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Always Running by Luis J. Rodríguez
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Dec 14, 2010

really liked it

Alway's runing is a book that talk's about a real life from this guy name Luis Rodriguez the book is letting now the reader how Luis Rodriguez struggle in his life just by having a mistake joined a gang and getting in poblems with other gang's police and know when he got older with family.After he realiced and knew that been in a gang was not doing him no good he decided to get out of it and start to have an education so that he so that he can be succesfull in life and also give his family a better life.One ting he never though about was how could he even started to b a succesfull person just by been a poet an was even going to get him away from the street's.Eventhoug he had such a great improvement in his life Luis Rodriguez never thoughth those moment's where gone come back and special by his son jining a gang doing the same mistakehe hd donein life.
My suggestion for this book is that teenagers that are in jewbe should read ALWAYS RUNNING why well because no matter what you did to end up going yo jewbe they might of have a relation in some how with street's life or a gang.This book qold help them realize that just because yo joined a gang you cant get out of it.And make good choices in life so that when evr they might have a family they wont follow any of yoursteps or even go to the place you got to be.And just because many of them end up going to jewbe it does not mean anything when ever they get their chance to go out to be the sameperson in life they could go out and defently change for a good benefit for them and the people that are in their around's.This book in a way is compare to MICE AND MEN in thier advice when one of the characters hadn mental problems and not because of that he never gave up in his dreams eventhough he would realize thebad thing's he would do in life.Ovarall yes this book in awsome and it well make a change for you and in your life.
I feel really proude to know that if you are in a gang you can change your life and make changes in you.Eventhough you have made bad mistakes in the past like Luis Rodreguz did you can still do it.
It makes good influence at the time you are reading the book.the good enfluences are that if your poor you can challege your self to do better.And gang's don't really matter in yourlife.When ever you want something no matter ehat and if you fight for it you will get what you want.You end u doing those things with challenges but their is something good coming after it you do the right thing!!!
Makes bad enfluence,here is one example when Luis Rodriguez would act cool nice and powerfull infront of the gir's when he was fighting was fighting with the other member of the other gang they where arguing aboute the bad decision he had done at that time was that he took out the knife and staved the other guy.that is one of the biggest enfluence i see in th book.It's enfluence because in the real life their are girls and guys that will do tht justo becme powerfull.we need to realize what's good for our life's an what's not.


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Eric I agree with what you said about the always running book. I know hard it is to get out of a gang and be succesful after that. luis was actualy smart by working on his education to get out of the lomas; and became a great poet and writing books about his past and flashbacks. I liked how you summerized the story.

Zahira Lopez i think you really did good in your review because you actually tell us of how Luis lived in his childhood and how he wants his son not to be the same as he was. one thing i really liked about your review is that you wanted to the people from jewbe to read this book because it could make them think of they also went through rough times and of how they could think that eventhough theyre in gangs they could actually think better and get out of gangs and make their lifes better and also live a better life and living with a family instead of being in jail there whole life. you did really good on your review and i think that if somebody that hasnt read this book and actually reads your review will find out a way to get this book and read it so they could actually know what the whole story is about. great job!!!!

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