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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon
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Dec 12, 2010

really liked it

I found the book very heart-wrenching and yet funny at the same time. Written from an autistic child's POV, the book had delightful wealth of little details in all descriptions. The narrator is a kid named Christopher Booth, who loves dogs, has a pet-rat and wants to be astronaut. But Christopher has his own limitations - one he can not understand emotions, he doesn't like to be touched (even if from his parents), he is scared of places that have too many people. Compared to a crowded place, He feels himself to be more safe in smallest of gaps in wall/cupboard even if it is dark. All that matters is he is alone there.

He is good at maths and logic. He is also very knowledgeable about things owing to his good memory. HE dreams to be a astronaut. Therefore, book is interspersed with some interesting mathematical problems, some trivia and information about stars.

I smiled to read from Christopher's POV - how each of us 'normal' people have our special needs yet we fail to realize it - diabetics need to go sugar-fee, myopics need glasses and so on. So, what begins as Christopher, inspired by his favorite detective Sherlock Holmes (because Mr. Holmes also work by logic like Christopher) he decides to find out who killed his neighbor's dog. In his quest to resolve this seemingly innocent mystery, he finds out unhappy details about his parents' marriage and his life is not same again. Driven by his severe logic, he takes his own life decisions to which prove to be onerous.

Another intriguing thing, Christopher is an theist and even though he likes Sherlock Holmes, he doesn't like his creator Aurthur Conan Doyle since he believed in supernatural and, according to Christopher, was also stupid. (Of course, Christopher provides proof for the latter.)

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