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Always Running by Luis J. Rodríguez
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Dec 16, 2010

This book is about a young boy named Luis Rodrigues known as the author. It talks about Gang days back in the old days of Los Angeles. This book is based on his real life, some people dont realize how life is because they havent gone through or havent seen anything. Life in Colorado isnt the same as in the south or in other places. its very difficult to live in a time the way Luis did and other people as well. People dont understand that some people stay homeless for not fighting for their lives. This book talked about several things, though i like the way Luis was, he always said what he had on mind and he wasnt afraid to admit things and things he did wrong.. He tried to act like a bad boy, but i know he still had good inside of him. Luis was not a very smart boy, he could of been but he just didnt do what was right. i understand that what Luis was going through was rough times! This book was a bit confusing! i understood what the author was trying to tell us, but there was some parts in the book where it was difficult to understand.
I think that Luis did good on writing this book for several reasons. I would recommend this book to anybody that is going through hard times, or that have had gang experiences. Some people think that being in a gang is cool and this and that, they just try to fit in. The ones that are in gangs supposably are just fakes and rookies. The ones that actually dont want to be homeless and fight for their beliefs are in real gangs. some people have to be in gangs to survive and in order to protect themselves. The ones that are in real gangs are not proud of what theyre into, but they have no other choice. Its either u die or you fight for your life. i could make several connections to the book! i have some friends/cousins that are involved in gangs. There life isnt in a good position right now. this book is just great and i would recommend this book to anybody!!1!
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Luis J. Rodríguez
“Vive La Vida LOCA (Live the crazy life)”
Luis J. Rodríguez, Always Running

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Zahira Lopez i really think that you did really good in your review, i could actually tell that you took your time doing it. it explains alot of what you think bout this book, and i really liked the way you talked about Luis J.Rodriguez. where it says of how he really went through rough times and how he did bad stuff and everything, but eventhough he acted all mean at times he had good things inside that would actually make him change. which i think that your review would really make the people that read it, acually read the book and i think they would really like this book, just how i think all the students from my class liked it. good job

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