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The Seven-Percent Solution by Nicholas Meyer
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Dec 15, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: crime-mystery, hearteyes, sherlock-holmes

On the most part, the story feels to fit in nicely with the Holmes canon, but at times feels a bit too tongue in cheek and self-referential – the references to a Doctor Conan Doyle, for example, probably would have been better excised from the text, especially so late in the text, when we've already the leap of faith needed.

As for the two-fold plot, I'm not sure I did make that leap of faith that the Moriarty storyline found in The Final Problem didn't actually exist in the universe of the characters. Partly because the Moriarty story is so well known in the Holmes canon that it seems faintly ridiculous to suggestion the story was entirely fabricated.

Otherwise, the first part of the plot is superb, where there seemed to be a real sense of emotion behind the characters – and I would recommend it solely on that basis. The case (the second plotline) is intriguing, but the historical context - the lead up to the first World War - feels both stifling (in that one can feel the tension behind it) and a little forced.

I look forward to reading Meyer's two other Holmes stories, but I expect they won't live up to The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.

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