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Out of Time by Beth Flynn
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it was amazing

Out of Time is probably one of the most interesting, gripping, thought provoking, mind bending books I have ever read. It is chalk full of mystery, intrigue, love, hate, emotions and feelings, and more raw, gritty, and visceral moments than you can shake a stick at. What Beth Flynn weaved so thoughtfully and superbly together in this book has completely blown me away.

This book, this story, and these dynamic and wholly distinctive characters are epic. They're unforgettable. I've never read a story like this before, and I've never experienced, met, and loved characters quite like these ones either. I've never had a story make me think and wonder and question as much as this one did.

Out of Time, along with its predecessor Nine Minutes, is like one big puzzle. Each chapter in this book just gave you one more piece to that intricate, well thought out, and completely mesmerizing puzzle. When you reach the end of this book you will have so many more pieces to that puzzle. And let me tell you that those pieces will completely blow your mind. Trust me. You will not see some of those pieces coming. Over the course of this book, more of those pieces get put into the overall picture, and more things become clear. But as you read this story and just experience it, you'll start to see that some of those pieces are still missing, and the new pieces you're getting are bringing up so many questions and thoughts and feelings that will only be answered by that new puzzle piece.

By the end of Out of Time you will just kind of be in awe by the picture you're looking at. Yes there will be some missing puzzle pieces that will be filled in whenever the last book is written, but what you'll know and learn from this book and its events will bend your mind in the best possible way. Nine Minutes started the puzzle, outlined it, and gave this story the foundation. That's what made me want to know more, have to know more, and just fall so hard for these characters and their interwoven stories. That initial picture is what pulled me in hard, and it's what kept me wanting to know and discover more pieces to that puzzle.

Out of Time fills in more of the picture and gives you a clearer things of how that foundation, that outline came to be. It shows you why this story gripped you and mesmerized you from the beginning, why these characters are so distinctive, and why this story is so unique and memorable. It answers so many questions, but leaves you with so many more too. It continues to bend your mind, make you think and feel and just question everything you thought you knew. By the time you reach the end of Out of Time the picture you're looking at will be more detailed, more vivid, and just more interwoven and interesting because of the new pieces of the puzzle you've gained.

I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on the final book in this series. I need it. I have to have answers to the questions rolling around in my head. I have to know what's going to happen next, what these characters are going to do with it, and how this is all going to end. I have no flipping clue how this book and this epic story is going to end, but you can rest assured I will be reading that the moment it comes out. I need to know what's going to come of all those puzzle pieces, how it's all going to come together, and I have absolute faith that Beth Flynn will craft and write one superb ending for this amazing series.

Out of Time was consuming, intense, and enrapturing to say the least. What Beth Flynn so outstandingly created, captured, and brought to the pages of this book is nothing short of exceptional. This book gives you all of the characters from the previous book once again, and allows you to delve deeper into who they are, the things they did, and the motives they had for the choices they made. This book is unique as it is told with 3 different, magnificent, and interwoven timelines that just puts so much of this entire world, story, and characters together. These 3 timelines follow the past and present of this world, and give you so much.

You get to see where Grizz began, how he got to where he was, and who he met along the way. Along with learning more of his past, this book also gives you more of his and others perspectives of the events that transpired in Nine Minutes. You get to see the true evolution of his character, and how he became that force to be reckoned with. You get to see where his feelings for Ginny originated, how they grew, and where they eventually led. This book allowed me such a new and just downright phenomenal understanding of his character and why things went the way that they did. Grizz and his story will blow your mind away. Trust me.

Along with the 2 different past timelines you get to see the present of the world of this book with Ginny, Tommy, and all of the other various players that are a part of this intricate puzzle. That timeline follows them as more secrets come to light, as more deceptions are revealed, and as these characters are forced to come to terms with what they know, the choices they made, and where that's going to take them next. I don't want to say anything about more about the plot though because you need to just experience this book. You need to just dive into it heart first, just like with Nine Minutes, and just go along for the ride and take it all in.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was that I felt like I got such a phenomenal understanding of so many different characters in the world of this book. All of the characters in this series are distinctive, and the events and timelines of this book allow you to get to see a completely new side to them. Especially with Grizz and Grunt. You get into their heads to phenomenally in this book, you see where they both started, what got them to the events of Nine Minutes, and their reasoning and motives behind so much. I feel like I know there characters so much more now because of what I got from this book with them. I know them, I get them, and I just love them fiercely.

Along with getting to know Grizz and Grunt's characters more, you also get to discover some new information and understandings about so many of the other distinctive characters that make up this world. You will learn and see so much about Sarah Jo, Moe, Chicky, Axel, Blue, Jan, Carter, and so many other characters that I won't mention. What you get from all of them will literally blow you away, have you reeling, and in total shock when it all comes together. Those supporting characters bring this whole story and world together, and they are a huge part of what makes this book so good and so truly epic.

One of my favorite aspects of Out of Time was also seeing more of Ginny and the evolution that happened with her character. She is so strong and tenacious and determined, and that comes out in spades in this book. You again get to see her at a lot of different points in her life with the different timelines in this book, and I for one loved getting to see her development as a character. She was still her throughout, always pushing and trying and being spunky as ever, but you see how she changes too, how she grows and evolves. Getting to experience that just made me love her character more, and allowed me to once again understand exactly what was going through her mind, what caused her to think and feel and make the choices she did, and just what made her her.

Out of Time was an overall extraordinary book that just hit the ground running from the moment I started it. This book tells a story that is so intricate and well thought out, and Beth Flynn's writing just completely brings it all to life. She allows you to be with these characters, feel what they do, question what they do, and learn everything that they do. You just get this book, its story, and its characters so exceptionally because of how she wrote and crafted it. You also get a world of feelings, so much emotion, and so many raw and just visceral moments that will blow you away.

This book brings together so many of the well thought out and fantastically written pieces of this puzzle that is this epic story. It illuminates so many things about Grizz, Ginny, Grunt, and everyone else. It gives the perfect balance of intrigue, mystery, love, hate, and just everything in between to make this story so utterly captivating from start to finish. Out of Time will bend your mind, make you think and question like crazy, and just have you feeling every single thing. The way it all comes together in this book will have you just in awe. In literal awe.

I loved everything about this book. It was the perfect follow up to Nine Minutes and just gave me so much of everything. I have such a better and clearer picture of this epic and mesmerizing story, and I cannot wait to see how it all comes together in the end. And something tells me that I will never forget this book, this story, this world, and the fantastic characters that make it what it is.

As the epitaph for this book so rightly states, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.” Out of Time gives you a picture and web that is tangled and messy and mind bending to say the least, and when you finish this book you will know that once again to be oh so true. And you will love that. Fiercely.

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