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The Tiger by Frédéric Brrémaud
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really liked it
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i'm glad i read The Fox - the second volume of this standalone graphic novel "series" first. i definitely liked this one, but that fox one made me immediately order this one in with "must have" fervor, and i didn't feel the same sense of urgency after reading this one.

 photo IMG_7266_zpsod1k5j0f.jpg

it's the same format as The Fox - wordless sequential art that represents a "day in the life" of a tiger as it hunts, fights, and eventually gets a good meal. the art is great, but it's somewhat less-great than fox. i do not have the vocabulary necessary to discuss art, but there's something about this one that just seems a little more basic; there's less background detail filling up the panels, and there's a tendency to show a little too much "emotion" in the animal expressions, which cheapens it and makes it less "this is nature" and more "this could be a disney movie."

 photo IMG_8021_zpsw8icbjra.jpg

 photo IMG_8022_zpsjb03pwud.jpg

 photo IMG_8019_zps5wgzm764.jpg

if this were disney, this tapir would be "dopey."

 photo IMG_8018_zpsuuwxzww5.jpg

compared to this panel from fox:

it's still great, don't get me wrong, and there's even a fox for greg, although not the same one-eyed fox from the second volume

the best parts are, naturally, the animal smackdowns

 photo IMG_7259_zpsio5nodwu.jpg

but also worth noting is panther vs. piranha

and, of course, the ending. no spoilers here!

i am definitely going to grab the next volume as soon as i can, and i hope at some point there will be a red panda protagonist. fingers crossed!
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Erica Yessss. YESSSS!
I think you will like this one. It has lovely pickchairs.

karen i just read the fox one today, so i had greg order this one into the store for me. MUST HAVE!!!

Erica Excellent!
I support your course of action.

message 4: by Erma (new) - added it

Erma Talamante I adore panthers (can't you tell?) so I am *sold* on this!


karen uh oh.

message 6: by Erma (new) - added it

Erma Talamante Sorry. Didn't mean to weird you... I just think it would make a lovely addition to the collection...

karen NO - not weirded out at all. it's just... well, not all animals live long and fulfilling lives, in nature.

message 8: by Erma (new) - added it

Erma Talamante Ah!

karen but spoiler alert - there are TWO panthers. so the odds are decent.

[Name Redacted] I had no idea that tapirs lived in India/Southeast Asia! I thought they were limited to the Americas! I wonder if the Asian/Sub-continental ones are as delicious as the American variety...?

karen when did you even eat tapir??? when??

[Name Redacted] I lived in a couple Kuna villages down in Panama and some of the hunters came back with tapir one day (the Kuna are allowed to hunt endangered animals because it is part of their "native way of life"). Because I was working on a friend's plantation and helping the Peace Corps rep. there, I got to have some of the catch and GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY it was like eating the most delicious pork I have ever tasted. I even at the fat! If there had been any bone on the cut they gave me, I would have tried to eat that too. There's a reason tapir are endangered, is what I'm saying, and it ain't just about the rainforests being chopped down.

Erica karen wrote: "but spoiler alert - there are TWO panthers. so the odds are decent."

And probably the female is pregnant because all the animals like procreating in this book. And she'll probably have twins so now we're one panther ahead! Right? That's how that works?

Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* Maybe it's because the artist's style had grown from the first to the second in the series?! I agree this art is less notable, though still a far cry better than the sloppy stickmen I can produce ;)

message 15: by Erma (new) - added it

Erma Talamante My artistic friend Gaby once took pity on my lack of artistic skill, and taught be to draw an elephant from behind. But it is nowhere near as amazing as this!

message 16: by Joy (new)

Joy heeee wat a nice book

Carmen Great review. I loved both, but I agree with you that FOX was better.

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