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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
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Dec 18, 2010

it was ok
Read in December, 2010

** spoiler alert ** SO...SPOILERS.

This is one of those sad times in life where you really don't want to admit something is bad because you feel like you have a commitment to it. That's how this review is for me. I would give anything to say that I loved this book, I felt it was a great ending & that I couldn't wish for more.

But I can't, because none of that is true.

The beginning has Rose in prison for alledgedly murdering the Moroi queen, Tatiana. Of course, the plot line begins when all the characters in the book chip in to help her escape, because, really, we were expecting that would happen. After her escape, Rose goes on the road with Dimitri, her instructor-turned-lover-turned-Strigoi-turned-dhampir again-turned partner in ansgty lurve, and Sydney, the Alchemist she met in Russia. Here's where the boredom starts. Basically, this is what happens in a nutshell.

- Rose decides to find Lissa's illegitimate sibling to help Lissa get a voice on the Council (and, ultimately, the crown.) She starts out by searching for Sonya Karp, a teacher her and Lissa had who turned Strigoi to escape the effects of spirit-use. They find Sonya, and with the help of Victor Dashkov's brother, Robert, turn her back into a Moroi where she then leads them none other than Jill Mastrano. Shocking, I know. (OK, I knew Lissa's sibling was going to be Jill, but that's just me and my uncanny ability at guessing endings.) Rose, Dimitri and Sonya (Sydney has been cap agetured at this point & the Brothers Dashkov have abducted Jill) then hunt down Victor, Robert and Jill. In the preceeding fight, Rose kills Victor and feels guilty, but only for a couple pages because she's too awesome to feel guilt, you know. They then show up in the knick of time to push Jill into helping Lissa win the crown.

There's then the ever-impending question of who really killed Tatiana and framed Rose? Well, of course it's Adrian's mother! Cause, you know, THAT MAKES SENSE. Not. Well, it was our ever-adorable Tasha Ozera, the aunt of Lissa's beloved, Christian, who killed the queen of the vampire world just to change an age rule and frame Rose, the slutty seventeen year old who stole Dimitri (oh, sorry, Dimka -_-) from her. Yes, that's how it was, I'm not even joking.

Moving on. Now that Lissa's queen and Rose is going to be her quardian, well, aren't we all just the happy family?! But wait! Dimitri's to be Christian's guardian so whenever Lissa and Christian hook up for visits...yes! It means Rose and Dimitri can too!

I am actually choking on my own sarcasm at the point, so I'm going to stop.

In my opinion, throwing Tasha's character under the bus was totally unnecessary. Maybe it's just me, but I think Tasha would've had more reasons to assissinate the queen than just the age rule =\

Second, I never thought I'd hate the Dimitri&Rose relationship as much as I did in the book. Disgust doesn't even go there for me. I was devestated when I realized how things were going to work out near the end and just down-right pissed when Rose just mentally abandoned Adrian. Everything he'd done for her and even continued to do went right down the drain because Dimitri thought her hair was beautiful.

I literally almost threw the book at the wall at that point.

Then there's the Keepers. The "J. Jenks" of Vampire Academy. End of story.

& The craptastic end. For real? It's all that easy? Everything is peachy keen for Rose, Dimitri and Lissa and isn't that all that really mattered?
No, it wasn't.
Fail ending to a great series, ONCE AGAIN.

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♔ Leah. Oh my God, can I just proclaim my love for this review and yourself?

IA about Tasha— she was supposed to be reasonable, kind and headstrong, so why did she do something as irrational as to assasinate the Queen?
The Queen's death was totally unnecessary— it just gave excuse for the fans to milk the cash cow (I'm looking at you Richelle Mead) and more stupid drama between the goldigging slut and the child-groomer.

To be honest Rose put Dimitri's ability in the bedroom above everything that Adrian did for her. it's quite pathetic that they got together through redemption sex.

Richelle Mead pulled a Breaking Dawn. I can say that I hate this book more so than my hatred for Breaking Dawn. Atleast the Twilight saga consistently kept on sucking, but Vampire Academy had potential and it just ended up being a pile of dog dung.

Arlene Sorry you didn't care for this one. I had to LOL on your J.Jenks reference. Too funny. :)

Morgan F I had to look up the reference. I feel like a bookworm failure.

Albie46 I also liked the J.Jenks reference!
Personally, despite how gutted I would have been, I think in Blood Promise, she should have staked his ass because that is what he would have wanted, and they'd be sacrifice and tragedy and all that jazz, and ultimately I think it would have been a better story. I wouldn't have been very happy, but I think it would have felt a bit truer!

I do like HEA, but I do agree, this was a bit much wasn't it!

message 5: by Ivy (last edited Dec 20, 2010 02:00PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ivy Loved your review and the use of "craptastic". Glad I decided not to buy this book after I was disappointed with her previous novels. I thought I'd just get it from the library, but it sounds like it's not even worth my time. I am so happy I am regifting these and getting them the heck out of my house!

RM is a skanky writer to ruin Tasha's character. She is not a 16 year old brat who'd kill someone just to frame a romantic rival. WTH is RM thinking?

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Preach. This book, no this SERIES had so mucuh potential, but Mead sold her literary soul to make money. It's sad, really.

Rosalia LoPiccolo id have to disagree with u a little. i am soo glad i bought the book because this series is awesome and yes i was disapointed how it just stops like that with Adrian but i am glad that dimitri and rose are together.. i love them, the story wouldnt have been amazing without there romance..but thats just my opinion!!

.·:*¨ × Shannon♥Loving Tomas Vrbada Like Woe × ¨*: I was devestated when I realized how things were going to work out near the end and just down-right pissed when Rose just mentally abandoned Adrian. Everything he'd done for her and even continued to do went right down the drain because Dimitri thought her hair was beautiful.

THIS. Soooooo much!

Nicole SPOT ON!

message 10: by Sofia (new)

Sofia Hey I have a few questions:
did rose ever cheated on dimitri?
Did rose ever have sex with adrian?

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