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Heart of Fire by Linda Howard
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I liked:

1- Ben Lewis. Its tough not to like a man who oozes sexuality from just his mere presence in the story. *fans self*

2- Jillian Sherwood. Linda Howard knows exactly what we want from her characters and she certainly doesn’t disappoint us with Jillian. Independent to a fault, vulnerable and loyal and a stubbornness that makes Ben grit his teeth every now and then, Jillian and her acrid sense of humor certainly makes for an enjoyable heroine.

3- The witty banter between Jillian and Ben. My God, I laughed out loud several times during the story, especially the parts where things never seem to go as Ben plans them with Jillian. She constantly manages to surprise and infuriate him with the lack of interest she shows towards his advances, a fact that just continues to aggravate and arouse Ben more and more throughout the story.

4- The explosive passion between Ben and Jillian. One reason why Ms. Howard’s books always rate a re-read is the fact that she delivers in spades in the romance, adventure as well as the sensuality department in her stories. The scene where Ben claims Jillian in the middle of a thunderstorm amidst the downpour in the jungle made my senses all go on red alert! *mmmm..*

Dislikes: Umm.. nothing much but I felt that I didn’t get to learn more about Ben and his past which I yearned for throughout the story. Though the lack of his past didn’t in anyway diminish the full force of his personality, I would have loved knowing more about him than just his hyperactive libido which makes its presence known right from the very beginning. *wink*

Full review: http://bit.ly/gAD3C9
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Rbeey Now would ya see what you've gone & done...now...tsk, tsk, Maldivianbookreviewer
((Ruby shakin' her head out in cyber land))After that review U bought an all too vivid clear picture of remembrances (jungle love is really hot fun;) to mind... Now I've gotta go reread HEART OF FIRE..: D

U NO several interesting things stood out for me but the portions of the book when Ben & Jillian befriend some Natives in the Amazon jungle, was a feeling of wildness then again daring raw but passionate power that seem to over take them they released all their inhibitions. Or was it really that they became exabitionist...?!Teeheee or was it pure & simply... they became one with Nature, the environment around them, lived, & interacted...?

Wellaaaha Any way ya wanna summarize the situation or either chock-it-up as being, it was a real hoot... for me...heeeehee!

They really bought New meaning to that old adage “DO AS THE ROMANS DO”...wowweee also I think it’s fair to say they bought to the jungle some very creative, imaginative well developed hedonistic tendencies in the weight of their adventure...a bit of... “Romancing the Stone...teeheee! note: see Movie : "Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner"

message 2: by MBR (new) - rated it 4 stars

MBR LOL! I know what you mean Ruby.. *sighs*

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