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Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard
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Dec 15, 2010

it was ok
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Read on November 01, 2010

** spoiler alert ** My Amazon review copied here.

This is my first book by Linda Howard. Someone had recommended it on the romance forums here on Amazon. I don't usually read contemporaries or romantic suspense so that might be coloring my view. The blurb is above and others have done a good job summarizing so onto my review.

I don't know whether it was the author's writing style or just the wording, but I kept thinking this book was written in the 80's or early 90's at the latest despite all the references to cell phones, computers, and a Dodge Viper, etc.

I completely agree with other reviewers that the idea of this List getting that much attention is stupid and ridiculous. Until you got to the size requirements nothing was even out of the ordinary of expectations. After Jaine's "leftover" comment even the author doesn't expound on the shocking items listed, but seems to hint to more such items or comments the reader never learns of.

I didn't like Jaine Bright. She really wasn't very bright. She came off to me with her attitude and cursing to be what I see as "trailer trash". As someone else said she was awfully judgmental. I didn't really see why these four ladies became friends other than working at the same business, not even in the same department either. I hated that she was in full hate mode to Sam until she sees him naked and that changes her 180 degrees to instant lust.

I did like Sam Donovan, our hero. He was responsible, sexy, the type of man you can lean on in a moment of crisis. One thing I can't reconcile though is Jaine's initial description of him to who he turns out to be(drunk/drug dealer=cop). Unless he was working undercover, even cops have a dress code.


Jaine and Sam's relationship was completely unbelievable. She having 3 failed engagements and him being divorced decide to get married after 1 bout of sex.....can we say divorce. They went from hate to love in supposedly 2 weeks. They had maybe 5 conversations before the above mentioned sex.

How stupid was TJ? I think that may have been my most hated part of this whole story. She seemed to be so smart and still did the dumbest move of the whole book.

Just a personal grievance-I am not a car aficionado and while I like to learn new things while I read, I was rather at a loss with the car references. I know Detroit is the Motor City. I think Linda Howard went overboard on exactly how many people care about what car you drive and the upkeep of said car. I am too young and therefore have no idea what a 1964 Cobra looked like until I looked it up online.
********END SPOILER********
All in all this book hasn't put me off Linda Howard for ever, however it also hasn't given me the inspiration to hunt out any other of her titles any time soon.
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