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Reality Bites Back by Jennifer L. Pozner
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Dec 19, 2010

it was amazing
Read from December 19, 2010 to September 27, 2011

I have never been a reality television fan (Project Runway and a few episodes of cooking reality shows aside). I've never seen an episode of The Bachelor, have never seen anyone get voted off the island, etc. Partly because I knew how choreographed these shows were and how edited they must be to prove the producers point. I saw the drama created by producers during the first Real World and figured it only got worse from there. So I avoided them, which means I'm left out of a lot of conversations. However thanks to reading this book I feel like I can combat the "What? How can you NOT like these shows" questions from friends with facts about Frankenbiting and so much more. And the best part is that this book is funny as well as engaging about racism, sexism, homophobia, class, and more. I look forward to reading Jenn's next book, no matter what it is about. She's that engaging of a writer.
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message 1: by Kirsti (new) - added it

Kirsti Please post a review when you're done!!

Cinnamon Kirsti wrote: "Please post a review when you're done!!"

You betcha! I actually got to read a couple of the chapters ahead of time and provide editing notes to Jenn. I'm about halfway through and loving it. She does such a great job of drawing together pop culture with statistics that are pertinent and reflective of American society now.

message 3: by Kristin (last edited Sep 28, 2011 08:01PM) (new) - added it

Kristin I loathe reality TV and I have since its inception. And I didn't even know about staging til later (I know--I was thick!) I've watched one episode each of : "The Bachelor", "Survivor", one of those "Intercourse Island" shows (there have been too many to count) and "American Idol," and all of them were loathsome and showed the absolute worst part of the human condition (not to mention Simon). I will cop to watching nearly a season of Jersey Shore, but I felt dirty afterwards and vowed never to watch again. Honestly, I was hoping for the mafia to burst in and whack them all the whole time. Perfect ending! Alas, they did not.

Do people really say to you, "How can you NOT like these shows?" Do you have, say, a 500-page thesis with which to answer them?

I still theorize that people who watch reality tv for anything other than pure trainwreck value are just there to feel better about themselves and judge other people based on edited clips. And that's just sad, people.

message 4: by Kirsti (new) - added it

Kirsti I should state for the record that I was sexist, shallow, and socially irresponsible before I started watching Jersey Shore. Still haven't seen Toddlers & Tiaras or Real Housewives.

message 5: by Kristin (new) - added it

Kristin Cuz when we think "sexist", we think "Kirsti"!

PS: Toddlers and Tiaras seems like Satan's own doing. I don't think I'm alone in thinking this.

message 6: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn You crack me up. I have never once felt left out of one of those conversations. I have, however, felt way too smart for those conversations. ;)

I don't watch reality TV shows because hello why would I need to watch TV for that? I GET MY REALITY ON THE OUTSIDE. Even if it's less dramatic and unedited.

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