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Die for Me by Amy Plum
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Dec 15, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from May 08 to 10, 2011

Kate first saw Vincent across a crowded café. And the moment when her eyes locked with his something inside of her began to wake up from that long slumber she’d been in since the death of her parents.

It was not merely that he was handsome. She felt as if she already knew him. And he had an air of danger about him, which she found intriguing.

Even though Paris is often referred to as the City of Romance, Kate was not about to let herself fall victim to a clichéd love story where two people see each other across the room and instantly fall in love. But try as she might to erase him from her memory, Vincent was not so easily forgettable.

Risking her heart after she’d lost so much already was not something Kate was sure she was ready to do. Under normal circumstances falling in love put her heart on an emotional rollercoaster. And with Vincent, circumstances were anything but normal.

His past, his present and his future were tied to something much greater than the two of them here and now. Something much more dangerous, that would forever be a threat to her already fragile heart and could potentially take from her even more than had already been taken.

But was it already too late for her to walk away with her heart intact, without returning to the brink of despair she had been at for so long before they met? Would loving him be worth the risk to her heart? And would loving him be worth the risk to her life?


In Amy Plum’s debut novel Die for Me the writing is beautiful and graceful and enticing, the story is enchanting, the characters are lovable and heartbreaking, and the world she created is completely seductive.

Set in Paris, Die for Me is more than just a love story, although that part of the story alone is enough to make this great. The author introduces a rather unique element which takes this to another level, infusing it with all the danger and excitement and magic that can only come from a paranormal story.

The author gives readers a nice glimpse of Paris through Kate’s eyes as she visits the local cafés and museums and brings into the story some of the less favorable aspects of the city’s past through Kate’s discussions with Vincent.

Die for Me is a truly unforgettable one-sit read. It will so thoroughly captivate and is a story that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a little danger mixed in with their romance, the thrill of a sword battle and the tension and anguish that are ever-present in stories involving matters of the heart.

Die for Me is a definite must read, if only to find out just what makes loving Vincent so perilous.

(On the blog I gave this one my 6 star rating.)

On a personal note:

This story tied me up in knots. It kept me glued to the page. It made me bite my nails with worry. It made me sigh. And oh did it make me smile.

It sent me to Paris. It wrapped me up in a love story. And it gave me so much more.

To say that I was carried away by this story would only be just the beginning. I fell in love. With Paris. With Kate and Vincent and Jules and Ambrose and Charlotte.

But this is more than just a simple love story between two characters. There are obstacles. There is sacrifice. And there is the risk that comes with giving your heart to someone else. But oh, Vincent is so worth the risk and so is Kate.

I developed a huge crush on this story. It couldn’t be helped. I’m a complete sucker for these types of books. There were times when it took my breath away. Nothing about this love story was sappy. Nothing was overdone. It was just beautiful. It had the perfect mix of angst and joy, danger and tranquility.

I loved that the author made me feel like I was as much a part of Paris as Kate was. And I thought it was just perfect that she infused so much of the history of Paris into this story.

I am trying desperately to keep my fingers from typing all that I want to say about this amazing debut book, but for fear of spoilers I will stop now. And I will just say that “I Heart Revenants” too! (Well, at least the good ones anyway.)


My favorite quote is by Kate – and it’s not even a romantic one:

“Yeah, right, like Catherine Deneuve has her own hot-guy SWAT team trolling the neighborhood for celebrity stalkers with swords.”
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