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Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
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Dec 20, 2010

it was amazing
Read in December, 2010

No matter how dark, how bad, how kind of a jerk a hero was, I never hated him as much I did for what has Derek Craven did! How dare he use another woman to pretend it was Sara. My god. I’m so mad at him! So what if he was a son of a prostitute and grew up fighting for survival? Does that gave him an exception to be an ass like that?! c’mon, there are just things you shouldn’t do to a woman no matter how desperate you are. <- that’s what I said in the middle of reading the story but after the last conflict happened and he gave in to his feelings, damn! I never cried while reading any of lisa kleypas’ works but this book just made it difficult for me to read as my vision got blurred from that dramatic scene! Dreaming of you just became my favourite book by this author but Derek was not my favourite character. The award goes to cam rohan after all=p but don't get me wrong, he is so bad because of his scarred past that you can't help but love him even if you want to hate him for real=p
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Lisa Kleypas
“I didn't want to give you the one last part of myself that I couldn't take back. And then you were gone... And I realized it was already yours. It had been since the beginning. Except that I hadn't told you. It drove me mad, the thought that you would never know.”
Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You

Lisa Kleypas
“Clinging to him desperately, Sara kept her mouth at his ear. "Listen to me." All she could do was play her last card. Her voice trembled with emotion. "You can't change the truth. You can act as though you're deaf and blind, you can walk away from me forever, but the truth will still be there, and you can't make it go away. I love you." She felt an involuntary tremor run through him. "I love you," she repeated. "Don't lie to either of us by pretending you're leaving for my good. All you'll do is deny us both a chance at happiness. I'll long for you every day and night, but at least my conscience will be clear. I haven't held anything back from you, out of fear or pride or stubbornness." She felt the incredible tautness of his muscles, as if he were carved from marble. "For once have the strength not to walk away,"she whispered. "Stay with me. Let me love you, Derek.”
Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You

Lisa Kleypas
“Derek's breath touched Sara's throat in unsteady urges. "Sometimes," he whispered, "I'm so close to you ... and I'm still not close enough. I want to share your breath ... every beat of your heart."

He cradled her head in both his hands, his mouth hot on her neck. "Sometimes," he murmured, "I want to punish you a little."


"For making me want you until I ache with it. For the way I wake at night just to watch you sleeping." His face was intense and passionate above her, his green eyes sharp in their brightness. "I want you more each time I'm with you. It's a fever that never leaves me. I can't be alone without wondering where you are, when I can have you again." His lips possessed hers in a kiss that was both savage and tender, and she opened to him eagerly.”
Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You

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