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Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn
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Dec 12, 2010

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I bought the book in a hurry. It wasn't even at my TBR list. I'm still now sure why i got it...i could have find something else. And now after i finished it, i'm not sure if i liked it or not. Its genre is historical fantasy, if i'm not mistaken. I have try Japanese-myths-alike books two times before. One with Eon which i loved it and one with two sisters (don't even remember the name) which i hated it. And now this..which i don't know what to think of..

The summary is already too big to say more. Only thing, that except Takeo there also chapters of a girl. While Takeo's story is written in first person, hers is mostly on second. So i had the feeling it was actually Takeo who were telling her story too.
The development of the characters and the characters themselves are pretty okay. You learn everything for Takeo, so you get to understand him and his actions. The rest characters are a bit of mystery on what they are thinking. And our main girl...well i find her annoying. I really disliked her parts. She is sometimes selfish, stupid and acts only when her life is threatened. The rest of the times she is as if she has no brain in her head.

The story has many many details of the environment. But it was ok for me. Takeo has some special powers and from those descriptions you get a better picture of what he can do. There is also a lot of action, of course. A lot of killing actually. And while the story is good and held your excitement up on what will happen, the last chapters destroy it. It's the first book of the series and it ends so..normally that really i don't care if i will go on with the reading. The main bad guy, was already killed. And Takeo decided what he will do with his life. The only you are questioning is if the love story with the girl will go on. But since i disliked her...not much of interest.

The book in general was a simple ok read. As i said, i still don't know if i like it. Surely, i will not re-read it and i highly doubt that i will continue with the rest books.
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