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Haint Misbehavin' by Maureen Hardegree
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Dec 12, 2010

In Haint Misbehavin’ by Maureen Hardegree, Heather Tildy is revisited by her childhood imaginary friend Amy. Amy is actually a ghost who wants to play with Heather instead of moving toward the afterlife. Heather needs to find a way to send Amy into the next life so she doesn’t act like a complete fool in front of her crush Drew. Amy doesn’t want her past to be uncovered or have the guilt she holds over her death and those of her family lifted. With the help from a boy from school and some quick thinking Heather just might get the peaceful summer vacation she was hoping for.

I enjoyed the family dynamics described in this book. Heather is the middle child and often put aside by her parents, always on the outs with her older sister and hit and miss with her younger sister. She wants her older sister to like her and many times in the book she stops to think how this will affect her relationship. I felt a connection with the ghost Amy in this story. You feel her apprehension of her past being uncovered and her pain when you find out about her death. This is a fun quick read

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