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Kick, Push by Jay McLean
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6 HOLY MOTHER FIRE TRUCKING STARS! Kick Push is unforgettable!

“There is a big difference between being happy and being selfish. Choose to be happy and fire truck the rest.”

So once again I dive into the latest book by Jay McLean, only to have my heart thrown into a blender! She then hits the frappe button and I’m pretty sure that’s when sits back and laughs manically! EVIL GENIUS MUCH?!?!?!

Kick Push is Josh’s (Hunter’s best friend) story. We first met Josh in Where the Road Takes Me and from the moment he’s introduced I fell in love with him. He’s a single dad at the age of seventeen and he’s completely on his own until one day, a complete stranger hears his desperate, heartfelt pleas and lends a much needed helping hand.

Kick Push is not your typical romance novel, it’s something all its own and when Jay McLean writes heartache you feel it deep down in your soul. I felt every single emotion while reading this book. My eyes trickled, then leaked steadily and then later full on gushed, this went on the entire time. I was an emotional wreck and when I finished I was exhausted from the emotional marathon I had just lived through. Josh, Tommy, and Becca’s story is enough to push even the most emotionally challenged to their limits and then crush them. Kick Push is about heartbreak, sacrifice, unconditional love, forgiveness, the pure kindness of strangers, and following your dreams. Josh and Becca are put through the wringer in this story and as you follow them on their journey you become so completely engrossed in their world that you cannot see past it.

“The boy I love breaks. And there is nothing sadder, nothing harder in the world than watching the person you love fall apart right before your eyes-and you can’t say or do anything to change it.”

Jay McLean’s writing style is unique, quirky, full of emotion and laughs. Her stories never fail to leave me feeling like an emotional cripple, but every moment becomes worth the heartbreak because they are just that beautiful even with the all the devastation throughout. Josh and Becca’s story is not a simple boy meets girl, boy falls in love with said girl and they live happily ever after. Their story is littered with ghosts from their pasts and unimaginable losses and trauma, some scars that very much threaten to ruin any chance they may ever have at a happily ever after. Some things can just never be forgotten…or moved past; this is where Kick Push makes a brave choice. Jay McLean had the chance near the end to gloss over all the problems still left unresolved and give readers that instant gratification with their happily ever, but she once again choose the less travelled path. A very daring choice considering the pain and angst that has already taken place over the course of this book, however this is the more realistic scenario, in my opinion. Real life is and can be brutal it often gives us more than we feel we can handle, Kick Push is the perfect example of this. Overwhelming sadness and a feeling of helplessness were feelings that I had over and over again. Nothing worth having in life is ever easy and this story is far from easy and light hearted. It will pull on your heart strings, it will make you cry repeatedly, sigh, swoon, flush, laugh out loud and grin. Lastly and be forewarned it will leave you demanding more and fighting the overwhelming urge to throw your kindle at the wall!

“Seriously, how many times can a person break before the only things left are shattered fragments too small to piece back together?”

Kick Push is a brilliant, beautiful and poignant read; it is without a doubt Jay McLean’s best work to date.

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