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Messenger by Lois Lowry
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Dec 18, 2010

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Before I can review this properly I have to say I HATE that this book is called The Messenger. Also, I shall warn that this review contains major spoilers before I go one...Okay, everyone who hasn't read it yet gone? Good. Why the heck would you name your book the "true name" your main character is praying to receive and then in the flipping last line of the book say essentially, "Screw you and your hopes kids, I shall not call you Messenger, instead I shall call after this one thing that you did one time and that killed you." (I did mention the spoilers right?).
Honestly, I think this could have been done better over all. In Gathering Blue Kira stayed behind in her home village just help change things, and we're told that things have changed but we have no idea how or why just that she decided it's finally time to come live with her dad. Also, the same with the community from The Giver, we're told Jonas received some sort of forgiveness from his old community, and something clearly happened there too, but we don't know what. Inseat we get some random crap about people trading things like "three weeks" for...a change in physical appearance? It's annoying that you don't really know why things are changing in this book where you know so little about the town or it's inhabitents, and you don't know anything about the changes in other towns that you do know about and care about the people involved.
Honestly, I originally was glad there existed companions to The Giver because I hate open endings, but post an adult reading of The Giver (and a bookclub discussion) and rereading the companions, I kind of wish I didn't know they existed.

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