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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
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Dec 18, 2010

it was ok
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It's your fault.

All you Goodreaders.

I was sucked in by the high ratings for this series. And the fact that I couldn't go anywhere on GR without this little red paperback popping up and waving at me. 'Read me. Love me. I'm totally worth it' blah blaaahh.


Where were the characters???
Seriously. Where were they? WHY were they?

I could not for the life of me identify who was who and why they were there. And WHY did they fall in love? Are you, J.R.Ward, trying to sell me this idea of love-at-first-sight-but-first-I'm-going-to-shag-him-senseless-to-be-sure, again????

Don't misunderstand me Goodreaders. I'm not adverse to filth on paper. Sex is brilliant. It's fun. I wish I had more of it.
But surely there has to be more than just sex and filth to a good romance?

I need suspense. I need the romance to develop. Goddammit I need a heads-up before the clothes come off.

I will not continue with this series.
I will, however, keep this little red book on the bottom shelf should the need for quick filth arise in future.

But I doubt it.

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Joyzi ^^ I love your review but I kinda love the book and the series >.<

message 18: by Elle (new) - rated it 2 stars

Elle You and just about everyone else on the planet.

There's something wrong with me. I'm sure of it.

Joyzi There's nothing wrong with you, maybe it's not just your cup of tea, as they put it.

message 16: by Kayla (new) - rated it 1 star

Kayla Thank you for not making me feel nuts. I'm almost finished with it, and I don't even want to read the rest of the series. Its ridiculous - no real storyline. Just sex. bleh. I thought I was getting a great story.

Nikki I totally love how polarizing the books are. You love them or hate them, very little in between. I get what you are saying about little characters and slam bam thank you ma'am, but I'm enjoying the escapism. If I want to read a great book, I'll read the Help or Guernsey Literary or something. If I want easy reading and a little filthy sex, I'll read these. You never know, maybe someday you'll want a little escapism and then these will fit the bill - but try the second one.

Anjana This book was a waste of my time and money.

Nora aka Diva Love your review, hated the book, I didn't even finish it. Gave it back to my friend who loaned it to me and advised to her to have her head examined. lol.

message 12: by Dija (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija Brilliant review! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. :D

Mariya LOL funny. I think she expressed it perfectly, right, Laz?! Felt exactly the same way after reading Dark Lover.

Goge (BARRONS) le Moning Maniac, Hahahahhhh I enjoyed this review a lot! Hahahhh And I feel the same way. Everywhere I go that annoying red cover pops up... Goodreads is determined to monopolize this little red book EVERYWHERE, I feel... *sigh* But I honestly don't want to read this book. I feel like it's pushing itself onto me and from my friends' comments/reviews they didn't enjoy this book overly much anyways so what's with the hype and the incessant popping up of the dreaded red cover?? But, whatever. I've decided not to read this book. Sorry you got suckered into reading this book. Ratings lie sometimes I guess:/

message 9: by Ali (new) - rated it 1 star

Ali Thank God for your your review. The ratings were driving me crazy.

Karima I did buy this book because i saw it on GR a lot! And I just can not get through it. So I thought your review was refreshing and I wished I read it before I bought it.

Angelica Soooo glad I'm not alone. This book did nothing for me. Your review totally summarizes my feelings.

Lexie I saw all the high reviews and thought maybe i just didn't get the first book and read the next book....OMG the writing gets worse!!!....it's scary how much worse the second book is

Elaine I totally agree. The book was okay...but i would not recommend it. I hate the character names and the villian names as well. Mr.X, Mr.O, and Sensei? Sheesh everytime I read "Sensei" I just kept on thinking of the Napoleon Dynamite movie and Sensei in the movie saying "BOW to your SENSEI!" I laughed everytime. Great review...you totally read my thoughts. :

Memi Same !! D: omg, I started reading with so many expecations :x I even skipped some parts just to finish the book >_<

message 3: by Mari (new)

Mari I hate top tell you this, but there is no reason for why people fall in love. Its chemistry, generally speaking. You see someone, or smell them, actually, and there you go. thast really how it works. People don't fall in love over time. thats a myth. they may fall OUT of love over time, of course.

message 2: by Kamy (new)

Kamy Mari wrote: "I hate top tell you this, but there is no reason for why people fall in love. Its chemistry, generally speaking. You see someone, or smell them, actually, and there you go. thast really how it work..."

Actually, not to be contradictory or anything, but I think that's more of lust or something else. It's the same sort of endorphins released when people claim love at first sight as well. I think love is more of a getting to know someone thing, and falling in love with their mannerisms and personality and generally accepting the whole package, even the stuff you dont like. Unless, that is, we have completely different definitions of love.

Jeanne I say this with a smile on my face: You are on liquid crack! I love your reviews because they are so funny. But J R Ward is awesome! I loved every BDB book! I loved how they got their HEAs! It is a total escape. So I get that it may not be your cup of tea but it's a reason why it's highly rated book. Look forward to your next review-Jeanne!

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