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Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead
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Dec 21, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: inspiration, life
Read from December 21 to 28, 2010

I've been reading a lot of things along these lines lately, but this one stands out for its high quality and lack of b.s. The book itself is pretty dang awesome and inspirational, but what pushes it to 5 stars is the accompanying workbook. Usually I read stuff with exercises in it and go "yeah yeah, I'll do that later" or think my off-the-cuff answers to the exercises and move on. Having the workbook, I actually pushed myself past the facile responses and used the act of writing to help me think more deeply and figure out better, truer answers to what I want and what's holding me back. Some of the questions were simple and had answers that seemed obvious to me, but even for those, writing them down helped me get more serious and take action where otherwise I would have just gone on in the same limiting rut.

The book itself really is awesome, too, and covers a bunch of stuff that I've really been stumped by lately.

"The point of living is to enjoy life." Reading this, in print and bluntly stated, really caught my attention. I've always assumed it was way more complicated than that, but if it's not, how awesome! Still not 100% convinced, but I'm going with this as my working theory until I have reason to change it.

Then the book covers how/why most of us give up before we even start with most things because we talk ourselves out of trying...and what to do about it! (Drop the brainwashing about what's bad, quit judging, quit listening to naysayers (including yourself), stop overthinking and overcaring, don't do stuff just because you're told.)

Live in the present. Make the most of your time. Enjoying your work will make you better at it, which will make you enjoy it more.

"Your purpose is simply to become who you are." --when you're following your purpose, you will feel satisfied, regardless of whatever else is going on. You must live in alignment with your values in order to live your dreams. You can also make a more specifically defined purpose for yourself if you want.

Define yourself, figure out what your dreams are, visualize them, and start pursuing them. If/when you're afraid, remember that fear exponentially creates more fear, but personal responsibility and taking action are similarly self-feeding, so embrace them. Don't be freaked out by "I don't know."--transform it into "I'll figure it out."

"If you only do two things--take consistent action and lose your fear of failure--you'll already have a 95% chance of success. Guess what not fearing failure means? It means you can stop being paranoid about asking for what you want." Yeehaw!!! Small exercises for overcoming fear of failure here. Imagine your superhero alter-ego and how she would approach the situation, then do it that way.

Then there's some stuff on how to be productive: the to-quit list, doing the most important thing first each day, staying focused.

When it's hard to be patient, focus on enjoying life now--if you're doing that, it doesn't matter that you're not at the desired outcome yet, you're already living your purpose. Plus you're making progress to making your life even better; give yourself credit.

How not to kill your passion: don't get so caught up in measuring and to-do lists that it becomes a chore and you forget why you're doing it in the first place. Let your values guide your actions.


Overall, just what I needed to hear right now. Yay!!
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