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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
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Dec 22, 2010

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This is the first Capote book I've read. I watched the movie on his relationship with Perry Smith and the times he spent writing this book (it's called Capote, 'case you was wondering) last December and thought it was intriguing. So I've been meaning to pick this book up for a while. But enough with the rambling, unimportant, introductions...

It took him a while to set everything up. The place, Kansas. The family, their relationships, the whole town. But after reading all that you feel like you kind of know them, and it makes everything even more real and severe. I feel like in some instances we didn't need all the information that he gave us, mostly about minor people. He also repeated information. For instance these cats that walked around town picking dead birds out of car grills -- I read about them twice, thrice? And parts of Perry's childhood. And what an old bat the postmistress was. It all made the book drag a little.

But I did like the book. A lot more than I'm making it sound, but not as much that it quite makes four stars. (There's something impersonal in there I can't place, in addition to what I already mentioned.) We know who's done the murders from the beginning, so basically the only buildup was for the gruesome details of how they did it, and why. Which I don't think there was any particular conclusion on the latter. He spreads all the evidence out on the table and lets you decide.

I applaud how thorough Capote's research was. He was basically there right after the murders happened and stayed with the case until it was over.

(I really am too tough with my ratings.)

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