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The Curse of the Mistwraith by Janny Wurts
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Dec 21, 2010

did not like it
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I like the *idea* behind the book, but I can't quite grasp the world she's cast it in. Like, who are these sorceresses and why do they all have a collective stick up their asses? What's with all the apostrophes? And for the high kings or whatever to have been so important, I feel like their only explanation was couched within the story of the sword.


I'm on my first rereading. I'm starting to grasp the plot better, and it's starting to become much easier to grasp and follow along, especially now that Our Heroes understand their missions. The fact that the author tried to make the brothers ignorant of their Destinies doesn't jive AT ALL with the fact that everyone else knows exactly who they are. The scene where Arithon's heritage is revealed to him is actually anti climatic because you KNEW it the whole time! The shock delivered to Lysaer is more believable, and I am really enjoying the parts with him at the camp.

I would like to get more into the world she built, but the act of actually having to read this thing really detracts from it. The prose is killing me. It's so elaborate and convoluted that it continually distracts me from the story and dialogue. I hope that later books in the series calm down on the flowery prose or I won't be able to finish it.

PAGE 501

Interesting things keep ALMOST happening. This whole bit with Arithon's coronation is pretty interesting, because finally, we have some distinct characters (not just different shades of the same wizard) running around doing things. Though these new characters are not really unique and well imagined, they're different than everyone else we've seen and makes them distinct. I am annoyed that Arithon keeps whining about having to be king like a martyr. Just suck it up and show some character growth! There are ways to embrace responsibility and make ones life enjoyable! I didn't like Lysaer at first, but at least he doesn't walk around complaining all damn day. I know what happens at the end of this book with the war and all, and I hope lord Coin-Bright-Golden-Head-Royal-Posture WINS!!

The author dropped a little tidbit about a royal heir living as a baker's apprentice somewhere in the woods, but veered away from it just as things were getting entertaining. I like the idea of the distinct kingdoms with distinct governing characteristics, but it's just not worth it to read this book to get the story.


I give up. This goes on the unfinished pile.
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Carol. Wow, you stuck with it far longer than I did. I couldn't even make the coronation with skimming.

Chelsea I made this book the book I read on my half-hour break at work, so I figured I'd be forced to read it for 2.5 hours a week. I really wanted to understand why people were so gaga over it, and that's the only reason why I read as much of it as I did.

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