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Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts
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Dec 16, 2010

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I picked this up on a whim, because a Goodreads friend liked it, and because I'd always wanted to read something by Nora Roberts. I'd say she's not disappointing her core audience -- this is an extremely well-structured novel, the characters delineated and interesting, their lives filled with an ample amount of glamor and hard times. There's a romance that finally springs up between a couple who have known each other since childhood. The woman always adored the older brother of her best friend; the man accepted her as another little sister and did not let himself think much about any attraction to her. But once an argument flares into an unexpected kiss, suddenly they both have to re-assess their relationship, and their future.

This book was a little too cute for me -- the four female protagonists are high-end wedding planners, creating the perfect weddings for the daughters of Old Money and New Ventures -- but Roberts has researched details of professions down to small things. Savor the Moment is one of four books called The Bride Quartet. Laurel is the lead of this book, the pastry chef who creates the perfect cakes, pastries and candies for the engagement parties, weddings and other Special Moments the group shepherd from engagement pictures through the post-wedding dinners and dances. I'm not a pro, but I've done enough specialty baking that I did not catch any glaring baking errors in one pass-through. Laurel is a hard-working upper middle class girl whose college hopes were dashed by her father's fast and loose business practices (the IRS had a few questions....) Only the generosity of an older friend got her into chef school. That path has led her back to running Vows, the wedding planners company created by the four women. The girls were and are best friends, having formed a new family together, between the neglect of some parents and the early deaths of others.

The Bride Quartet is about their finding their own storybook romances, although each woman is different, and the man who is perfect for her is very different -- often even from what she's always looked for in the past. There's not a lot of clash in this one, although the problems seem quite real, having observed the fringes of this lifestyle myself. The man she's always loved is a little too sure of himself for my tastes, but Lauren doesn't change her mind about him.

If you like this sort of book, I bet you'll like this one. I'd definitely read another book by Roberts after this, and if I was in the mood for a romance, and the other Brides books were around, I'd pick them up. I just won't run out to look for them tomorrow.

Entertaining and well-written, but not compelling. I liked most of the people, and that's important to me.
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Estara Yes, I think I gave my fours stars more in comparison with the other three Bride Quartet books than overall. This has not been her best series with that sort of set-up, Finding the Dream, etc. are that. And there's the Born In trilogy, and her category romances with family backgrounds which I actually prefer the stories of.
She has such a huge backlist it can get unwieldy to remember, so I only remember the best ones - but the others I've read so often I need to get a bit more distance to reread them ^^.

Katharine Kimbriel Roberts has written a huge backlist that at the least is readable and you finish her books. It's kinda like Georgette Heyer, if you like costume comedy of manners/drama. Several of them are 5 star, many of them solid 4 but a few I've only read once -- either the people didn't click for me, or it wasn't her best weaving of plot. But they were all worth reading once -- better than most of her imitators. I'd imagine Roberts is like that, and I need to try the JD Robbs.

Estara I agree with this assessment!

If you do try the J.D. Robb, you will almost have to start at the first one, I believe, because in the course of that quite long series there has been so much slow growth (I think the real time development there is roughly three years by now) that you wouldn't be able to appreciate if you didn't start with the beginning.

Katharine Kimbriel Good to know, thanks!

If you do try the J.D. Robb, you will almost have to start at the first one...

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