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The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
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Finished doing my re-read of this! I'm trying to go through the whole series before the last book comes out in the fall. I'll write a new review at some point.

Old review under spoiler below.

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10/05/2011 page 4
1.0% "THIS BOOK. IT IS FINALLY MIIIIINE! My mommy bought it for me as a birthday present (THANKS MOMMY!) so I didn't have to go through the humiliation of buying it myself. Haaa just kidding. Yes, I worship books written for 12-year-old boys AND I'M PROUD OF IT. (Also, I'm meeting Rick Riordan on Friday. HOLY CRAP.)"
10/05/2011 page 4
1.0% ""The city had some connection to Annabeth––the only person he could remember from his past." *Weeps with joy* (Okay, I have to restrain myself from updating every five seconds.)"
10/05/2011 page 8
2.0% "Hello! My name is DIE, DEMIGOD SCUM!"
10/05/2011 page 10
2.0% ""You added your blood to the Cheese n' Wieners?""
10/05/2011 page 14
3.0% "Wait ... Percy is still 16? I thought he was 16 at the end of the PJATO series, and that this was supposed to be like two years later. Errrr. Guess I'm imagining things?" 6 comments
10/05/2011 page 26
5.0% "Percy is so kickass. Yeahhhh!" 4 comments
10/05/2011 page 26
5.0% ""House gods. Like ... smaller than real gods, but larger than apartment gods?""
10/05/2011 page 40
8.0% "I bet Reyna is Jason's old girlfriend. OOOOOOH."
10/05/2011 page 41
8.0% "<spoiler>I was right.</spoiler>"
10/05/2011 page 41
8.0% "Apparently I can't put spoilers in my status updates so OOPS. That wasn't a major spoiler since it's extremely obvious. Anyway, I'LL BE CAREFUL FROM NOW ON!"
10/05/2011 page 44
9.0% ""You're telling me there's two hundred kids at camp? ... And all of them are children of the gods? The gods have been busy." --> PERCY, YOU SO DIRTY-MINDED. I like it."
10/05/2011 page 44
9.0% "Oh my gosh, Rick Riordan finally explained about the children of demigods. That'd been bugging me for YEARS, mannnn. THANK YOU, RICKY!" 2 comments
10/05/2011 page 44
9.0% ""She was interrupted by an elephant." --> Best transition ever? I think so."
10/05/2011 page 57
11.0% "NOOOOooo not the panda pillow pet! D: *Hugs her own pillow pet*"
10/05/2011 page 60
12.0% "WHAT WHAT WHAT? HOLY CRAP WHAT???!!!!!! NICO .... WHAT?! NICO TOO???!!! ... (As you can see, I'm trying very hard not to spoil anything, so this nonsensical babbling is what happens instead.)"
10/05/2011 page 63
12.0% "Okay. I am so, so confused now."
10/05/2011 page 84
16.0% "Hazel is sooo coooool. GAAHHH I am dying to know more of her backstory! O_o"
10/05/2011 page 90
18.0% "Aww, I really like the relationship between Nico & Hazel. It's bittersweet how Hazel has kinda replaced Bianca..."
10/05/2011 page 104
20.0% "Hazel and Frank are the CUTEST THING."
10/05/2011 page 104
20.0% "Uh oh, "half burned piece of firewood"? Does this have something to do with that myth about that guy who dies if some special piece of wood gets burned? (I know, how descriptive. I don't remember the details of the story, unfortunately.)"
10/05/2011 page 105
20.0% ""Neither of them was very fluent, and Louisiana French was so different from Canadian French it was almost impossible to converse. When Frank asked Hazel how her beef was feeling today, and she replied that his shoe was green, they decided to give up.""
10/05/2011 page 108
21.0% ""Yes, I remember my sixteenth ... Wonderful omen! A chicken in my underpants.""
10/05/2011 page 129
25.0% ""Back in my day, we died all the time! And we liked it!"" 4 comments
10/06/2011 page 194
38.0% "I totally would have stayed up all night reading this except, well, I fell asleep. And now I hope to finish it before I have to go to Animal Behavior Theory in ... 4.5 hours. I think that's enough time right? Errrm. WISH ME LUCK. (NOW IT'S QUEST TIIIIIME!)"
10/06/2011 page 194
38.0% "I bet in Alaska they'll have to face SARAH PALIN! AAHHHHHHH!!!! ... Just kidding. But that would be hilarious. And I mean come on, she's definitely the scariest thing in Alaska."
10/06/2011 page 218
42.0% ""Schist! Big Pile of schist!" A nun at St. Agnes Academy had once washed Hazel's mouth with lye soap for saying something very similar... ((HAHAHAHAHA.))"
10/06/2011 page 244
48.0% "I like how Rick Riordan is drawing more connections between Greek/Roman mythology and other mythology ... like the Chinese mythology. IT'S SO COOL."
10/06/2011 page 245
48.0% "Iris seems like she would totally fit in with the student body at my college. (Which is Hampshire College.)"
10/06/2011 page 254
50.0% ""Stay back! I've got ... um ... amazing powers––and stuff." lol. Oh Frank. I love you."
10/06/2011 page 259
50.0% "Haha. Percy has a man-purse. :D"
10/06/2011 page 260
10/06/2011 page 260
51.0% "Eat seals, the whale responded. Are you seals? No, Percy admitted. I've got a man satchel full of macrobiotic beef jerky, though."
10/06/2011 page 272
53.0% "He hoped all sons of Neptune didn't share the same fate. First, you started carrying a man satchel. Next thing you know, you're running around in a bathrobe and pink bunny slippers, chasing chickens with a weed whacker."
10/06/2011 page 292
57.0% "This part with the vials reminds me of The Princess Bride. Only it's gorgon blood instead of iocane powder ... hahahaha."
10/06/2011 page 332
65.0% "Got distracted by various things and I have to go to lunch soon. AHHH. But I will read as much more as I can before class...."
10/06/2011 page 344
67.0% "I now have "Hello Seattle" stuck in my head..."
10/06/2011 page 370
72.0% "Pilot? Wait ... Isn't Annabeth's dad a pilot? HMMMMM."
10/06/2011 page 403
79.0% "Hmm my prediction was stupid. NEVER MIND."
10/06/2011 page 410
80.0% "Errr, the whole train went "toppling" off the tracks and no one was injured? Ah, well I guess it's a kids' book ... XD"
10/06/2011 page 416
81.0% "The store had a hand-painted sign that read: MOOSE PASS GAS. "That's just wrong," Frank said."
10/06/2011 page 419
82.0% "Unfortunately I have to go to Animal Behavior Theory now. AHHH. Hmm ... Maybe I'll take it with me..... >_>"
10/06/2011 page 420
82.0% "Okay, I'mma finish reading this thing NOW."
10/06/2011 page 454
88.0% "I FOUND A TYPO --> "He tried to breath in her jasmine scent so he'd never forget it." THAT SHOULD BE "BREATHE", RICK RIORDAN. But whatever. I don't care. I once typed "doughnut" instead of "danger" in a story, so ..."
10/06/2011 page 459
89.0% "SIIIIIICK. I guess that's all I can say without spoiling anything."
10/06/2011 page 461
90.0% "NOOOO PERCY NOOOOOOOO!" 8 comments
10/06/2011 page 462
90.0% "I had to go eat dinner, but I'm back and I'M GOING TO FINISH IT NOW. THIS TIME I MEAN IT."
10/06/2011 page 463
90.0% "Death has an iPad...?"
10/06/2011 page 463
90.0% "And apparently Death also uses Skype. Awesome."
10/06/2011 page 469
91.0% ""You are amazing ... And you make a very handsome elephant." AWWWWW. That is the cutest dang thing I have ever read."
10/06/2011 page 474
92.0% "Okay so this all takes place two months after the PJATO series ended? And I thought it was two years ... Explains why I was confused. (AND I'M SO NEAR THE END. GAHHHHH.)" 1 comment
10/06/2011 page 478
93.0% "TYSOOOOON! I missed him. <3"
10/06/2011 page 480
94.0% "I found another typo. There's a backwards quotation mark. OOOOOH." 6 comments
10/06/2011 page 507
99.0% "Holy ... crap ... WHAT?!!!! (Again, trying so so so so hard not to spoil...)"
10/06/2011 page 513
100.0% "Shit. I finished it. SHIIIITTTTT. Also, is Annabeth going to be the main character of the next book? Because HOLY CRAP THAT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE."
07/18/2014 marked as: currently-reading
08/01/2014 marked as: read
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Comments (showing 1-50 of 91) (91 new)

Alii i want to read it tooo!!! ;)

Bhoomi <3<3 yay!!

Darcy it's like you read my mind. L.O.L.

Alii almost there ..

Gwen OMG I cannot wait until this comes out!!!

Bryan Burchette All good books don't forget the chronicles of nick those r good to

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I haven't read those. And they're not by Rick Riordan. :P

Alii i love the chronicles of nick too .. they are great ..

Bryan Burchette yea they are good i can't wait for book 3 of the chronicles of nick and god bless october needs to hurry up and get here I'm reading book one of the kane chronicles but all gets set aside for the son of neptune

Bryan Burchette I tell you what if you guys want a book that will make u think about things today and maybe things to come read the windup girl great book and very creepy

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Thanks for the suggestion, Bryan. I'll check it out. :) But you're kinda spammin' up my review here.

Bryan Burchette hahaha its hard to spam a review for a book that hasn't been released yet

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Well, since it's irrelevant to the book I consider that spam. So in the future, if you have a recommendation that's not related to the book you're commenting on, I'd prefer you send me a message or comment on my profile or something. :)

message 14: by Michelle. (new) - added it

Michelle. D. I feel the exact same way you do about everything in this post-review....
I missed Percy. :)

Jamie Iam just as excited as u bridge i want this book so bad and it's cool we get to see percy all grown up. I will also go to a signing get them autograph :D

Bookworm AAAHHHHH!!!! Sorry, no words can describe my feelings right now!!

message 17: by Gwen (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gwen OMG! I was not aware this came out! Happy now:)

message 18: by Vered (new)

Vered Brigid, your non-review makes me want to read the book. You should hire yourself out as a publicist!

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Haha! Thanks Vered. I should probably actually review this soon...

message 20: by Vered (new)

Vered Yeah - and please don't go *boom* - I'm sure we can find you a few other books to read until #3 comes out!!!

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* *sigh* I will try not to. I'm sure I'll be able to keep myself occupied with the infinite number of other books I have to read... :]

Jessie That is exactly what I would say in my review! I couldn't agree more. I'm so glad that Goodreads exists because no one else I know likes books!

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Really? These books are pretty popular... Well I'm glad Goodreads has introduced you to more Percy Jackson fans!

Brianna A really great review! I'm super excited to read from Annabeth's perspective, and I'm curious to see who the other narrators will be. I hope it's not Jason. I think his voice is probably the most bland for me.

On the ethnic couples thing, if Jason and Piper get together (which they probably will) that'd be a white person and a Native American :)

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I agree, Jason is my least favorite...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I think she's only half Native American but still ... that would be an improvement. XD

Brianna Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* wrote: "I agree, Jason is my least favorite...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I think she's only half Native American but still ... that would be an improvement. XD"

Ha, yeah. I do think it's a little weird he lumps all the "multi-cultural" people into couples.

Love your avatar, by the way, no pun intended ;)

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* He probably doesn't mean to do it that way––at least, not consciously. Oh well. Like I said in the review, I'm happy that he represents so many different cultures in his books and that he's not stereotypical about it, which is something a lot of authors fail to do.

Haha! Thank you. :)

Megan [I'm okay, I'm alright] HOLY FRICK YOU MET RICK FREAKING RIORDAN. I'm soooo insanely jealous right now haha. I loved this book so much!! Percy. <3
oh and you used a Tamaki gif in your review, that made me doubly happy. :P haha

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I DID, I DID. I hope you get the opportunity to meet him someday, too. He seems like a nice guy. :D

Ahhh I don't know what Tamaki is; I just use random gifs. XD But, I'm glad it makes you happy!!

♫Huneeya♥ AAHHHHHH YOU MET RICK RIORDAN!!!!I'M SOOO JEALOUS!!!! I love how entertaining this review is :) I like all the pictures and stuff. how long did it take you?

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* YES I DID. And thanks. Umm, it took me ... a while. I think I spend at least an hour on most of my reviews. O_o

message 33: by Megan [I'm okay, I'm alright] (last edited Oct 18, 2011 02:59PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan [I'm okay, I'm alright] This one is Tamaki:
(I couldn't get the image to work, darn HTML)
he's from an anime. :P

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Ahhh okay. Well, I gathered that. XD What anime?

Megan [I'm okay, I'm alright] Ouran High School Host club, its my favorite anime (out of the few that I've watched), I seriously love the characters and it's so hilarious.

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I've never heard of it, but sounds cool. Maybe I will check it out sometime. :]

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I recommend it if you've read the first series, and The Lost Hero as well ...

Adrianna hey, u said u didnt know why Nico pretended to not know Percy, and its becasue he realized/knew what the Gods were doing with him and Jason so he knew it would be smart to let Percy regain his memory on his own, rather than mess with Hera's plan. But don't worry, Percy said the first thing he wa going to do after (spoiler) he found Nico was yell at him for not recognizing him!

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Hmm okay. I still don't quite understand the logic behind that, but thanks for your explanation!

lol, that will be great won't it? ;)

Adrianna haha what do you think is going to happen with Percabeth... i mean i think Rick made it really obvious that Annabeth was the one in Ella's prophecy and I'm wondering what troubles lie ahead for our favorite pair!

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Ha, I really have no idea. I'm guessing they'll still be together in the end since ... well ... otherwise there would be a lot of furious fans. :P But I'm sure they'll still have to go through some more hardships.

Adrianna come on! wheres ur imagination?! the only way i surive the grueling one year between books is by fantasizing about what could happen, and even I though im rarely ever close, its fun

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* I'm too busy using my imagination to write my own stories... That's where my imagination is. Haha. :) I don't fantasize much about what will happen in future books because I figure the author has it under control and knows what he/she is doing. And in the meantime, I have my own writing to worry about ... Rick Riordan has never disappointed me, so I'm sure that whatever happens, it will work out one way or another.

Isabel Song I love this review! it made my day :) I started laughing like crazy, because it's so freaking awesome! AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! ALL I WANTED WAS PERCY BACK, AND AT THE END OF THE FIRST BOOK, I WAS LIKE, PERCY BETTER REMEMBER ANNABETH!

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Haha thank you! I'm glad the review made you happy. XD
Heh, I know right? I totally flipped, I was so freaked out...

Sabrina AHHHH! U got to meet Rick Riordan in the flesh! If I met him, I would probably be giggling and stuttering like an idiot. I might have fainted too but you know, saving that for Logan Lerman ;)

And, just wondering ... do you like Reyna and Jason or Piper and Jason? I prefer Reyna but whatever :D

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Yes, yes I did. I thought I might react like that too, but luckily I did not. I did have two whole hours to mentally prepare myself. XD

Um, I don't have a very strong preference really. And it's hard to judge as of now, since we haven't "seen" Reyna and Jason together really, so I'm not sure what their relationship is like. Jason and Piper are cute, but I wouldn't be heartbroken if they weren't a couple.

The one bad thing about Jason and Piper as a couple is that it's not really fair to Reyna. At all. I mean, that would be like if Percy forgot Annabeth and got a new girlfriend––which is what I feared would happen in this book ... Man, I would have been pissed.

Sanny*just another day...* I cannot friggin wait to read this book!!! i hav it but i havnt gotten around to reading it. I'm SOOOO glad Percy's back. It truly is hard to let go of him and I'm glad Rick Riordan brought him back. It's just not the same without Percy.

Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* Ahh well, you must read it. It's awesome. Yes, I'm also glad Percy's back. He's the best. :)

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

I wwish I had enjoyed the book as much as you did. Maybe it was the creepy Frank/Hazel thing going on that really threw me off, or maybe I'm just getting too old for middle school books. (Sighs) Good to see that someone didn't feel cheate out of their money...

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