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The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker
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Dec 22, 2010

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Read from January 13 to 29, 2011

As crime books go, this was one of the more interesting ones that I have read. This was a book of the month for January for my Serious About Books group.

The plot was very interesting. At times it was really dragging at me, because there was just too much going on while not much was actually happening. That sounds paradoxical, but just imagine a lot of characters talking about things, but nothing is really happening.

The characters were the most interesting. Well, not all of them, since the FBI agents were rather boring, as were the so-called insane. The serial killer, the bad guy, Quinton, he was the most interesting, until about 60% of the way in, when he became mundane and human. Which is why I really didn't enjoy the rest of the book as much as I did the first part.

The fact that he kills women by drilling holes into their heels and then lets their blood drain out seems just wrong to me. Not at all like how a "normal" serial killer would operate. I couldn't come to terms with that part either.

The writing style also bugged me, only because it was so dry. Maybe it's just that I couldn't get into the story, but there wasn't anything special about the writing. Not like Neal Stephenson who would make me squeal with pleasure from some of his sentences.

Not much stood out for me in this novel. I still give it 3 stars, though, because it wasn't a bad book. I'm sure that someone who enjoys crime novels will adore this one; it just wasn't all that for me.

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Reading Progress

01/13/2011 page 3
2.0% "So far it's starting like any ol' crime novel... what will make this one special?"
01/13/2011 page 8
5.0% "The character descriptions were a bit odd, but I am enjoying the special FBI agents so far. I am a little bit sad that the book isn't working like a "you, reader, can solve this first, if you try" novel."
01/14/2011 page 16
10.0% "I like how the killer is introduced early on. He is more interesting than the cops."
01/17/2011 page 23
14.0% "just read some "fill in the gaps" material last night... the story should pick up soon, though!"
01/18/2011 page 27
16.0% "It's not so easy to read during class... but I really did enjoy the last 2 pages! An institute (read: insane asylum) that only accepts highly intelligent individuals (read: mentally ill geniuses). It's quite an interesting idea! Which is also a reason why I am enjoying the killer's perspective more than I would normally."
01/27/2011 page 122
73.0% "closer and close to the climax... somehow I feel like the book should be over in 10 pages... what can still be happening?"
01/27/2011 page 148
89.0% "Okay, NOW the showdown scene is upon us!"
01/28/2011 page 155
93.0% "I am bored with this book. Still, only 12 pages left, so I will work my way through them."
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