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The Invisible Landscape by Dennis J. McKenna
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Dec 18, 2010

really liked it
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Read from February 29 to March 26, 2012

Put two great minds together, an ethnobotanist & a neurobiologist who happen to be brothers, place them in the depths of the Amazon for a month or so with a plethora of hallucinogenic mushrooms at their disposal & you get this book. This is a great pseudo scientific adventure, a psychedelic faction threaded together with cutting edge theory & stropharia fueled speculation. What does it matter that the ideas put forth in this book don't stand up to scientific scrutiny? According to them, teleology must be included in proposition put forth, (anyway, current scientific methodology is too dissective, not wholistic), that reason must play a role in evolution, that it harms not the outcome if you make a few assumptions here & there (And there were many of those). Fortunately they are the first to raise the skeptics flag at the start of the book, but counter it with, “what if only a fraction of this were proven to be true?” And how the reader would like to believe the deep conversations on Electronic spin resonance causing the pineal gland to act as a receptor & holographic creator of what we perceive as reality. How exciting the speculations on external hallucinogenic compounds being precursors to our own mutating endogenous neurotransmitters, basically laying down the posit that the next evolutionary quantum shift (as evolution is quantum...) will have us all, well, tripping (which gives me reason to believe these guys have already 'evolved').
Then we go into the theory's of time wave based on the enigmatic sequence of the King Wen Hexagrams. In summary, a concrescence will take place, but not in the three dimensional plane. This concrescence will cause matter & antimatter to combine, which will (on the forth dimension) result in matter being left existing as pure light a la the apocalypse. You get the picture. This all happens in 2012, but not until the very last epoch which is itself a fraction of time on our scale. Reading all this, seems to give it credence, the mathematics are there to support it. The quantum mechanics also appear to give it support. It is in the assumptions that leave room, and a lot of room, for one to say “hmmmmmm”.
But it is fun. And what a ride! It's like eating junk food shaped into the form of fresh fruit. It appears to have true nourishment value but its really just junk. I loved it! I don't care if this were 120% speculation. The imaginative force behind this book backed up by the obvious & sincere search for a mathematical backing to their claims makes it commendable. Who knows, maybe when the current scientific paradigm is turned on its head once again, perhaps these guys will be seen as shunned pioneers. That is of coarse if we are around after December 21st 2012. But lets talk about it in 2013.
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Reading Progress

02/29/2012 page 9
4.0% "Well, it is 2012. Better crack it open."
03/02/2012 page 29
11.0% "Hmm, this is not the dense undertaking I imagined it would be, at least not yet. At this point, rich discussion on the psyche & anthropological/spiritual role of the Shaman, reminiscent of Huxley's essays Heaven & Hell & the Doors of Perception. Focusing on psychopathic predisposition as opposed to entheogenically induced states at this point in the book."
03/03/2012 page 41
16.0% "Wow, the Mckennna brothers really kick in here with a re-evaluation of the reductionist model of Science & a call that the event, rather than then particle be considered the fundamental unit. This, being drawn from the ideas of Quantum physics serves to bring about a more inclusive wholistic worldview which does not expel such things as mind & purpose in the scientific equation."
03/06/2012 page 50
20.0% "This had to be heading to the holographic mind model..."
03/09/2012 page 82
32.0% "I've just hit the dense undertaking."
03/13/2012 page 121
47.0% "This is where we hit the quasi scientific discussions on quantum level Electron spin resonance setting up super conduction in order to affect a charge transfer process in the molecules of non endogenous neurotransmitters setting resonances frequencies in the synapses which in turn create standing waves, the basis for holograms which are our thoughts etc etc"
03/14/2012 page 151
59.0% "Now for the interesting stuff. Time wave theory & I Ching. 2012?"
03/25/2012 page 188
73.0% "..the curtain might be rung down by a concrescent transformation that would fulfill the equation life is to nonlife as consciousness is to life as X is to consciousness. One point more: These three propositions are not really equally improbable. Given the first, the second is more likely; given the first and second, the third grows almost necessary."
03/25/2012 page 200
78.0% "Is novelty accelerating or are the chapters getting shorter & denser?"
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