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What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones
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Dec 15, 2010

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What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know
This guy Murphy likes this girl Sophie. But she never new he excised, but one day she starts talking to him and before he knows it there dating. And she doesn’t care who knows. Because most people HATE Murphy and use his name as an insult. So when Sophie’s friends see her and Murphy together they can’t believe what there seeing. So they confront her about it, so she tells them that she likes him and nobody can change that. When finally everyone is talking about her and Murphy together she gets upset. So Murphy talks to Sophie about it and asks if she wants to break up with him, but she says no and that she doesn’t care who knows about her and Murphy dating she could care less about other peoples opinions.
When Murphy comes over to Sophie’s house and they go in her room there all over each other and kissing and making out and Sophie’s mom walks in and catches them. She doesn’t know what to say so she says “hi.” Then Murphy says “Hey Mrs. Stein.” So then after that she keeps walking in on them and makes up stupid excuses of why she’s checking up on them. So when Murphy goes home his parents are jamming out to some rock n roll. He goes in his room and looks up the word Murphy to see what it comes up as in the dictionary. It says it’s used as an insult or to call someone ugly or stupid or a failure.
So when Murphy goes to school he’s for sure that Sophie isn’t going to sit next to him at lunch….. But she does! He can’t believe it! She comes up to him and kisses him. They start holding hands in the lunch room and people start looking at Sophie like she’s crazy for dating him. But she doesn’t care. (: They try to see each other as much as possible during school, because it seems like days without each other. And they both think there in “love” with each other…. But there not. Then Murphy meets another girl named Tessa…. And they start talking, hanging out. And they start liking each other, Even though Murphy is still dating Sophie. So he makes up excuses of why he’s busy so much. And then he goes over to Tessa’s house and things happen that should have never happened… But if you read the book you’ll find out yourself.
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