cousin(not me) in a hole he dug for her, her mother found her later and she wouldn't tell what happened, she totally burried him though. No hold backs. Well at least your definitely not into that weird asphyxiation craze.

Oooooo! The checkout chicks get soo much action. ;p lol Or at least the best stories. Thats hilarious. Maybe you should weigh the people as they come in the store and upon leaving. lol.

No we totally work on your skills untill anything you make is amazing. Like the best anyone has ever had. But sometimes your dementia "kicks in" and you make a horrible thing just as "randomly". Like I made 2 batches of cup cakes why don't you have one young man. And he knows that he is picking a rose or a hand grenade. ;p

Me too. I get bored sometime.

Movies... I do watch some. I watch a little of everything. I have my favorites. But lately I haven't been big on movies. Idk. I got into a kick about watching old movies. like 40-60's. But I kind of picked up a book at some point and started reading instead. I go back and forth sometimes. Or sometimes Ill be reading a book and get a call about a movie and go watch it in theaters or at a friends house. Then Ill be back to my book.

I used to love going to the theaters, but I have already entered that cynic stage of life where pretty much all comedy movies are the same now. All the actors I have seen before and they aren't fooling anybody and as much as I miss films, the ones I hear about are always kinda horrible. The new movies at least.

But I do enjoy watching movies. lol. It doesn't make sense, I might hate a movie. But at least I enjoy watching them... some of them.

As for genre, lately its been comedy, some romantic-comedy, horror, and the occasional sci-fi/fantasy. I will admit my other genre is anime. But i generally just watch that in the comforts of my own home when no one scoffs. ;p lol

What about you?

Theshrewedshrew Ok so there is one song that only you might have heard of before... Bliss N Eso's "Down by the River" I so wanna go trash can surfing... ;p I had a friend from a game a year or so ago tell me I had to watch that music video.

Roxanne The one thing I can make and it tastes fantastic every time is pasta, with any kind of sauce. That's my Italian blood kicking in.

Your pantry sounds depressing and neglected. Speaking of food, Australia has just got Ben and Jerry Ice cream in some of the stories here. I finally got to try a few flavors and it was INCREDIBLE, It's completely ruined me for all other ice cream. Cereal is also a must in my pantry, sometimes I feel spontaneous and eat it for dinner. I can hear my moms voice in my head lecturing me about it being a 'breakfast food,' which of course means I enjoy it twice as much.

You definitely have to watch that movie, it's hilarious. The father carries around a bottle of Windex spray and uses it on any kind of injury, how weird is that.

I was forced to eat whatever was on my plate when I was a kid. When I would complain and say 'I don't like this' my mother would turn around and say 'this isn't a bloody restaurant.' She can be quite brutal when she wants to be. However this just caused me to be more creative about hiding my food, mashing the cauliflower until it's in tiny pieces and hiding it under my half eaten steak works everytime. Well so I thought, she did mention to me a year or two ago that she knew everytime how much I had eaten. That woman had eyes in the back of her head.

I despise black licorice, whoever created it should be fined and arrested. Looking at it makes me dry heave, so does rock-melon but that was because my grandmother made me eat it everytime I went to her house. One can only have so much of that disgusting fruit. Do you have foods like that? Ones you use to like but not can't stand to touch...or am I just weird?

I'm afraid I'll have to keep my bedroom skills to myself, a woman must always keep her secrets. Not to mention it wouldn't be very lady like of me. *chuckle*

Frozen grapes, that's weird but sounds like it would be nice. I eat frozen peas, but the grapes sound better. Beer with Oatmeal is also very weird, and not even good weird. But I hate beer so that might be the problem. I'm sure you've tried peanut butter and celery (yum, love it) or apple with peanut butter is good too.

Your cousin sounds horrible! Lol who would bury a someone let alone a family member. I've heard about that asphyxiation craze, I think it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, my friends tried to get me to do it. Hell no. Have you heard of planking? It's a huge thing over here and another really stupid activity dumb people do when they get bored. If you haven't Google a picture to see what I mean, a guy in my city decided to do it on a hotel balcony 13 floors up while drunk...and fell off and died.

I have some pretty good stories from my two and half years as a checkout chick. People can be SO cheap, this woman once argued with me about the price on a carton of eggs. The scanning price is 1cent higher than what the shelf said, so she demanded I take the 1 cent off the original price. I didn't but even if I had the price would have still rounded to the same amount. Stupid woman! The weighing people is a fantastic idea, imagine the outrage it was cause in woman :P

My cooking will be like a lucky dip, never know what you'll be getting.

I'm the same, I like movies but if I'm looking to fill time I would always choose a book over a movie unless a friend asks me to see it with them. I love the atmosphere of the theater but at the same time I get incredibly annoyed when someone chews to loudly, people talk or my personal favorite a cell phone goes off. As for genre I like comedy, romantic-comedy, adventures, sci-fi/fantasy. Really not a fan of horror movies, call me a girl but I scare way to easily. I've seen my fair share and they usually leave me shaking under my bed covers every night for a week. I think I would enjoy anime but there is just way too much to choose from, it's a little daunting. I wouldn't have the first clue what series to watch.

As for Bliss N Eso I love those guys, the trash can surfing is good fun until someone decides to steal yours and try it out lol then not give it back.

Theshrewedshrew LOL! Pasta with sauce. Wow. Talk about living the high life. ;p I on ocassion just make pasta. But sauce... When you cooking again?

Oh my pantry is depressing, until I get motivated I pretty much get in a rut and have the same ole same ole. I have been trying wheat bread with peanut butter and strawberry jelly lately. That is amazing. ;p As for Ben and Jerry's I have a philosophy about Ice cream. "I hate it!" Because "I love it!" My grandmother used to make this homemade ice cream and I don't know if it was the nicotine from her smoking over the ice cream or what, but I just can't get it to come out right and nothing else is quite the same. ;p

Also the whole mother's voice in your head, Awesome. Most people are the same though saying that ceral is a breakfast food, You counter with IHOP serves breakfast all day, so its totally socially acceptable now.

Windex? Really. Hmmm. Ill have to put that on my list. ;p

See exact opposite. I had to eat everything when we were eating out. My mother really didn't watch me that closely unless I was making her look bad.

Black Licorice I used to like, but I ate too much once and ever since then I haven't been able to eat it anymore. Also Pecans.... I can't eat almost any nut anymore. I used to go over to my granmother's house and pick them up out of the yard, then crack them open and eat them. While shelling them as well. I was so sick, after eatting either too many or a too green one or a combination there of. I can't hardly stomach any kind of nut now. Well at least I don't like to.

Keeping bedroom skills to yourself? Thats hardly fair. I mean look at all those strong and confident writers out there. You should always be proud of your life. And sing your stories from the highest rooftops. Ok. Maybe not that proud but you got the drift. ;p lol. I wouldn't hold your stories against ya.

I enjoy still peanut butter celery and rasins.

Exactly the asphyxiation thing is weird. I mean if you really have to go that far. You obviously have gone through everything else way way to fast. ;p planking is odd. I heard of it and seen some people doing it. But I don't really get the point.

Checkout chick, every time I say it, it just keeps sounding dirtier, in a good way. lol. And that penny saved is a penny earned. I thought about that when I proposed it. We could go on an honor scale. You would think you would loose out but those people who say they weigh 105 and are really pushing 160 totally even you out. ;p

That cooking sounds intresting. I would totally find pleasure in guessing.

Yeah, I always enjoy movies with other people. And shaking under the covers isn't a bad thing. ;p

As for what series to watch, it really is daunting. I always test things out. Its like previews for a movie watching an episode or two.

You have trash can surfed? WAS IT EVERYTHING I DREAMED IT WOULD BE?!? ;p

Roxanne How could you have pasta without sauce?! In my family if you can't cook pasta properly then you don't belong here. I bet my family is sounding better and better every minute :P

You just got cool points from me for liking peanut butter and strawberry jelly. They go SO well together, I could live off that stuff. As for the ice cream...hmmm maybe it was infused with nicotine, to fix this you'll have to become a chain smoker. Then I'm sure your ice cream will taste perfect! The Italian side of my family insist on putting alcohol in everything, so I can understand the frustration when something doesn't taste 'just' right.

Australia needs an IHOP, I see it in all the movies and I feel so left out :( You Americans get all the good stuff.

Was it often you made your mother look bad? I bet you were one of those kids that scream and throw a tantrum if you didn't get something. :P jks. If I did that when I was younger my dad would get out his belt, he never once hit me with it. Just the threat alone was enough to make me cower and beg for forgiveness.

I hate nuts too, funnily enough I think the reason I do is the exact same as yours. My grandmother always had nuts in her yard as well and instead of giving me normal snacks like biscuits she made me go find my own. (So cheap) She also had a huge garden of baby carrots that I use to dig through lol. She also didn't believe that children should drink anything but water...pshh.

You seem to be very interested in my bedroom skills, trying to pick up a few for yourself I see, sneaky sneaky. And I bet those confident writers have a terrible sex life, well not ALL of them but if I had to choose between writing it or doing it I would choose doing it hands down everytime. Don't you agree?

I've never tried raisins with the celery and peanut butter, sound fantastic. I'll have to give it a try.

The point of planking is...there is no point. The End. It's soooooooo stupid, it's just for people that are bored and have nothing productive to do to fill their time.

I never thought of checkout chick as sounding dirty but everytime I see you write it I feel a little dirty. lol. Did you work anywhere during your school years? I think you mentioned something in a previous conversation but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

You just turned my horror movie terror into something dirty, you are amazing. Well I suppose it depends on who's under the covers as to how dirty it actually is.

I very rarely get obsessed with TV series but I love The Vampire Diaries and Glee, even though VD is nothing like the books I still enjoy it a lot.

I've never personally been on one, but I've been with friends that were doing it. If you ever try it be careful of going on gravel, if you fall off it's going to hurt like a bitch.

Roxanne Also if I don't reply I'm not ignoring you. <3

I'm getting my internet service switched over and my current one will be down for a day or two. I can access Goodreads through my Iphone but it cuts off half our posts :( Not to mention texting with an Iphone is just ridiculous. If you have one then you know what I mean, you have to have stick fingers to type like a pro.

Theshrewedshrew I am sorry about being so slow I got caught up in some traffic today and just got home. Its 5.30 a.m. I read your post on my phone and have the general idea of my reply but, I am going to stay my hands till I can be a little more wakeful.

I do know what you mean, I refuse to message back... well not refuse but worry about messaging back on my iPhone. So don't worry about it. I feel awful for not replying to this post sooner, and probably you won't see a reply truly for another 8 hours or so.

Thanks for not ignoring me. <3 lol

Theshrewedshrew How could I? My pasta sauce never comes out right... Sometimes its amazing but those times its not scare me away. My mother's idea of pasta sauce has ketchup in it... (I don't even think we are related sometimes.) Your family totally sounds better. I used to make this cheese and tomato sauce but its a lot of work and I love pasta with just a little salt on it. (Weird?)

Ok... your family just keeps getting better and better! lol. That apple pie I made had a type of bourbon in it. I know the joys of cooking with alcohol, I just haven't ever cooked with wine much. Hard liquor and beer yes, its nothing to do with my parents they wouldn't do anything like that. Wine seldomly.

IHOP is a pretty good reason to be American. ;p Australia is pretty cool though, I mean you got kangaroos and the Platypus. It's kind of only fair we got IHOP.

Honestly, no. I was a good child after like 4 or 5 incidents.

1. triggered fire alarm, leaving store by emergency exit.
2. apparently I ran away in a dept store with family there, and went to sleep in a clothes rack.

Those are the ones I always hear about. I am sure there were others I don't but I had a tight leash as a kid... literally. LOL! they had those children harness with a leash. I liked it cause I could roam as a kid. Oh I got the belt. My dad drove a truck and was gone for about a week at a time. And I would fear the day he got home because that was when I was getting whipped for things I didn't even remember doing. I didn't cower away from the belt, I can't remember if I figured that I wouldn't get caught or never thought about the belt. But it wasn't an issue. I think I had that whole I'm gonna get whipped anyways. Might as well try to top it out. I mean they wouldn't beat me for hours or anything to catch up.

Was it cheap, or trying to make us stop eating the nuts we shelled? I think she might have been setting me up for failure. Think it about it, after that I was like a shelling machine. ;p Ok that children should drink only water thing... Thats cheap, my father's mother was the pepsi queen. Everytime I think about Pepsi I can hear her in the background somewhere saying, "Want a pepsi? Go grab one from the fridge.". She raised tomatoes though, I don't remember ever liking carrots. I know at some point I grew to dislike them but don't remember why... probably some traumatic experience that I have blocked. lol. I have in the last 3-4 years started to eat shreds of carrots here and there but never full on carrot.

Hmm... I some how feel this is a test. But to heck with it, yep. I don't know if they have terrible ones or if they just lack something there, I do however think they are well versed in the semantics if not the practice. lol. Oh I would choose the act.

No I think the point of planking is the same reason people on facebook have that picture of an animated cartoon on their profile pic history. Everyone else was doing it and it was a cool pic idea once. Some are cool, I saw this one guy laying across the humps of two camels side by side while they were sitting down. That is cool, and a cool pic. But pointless minus the story.

Oh yeah, I did pushed buggies for a supermarket and a grocery store. I also worked as a stocker in a grocery store. Ummm... I mowed yards, I worked at a few fast food restaurants, I worked for my great aunt on her farm one or two summers. I worked in a snow cone stand, self titled a snow cone artist. ;p When I was in college I also worked at a lumber yard and at a tax office H&R Block doing IT and secretary and other stuff. Oh yeah, it does sound dirty when I say it. Idk why. Checkout chick. See!!

LOL! I think its a gift. I am pretty sure at least, maybe its a curse. I noticed how you turned a dirty comment into a suggestive like that, not too shabby yourself I see. ;p

I liked the books! I read the night world series or at least a few of the books when I was in middle school. And when I heard the series was coming out I re-read all the books. Well I finally stopped in Vampire Diaires when I realized the show wasn't going to be anything like the books.

lol. Hmmm. So your like a trash can surfing coach? Interesting.

I got home this morning at 5.30 a.m. after sobering up from a horrible idea of drinking with a buddy at his apt. I got home and was like I am going to reply to your message. I read it once through when I was at his apt, but then I took my shower and sat down and all I managed was to sit at the screen re-reading your post and staring blankly.

I got woken' up by a friend at about 2 and got to go over to his house. When we got our first big rain since our 2 month long draught, he had a hackberry tree on his fence like that fell into another one and then broke a limb but managed to catch but not brake his chain link fence. So I got to help cut up 1 and 1/4 trees today and had to pull one and brace it when he took a pole saw to get the last bit still hanging onto his tree after I cut up almost all that was on the ground and not supporting the main part hanging over his fence.

It was a delicate undergoing. I was proud when I finished and got home like 2 hours ago, took my shower, shed my 2-3 lbs of saw dust and came back to the couch set down started reading and I had this constant feeling I was forgetting something. I checked my email and of course I read yours yesterday without replying but luckily I didn't get any today and was like OH NO!

message 39: by Roxanne (last edited Oct 17, 2011 09:01PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Roxanne OMG ketchup in pasta! Noooo, those words will haunt me for life. That is the FIRST thing I was ever taught when making sauce for pasta, under no circumstances use ketchup. And yes you are weird for eating pasta with salt...the truth hurts my friend.

Not only do I have to carry the shame of being the worst cook in the family I also have to hear from my brother who is a fully qualified Chef how to cook everything right, he gave me a 45minute talk on how to cook steak once (I kid you not) and I don't even eat steak! He's also one of those people that has to use every single pot, pan and utensil in the kitchen and all he makes is soup. Then he leaves me to clean everything up, because he cooked. Pshhhhh!

Lol and we are so not even with that IHOP thing, Kangaroos and Platypuses can be mean creatures, I would gladly swap IHOP for our wildlife. Fun fact that you may already know, Australia is the only country to eat it's Coat of Arms. We should win a carnivorous award of something.

Sleeping in clothes racks is the best hiding spot. I bet you won every time you played hide and seek as a kid.

I can't believe you had a leash, that's quite funny :P I see them on kids now days and if I ever have kids it's on the top of my list of things I must have. You also sound exactly like one of my brothers! My dad worked away and would usually come back for one week out of a month, he was generally the one who dolled out punishments and my brother knew he would get in trouble so milked it for all it's worth. Which of course always made what I had done wrong not seem so bad :P

I get the whole shelling machinething, I am too. At Christmas we always have a big bowl of nuts at the family gathering, when I was younger the adults use to make me sit there and crack them all even though I didn't eat them. Slave labor if you ask me. Now I tell them to crack their own damn nuts. I love carrots, I may have been a rabbit in a past life. I eat them whole all the time.

Speaking of reading sex scenes in books, I once showed an ex-bf a rather graphic scene in one of my books once. He replied with 'wow, it's like porn for books.' I thought it summed it up rather nicely lol

I will admit 'some' pictures of planking are amusing such as the camel one, I haven't seen it but I bet it was funny. It's just when people go that step too far because they feel the need to prove they are better than everyone else.

Wow a snow cone stand, now that is seriously cool. I love snow cones! Also working on a farm and lumber yard? you're turning into a real country boy aren't you? :P

The Night World books was the first ever Paranormal series I'd ever read, I remember being completely obsessed with them. I first read them when I was 13-14 by getting them from the town library then when I moved I couldn't remember the books names or anything else about them except for one of the characters names. About 2 years ago I spent HOURS on the internet putting anything I could think of into a Google search to find this series again. I finally found it and when I re-read them I had to double back and re-check the stories, I swear they were twice as long. It's funny how things seem bigger when we are younger :P

I'm definitely not a coach in that department, more a bystander in case someone kills themselves. lol

You only realize drinking was a horrible idea when you're either trying to sober up or recovering from a hangover. The few hours before that it sounds like the best idea in the world!

You should be very proud of your tree-sawing skills, can't say I have much experience in that area myself but it sounds hard.

Theshrewedshrew I know. I just spent hours of my life crying trying to block that out. Maybe its why I eat pasta without sauce? ;p I got in this habit of eating pasta with salt when I was sick in middle school or high school and I would cook something for the day.

45 mins? Thats kinda horrible. Imagine if you didn't like these few things; Mayo, Ranch, or Mustard. I have had an entire dish planned out to me by people telling me I will love it. And almost every one of their dishes contain one of the evil 3. Or sour cream... Bleh. I am kind of weird in that, but you wouldn't believe how much that limits you, or apparently limits the dishes. ;p I have been cooking for friends and have them look at me like I am crazy for not having those 3 things in my fridge. Or heck, I have had people request me to make that. Bleh. So not going to happen unless I really like the one requesting it. Also I hate that. I used a fork to make like 4-5 dishes one day for dinner... Not 3-4 forks. 1. I don't get that need to use massive amounts of pots, spoons, plates, etc. for a single meal, unless you have to.

IHOP too is a curse. I mean think about this, how often do you want the Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity? But how many times are you willing to play the fool and order that in front of your friends. See its totally a curse. ;p And we so almost got the Turkey as the national bird. If Ben Franklin had of gotten his way. But I will say your Coat of Arms tastes good.

I hardly ever won. However, I did spend many hours on department store floors picking up this clips and size things that go on the hanger. I collected them... Ok I know. But apparently over my life time I got 2 trashbags full. I had more, because up until I was about 4 or 5 I would give the normal ones back to the store until I was accused at one store of taking them off. So then I just kept them.

I know. But I loved it. I was an odd kid now that I think about it. See I didn't have that sibling to take heat one week they messed up especially bad.

My grandmother had this awesome pecan cracker that was like a vice. And I can remember sitting at her house watching Wheel of Fortune and cracking Pecans. By the Paper sack full. As for slave labor, more power to ya sister! ;p Keep telling them! I find it funny now that my grandmother has passed my mother never has pecan anything anymore. It is one of those funny quirks. Of course this year has been horrible for pecan trees. But even the last few years, she might have picked them up. Or at least picked up a few. But she for the most part just let them rot versus taking the time to shell them. Hmm... I am sure there is something to be said for rabbits. I mean I can only think of 2 characteristics of rabbits. 1. They eat carrots... 2 they ... like rabbits. What is that again? lol

LOL!!! All I am going to say is that thats a no brainer, you never show a bf/gf your porn collection they are going to get jealous. jk!

Well who doesn't need to one up someone? ;p

Snow Cone stand was an awesome job. I worked there for summers almost all of college. It was good hours, and free snow cones. Who could say no to that? I don't know about that. I didn't like to bail hay or anything like that. Those jobs are evil. You do it once or twice thinking I can do this. Wake up on the 3rd day and realize its not for you when you can't get out of bed. I can still remember waking up with hay in my bed. Bleh. I just helped out with that though. I did a few other odd jobs like that sometimes.

I KNOW! I re-read the first book and I was like... wait the first time I read this it seemed like it was sooo much longer.

No coach? Aww come on, who is going to tell me if I nailed that wave/surf/turf?

No. You might realize it, when you are almost molested, and sit by yourself waiting to sober up, trying to attract no attention. lol. Well molested is a harsh word but it was definitely awkward.

No. It is exhausting. And these trees are small, so maybe 5-10 of these would be a full day of work but the placement made us be worried. But those big massive trees are horrible. I spent one summer trying to cut down this 100+ year old oak tree that was bigger than a meter in diameter around. The chainsaw blade is only about 1/3 of a meter long maybe a little bit longer. Anyways its a month long endeavor to not only cut it up but haul some off burn the brush and burn the stump out.

Roxanne OK ranch and mustard I'm not a huge fan of but mayo is gods gift to mankind. I put it in and on everything. (Is it me or did that sound slightly suggestive?) Only a certain brand though, I'm very selective with my mayonnaise :P This might make you dry heave...I use to eat sour cream by itself. Yep, that's right. I try not to these days, it tends to creep people out lol It would definitely limit what food you would like, it's good that they aren't base ingredients so you could alter pretty much any recipe to suit your needs. It's just picky people that you have to worry cooking for. I'm the same as you with utensils and etc. Or I'll wash them as I'm cooking, who wants to wash dishes when the food is ready? Not me.

Rooty Tooty Fresh & Frooty is rather shameful. I would just point at the menu and grunt. Gets the point across lol Although if you are trying to avoid the shame then grunting may make the situation worse. I live here and I've never tasted kangaroo or emu. I'm not a huge risk taker with food, I've had to watch my dad eat everything under the sun and it's dulled my curiosity considerably. He ate ox tongue in front of my one time. Lost my appetite for a few days.

I know the tags you're talking about, I thought they were so cool when I was younger. No idea why they weren't that exciting lol But I use to have a container of them, not to the extent you did :P but still.

Wheel of Fortune was the best, every evening my family would watch it. I never guessed the words of course but I loved the wheel, I have it as a game on my computer. Yes, rabbits eat carrots the second thing, sex and more sex. But you already knew that, you just wanted me to say it. I'm on to you. *gives you a sly look*

I'll keep that in mind when I'm next going through my porn collection *cough* But my ex enjoyed it at the time lols.

Having hay in your bed would be so damn annoying. See this is why I'm not a country girl, don't get me wrong I like solitude and quiet on a nice property with a well built house, I'll pass on the farm experience. I've had my fair share of camping, oh the pain. My friends parents were hardcore campers, they went every holiday, weekends etc then they met my parents, instant best friends. So our family got dragged to all their camping experiences. God it was awful, it's not even remotely fun. SO MANY BUGS!

You can try the trial and error method, I'll supervise with a first-aid kit.

'Almost molested?' sounds like an interesting night, care to elaborate. Or have you been so mentally scarred you've blocked it out. I've had my fair share of awkward come-ons while drinking. Never ends pretty...well almost never.

When I got to that part about trees my eyes glazed over a little lol You are the first person I know that's ever cut down a tree, I feel slightly overwhelmed with the thought of ever doing it, or seeing it done. I have a fear of the tree falling the wrong way, then *squish* I end up dead. What a way to die...

Theshrewedshrew Hmmm... Nah not too suggestive, but I can totally see the implications after the fact. ;p LOL! I have the same thing about some foods. I just can't believe that two people making pickles can come up with something that are not even close. I know a few people who do that with Sour Cream. Did you use a spoon or finger? That might be more suggestive! But I was wondering how one eats nothing but sour cream. Well they aren't the base, just one of the biggest seasonings. I just cook or sit there after tasting one of my dis likes eating around. I know that beans are really weird, because most people when cooking a bbq or picnic will make beans with brown sugar, ketchup, and mustard poured over the top then baking them. I can't stand them. But some people dont use ketchup or some don't use mustard. So you almost have to smell them. I like that idea of washing dishes as I cook.

lol. Not many girls would say that they would grunt. Thats kind of unique. ;p Emu is one of those meats I have had but only a few times, just like kangaroo. But I know I have had Kangaroo more times than emu. My father eats everything, but not weird things. I don't know if that makes sense. If he went into a restaurant that served ox tongue he might eat it. However I don't see him walking in one, just his nature. Ox tongue doesn't sound all that bad. I mean it might look horrible.

EXACTLY! I mean I still when walking through a store see them and sometimes walk out with a pocket full.. Throwing or flicking them across a parking lot. Hmmm...

Wheel is awesome. I haven't watched it religiously since I was in college. My mother trained me at everything wheel based. I have a nintendo 64 with a wheel game and have played another game or two somewhere. But its been so long since any of that. lol. You just got cool points. Grunting and a wheel of fortune game on your computer. Thats like winning the lotto. ;p Also yes I knew rabbits eat carrots. ;p And I enjoy that sly look.

lol. Well I am just saying you shouldn't flaunt your collection, now if you are comparing for some academic reason that is completely understandable.

Having stray pieces of hay is annoying. However. Laying on a hay stack is awesome. Laying out in the middle of the field in the middle of the day or night, is also great. There are a ton of bugs. Camping is one of those great middle games. You want to have fun while enjoying the outdoors however you have to go during the right time of the year for the area, or unless there is something you want to do there. Fishing for instance. Or hiking, or anything like that. It can be fun, just never as a kid that doesn't want to go. ;p

You have one of those? I always just settled for a 2nd or 3rd aid kit.

I will elaborate on the night and cutting of trees when I get back, I have to head to town for a bit again I got home for lunch and started and realized i didn't have enough time.

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Theshrewedshrew Edit - 30 or 24 pack is beer bottles/cans.

So lets start at the beginning, I was asked to come hang out with a friend and his gf at their apt. I was glad for the chance to see him again, its been awhile. Plus she needed to cut X number of peoples hair, so I just let her cut mine as well.

So after the hair cut, we watched the baseball game with her and her friend and her bf. And then a few other people came by as well. Me and my friend had been drinking fairly heavily-ish. I am not going to say that I am the same person who walked into a party with a 30 pack just for myself. But I did take a 24 pack of bottles. I almost finished alone. So anyways. I was doing pretty well at a silly game we used to play. And finally found my limit for fast drinking and went inside to ease out. I just had to sit there for a second and sober up. Well more like 2 hours. But I didn't drink that much. Just a few more than I could and drive straight home.

I sat on the couch and watched the t.v. for some time. And it was at this point where somebodies gf came in and sat down next to me. At the time. I was like ok... then it got weird. I was like please get off, stop touching me and I couldn't get up. She did that a few times during the night. (It was pretty weird.) There is more of a story but I really didn't want to think about that. Its better to just let somethings go. Bleh.

As for awkward come ons, some end well. Some are just to awesome to not! ;p

As for cutting trees. Yes! Its a long drawn out process where you notch a tree the way you want it to fall, have someone pull on the tree with some rope you have tied around the tree, to pull it that way. And cut through the un-notched side.

Its a pretty simple process, it sounds complicated, but if you could use a chainsaw you wouldn't find the notching to be that complex. It is a little scary as your cutting the tree with a spinning blade of death the giant tree of death might pin you as well as miss you. But it generally goes well. ;p

Roxanne Lol I use a spoon, I have 'some' table manners. I feel a little sick after reading about that bean recipe. That sounds quite disgusting, I would rather eat a raw onion.

I'm kinda special :P I have never nor will I ever eat the tongue of an animal. *gag* Just the thought of it turns my stomach, I find that men are more curious with different foods than woman. I'll leave the taste testing to the male population.

Omg Nintendo 64, I haven't played that in years! I still have my old one, but I've lost half the games. Zelda was by far the best game ever created so was Pokemon snap (I always got the best damn pictures!). I now have Zelda on my Wii Console, using the remote as a sword is pretty awesome but I still like the original game better.

I'll have to add 'lay down on a haystack' to my list of 'things-to-do-before-I-die.' What solidified my hatred for camping was a week long excursion I had to go on for school. I was in grade 12 and it was for a Biology class, it counted for 1/2 of our final grade so If I didn't go I would fail. We had to get in groups of four and bring everything ourselves, tents, camping equipment, food, stuff to cook food on and in etc...then they through us in the middle of nowhere and camping ages away from us. The also made us go snorkeling off a reef edge as part of a test to find and cross off on a list of animals/plants we saw (I should also mention I have an insane fear of the ocean) When I found this out I completely lost it, along with another guy from my grade. So the teachers let us jump in this rock pool maybe 20m by 20m to finish our assignment. 5 minutes later the snorkeling instructor comes rushing out of the water screaming for everyone to get back on land...there was a huge motherfucking shark swimming a couple meters off the reef edge. (I had nightmares for days) Not to mention we were constantly reminded of the shells along the beach, if we stood on them barefoot or even in thin shoes they shoot out a spike with poison that can kill a full grown adult in 60seconds. After this eventful trip I realize Biology is the worst subject ever created.

Wait someones girlfriend came onto you? (I'm sorry if you know her, but what a slut!) It's bad enough she basically harassed you the whole night but she was already dating someone else, unbelievable. I would have dragged her out by her hair. I can be pretty mean when I want to. *grin*

All I saw in that last paragraph was "It's a pretty simple process" and "giant tree of death."

Theshrewedshrew lol. Well thats good. Honestly the bean thing, if it wasn't for the mustard it, they actually taste ok. Its one of those things you grow up with and never notice. Kind of like bbq sauce, some has mustard and some doesnt.

I knew you were special! ;p gagging on tongues... Thats special in my book. lol.

Yes. the 64. Ok. So lets count out and distribute some more cool points. Zelda Ocarina of time is one of the best Nintendo Games ever. Its been on 4 out of the last 6 systems. the 2 lacking were handheld but the last one was as well. Only a 3D handheld. Its actually a game I am trying to get on Gamecube for my wii. The Masters quest game. ;p Pokemon snap was as well awesome. I remember my friend playing the heck out of it. We played for like 15-20 hours straight one day trying to get 100% completion from start to finish.

I love the wii, I love the 64. But my real love lies with the SNES and the NES. But anyways, lets go ahead and give you 500 cool points. ;p

Haystacks are comfy, minus the odd shoots that stick up. I mean why do you think people "roll around in the hay". ;p UGH! Ok. So your camping experience is one of evil. I think when I was about 9 we went camping for some boy scout something. There were 8 of us, and we stayed out for 3 days and 2 nights. we had one person watching over us making sure our fire didn't get out of control or noone got lost etc.

Hmmm... I don't blame you for not liking camping. poison shooting ninja shells... yikes. But I know the ocean is never as "gentle" as it seems. I can imagine your great disdain for Biology.

Oh, yeah. Plus I was like he's right outside and lonely go see him, she's like... Hes all right!... Bleh. I don't know her. lol. I wish you woulda been there, I couldn't pull the dragging off by her hair thing.

Well... As last paragraphs go. That's a pretty intense one. ;p

Roxanne I know what you mean about different foods growing up, it doesn't seem weird until a friend gives you a sideways glance and questions your sanity.

OK question time, are you a ketchup fan or BBQ sauce fan? (warning: if you don't answer correctly I may have to stop being your friend)

Favorite food of all time? And the most hated.

Gagging on tongues is a special skill I have, I bet you could be good at it with a bit of practice. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Zelda is indeed one of the best games ever created. The downside to having so many siblings when I was younger were the fights we would have to play a 1 player game lol The advantages were that I always had someone to play with when I wanted to play a race car game or something. Pokemon snap is worth every minute of those hours you played.

SNES and the NES, wow...I haven't thought about them in so long! I would kill for an old one. I remember I had the game Maniac Mansion and I had a love/hate relationship with it. The music was creepy as hell and there was always a mad scientist walking around the house that could catch you at any moment. It was an addictive game but I couldn't play it at night time because I would get too scared. lol I was maybe 7-8 at the time.

Rolling around in haystacks could indeed be quite a lot of fun, depending on your partner of course and if he/she had an imagination. :P Boy scouts! My brother use to go all the time, my mum tried to make me go to girl scouts. I went twice and refused to go back. She stopped pushing me to do 'social' things after that and left me to my reading.

It would have been a sight to see, then maybe a cat fight would have broke out.

Roxanne Also that cup you posted was INSANELY COOL! Best drinking glass I've ever seen. One year I'll make it to the Oktoberfest.

Theshrewedshrew Hmmm... Honestly... Ketchup. I am the weird person when eating chicken nuggets and asked if I want dipping sauce, decline for ketchup. ;p Although. I do enjoy some bbq sauce.

Hamburger. Ketchup, pickle, lettuce, and tomato as toppings. Maybe even cheese. But its not really necessary just a bonus.

The most hated... Like as in cooked meal? Or the worse thing I have ever tasted? Or what?

LoL! I am going to ignore your winks in lieu of the nudges. ;p

We used to get a game and beat it 100% on weekend excursions to my friends house. You should have seen us put a dent in the Final Fantasy 7 when we got it on Playstation. Omg... I think we put in something like 140 hours on that game. Before we decided we had all we could before moving on to the next point like 3 or 4 stages before final boss.

I still have mine. I don't think I have ever heard of Maniac Mansion. Sounds cool though. ;p SNES was great for one game... Chrono Trigger. That game kind of took me to a new level of geek in elementary or post elementary school. And now I know what company to send thank you letters to for making that toss and turner after a scary movie. ;p lol

Hmm... imagination... whats that again? I'll have to bow out to a rabbit instincts in this area. ;p Well mine was a bit different. I wanted to do boy scouts and after 4th or 5th grade my mother was to busy reading to take me to do social things, or on the phone. ;p

I doubt she would have fought, plus if you had been there she couldn't have sat down next to me. ;p lol

My friend bought a fish bowl to bring. We were stopped by hundreds of people, I kid you not, asking where they could get one of those. This was only my second year, but first at Addison. Its a little festival near Dallas here in Texas. But I soo want to go to a real Oktoberfest. ;p

Our posts have an ebb and a flow. They get longer sometimes and shorter others. I totally blame the time difference. ;p

So you have a cat or cats? I have a cat, an evil old, evil cat. ;p

Roxanne People think I'm weird because I don't have sauce on anything, but if I had to choose bbq sauce would win hands down.

Hmmm we'll go with worse thing you ever taste and best thing. It can be a meal or single item.

I never really got into the style of play for the Final Fantasy games, they look fantastic though and I love watching people play. I spent 3 days playing Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on play station with my brother once. That game is so damn awesome. We both had about 2 hours sleep each night and barely ate. My brother always shotgunned Aragorn and I of course picked Legolas everytime. Elves are so sexy.

Lol rabbit instincts, so are you telling me you like carrots? ;)

My mom is the phone queen! She could spent up to 5 hours straight talking to someone. I couldn't understand what the hell she talked about for so long but I'm the exact same as her now lol I spend ages on the phone to friends and family.

If I was there you wouldn't be sitting down, we would be doing something exciting, dare I say rolling in the haystacks :P haha

I don't blame them, I would kill for a glass like that. I wonder how many standard drinks it would hold. The shorter posts makes it easier for me to think up a reply quicker rather than the longer ones where I have to keep scrolling back up to check what you last posted lol. However I do get a little excited when I see a large post. The time difference, isn't it like early morning over there, What are you even doing awake?

I have one cat, not with me at the moment though and I miss him so much. He's being looked after by my auntie until I get settled in my new apartment. He's almost 5 years old and I've had him since the moment he was born, he was the runt of the litter and I just had have him. At the time I was obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies so I of course called him Harry Potter. People look at me strangely when I have to call my cat inside. :P He's black, fluffy and I love him to death.

Theshrewedshrew See... my problem with bbq sauce is well... sometimes I hate it. Some of it is awesome, but sometimes I can't stand the taste or the smell. Hmm... No sauce is a good way to go as well.

I have had so many horrible things. My great aunt, whose farm i used to work on, grew up during the depression. She never used recipes for cooking, and often had only seen the recipe for something before and never made it, thinking she was amazing in the kitchen she would make the item. 1/2 of the problem was that. The other half is the depression angle, if she ran out of sugar, she would just substitute salt or flour in something white... She wouldn't make sure she had enough before she started or even go to the store once she had.

When I was 4 or 5 I ate her banana pudding... I was so hungry my mother and my grandmother and my other great aunt warned me. But I didn't eat before we got there and I thought Banana pudding... what can be the harm... OMG! Over the years she tried to top the banana pudding and came pretty close, but you never forget the first time.

As for best, a cold coke on a hot day. ;p

What about you, worst, best, and favorite?

lol. Smexy elves. Well Final Fantasy games were a lure to us. There were great graphics, intense story, hundreds of playable hours for completion. I don't know if we completed the game 100% or not when we finished the ultimate boss you can take before the final boss is terrifying. We spent something like 10 hours trying to beat him.

I thought you liked carrots? ;p Ms. Rabbit.

lol... 5 hours. I wish. My mother used to always tell me I made her late everywhere. While I was sitting next to the door waiting to go and she was still on the phone. I think the first time we were ever on time to anything is shortly after she got a cell phone. lol.

Hmmm... rolling in the haystacks. Or something equally as exciting? like coloring in coloring books? ;p

Well we used the solo cup fill test, my mug was. .5 liters and its one solo cup supposedly. His bowl was more than 6 cups. Possibly 8, we never topped it off it got heavy.

I know about the replying. But I too enjoy seeing the long posts. ;p I keep getting up at night to check my email and a few other things I have up, plus my cat likes to eat and drink while I sleep so I often have to fill her water dish and glass up, also feeding her.

So it works great most of the time. I can get up and reply. ;p But like this post I got up before work saw it and didn't have a chance to reply until lunch time.

lol. My cat is old. She was 2 or 3 when I got her, I got her lets see... 13 years ago? maybe more. I can never remember. But she is evil. She is mad I took her for a while from my parents but they were doing some work in the house and needed her to stay here for awhile. She is grey and fluffy, so of course her name is Ms. Fluffy. (Not my naming) So does Harry Potter have a lighting scar or fight dark wizards or something? lol. I used to have a black cat called fang like that, he was bigger than most of the outside cats and his teeth stuck out of his mouth with him just sitting there normally like a saber tooth tiger. Ok maybe only a 1/4 or and 1/8th of an inch so i think a cm or so.

Hmmm... So what do you do for fun besides read, eat carrots, and have amazing conversations on good reads? ;p

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