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Unveiled by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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it was amazing

I don't even know how I can begin to fully encapsulate how utterly incredible, and outstanding, and just downright phenomenal One Night Unveiled by Jodi Elle Malpas is. This was by far the perfect conclusion to this trilogy, and this book probably contains one of the best, and I mean best, endings I've ever read. (But that's all I'm saying on that specific point. Mums the word on how it all ends...just know. It's everything. And I mean everything.)

I was beyond consumed by this book and Livy and Miller's heart melting, heart racing, and heart squeezing journey in this book. I was in awe of the visceral and raw and exceptionally conveyed emotion I felt whole heartedly while reading. I was blown away by the story Jodi Ellen Malpas thoughtfully crafted and weaved together so breathtakingly. While reading this outstanding book I melted, I laughed, I wondered and hoped, I hurt with these characters and fought with all I had, I teared up more than once, and just basked in every single extraordinary thing I got to experience with Livy and Miller.

One Night Unveiled was intense, captivating as all get out, and the most superb conclusion to this series. It brought everything together so wonderfully, and it just completes Livy and Miller's story fully. In the midst of one of the greatest and most heart melting love stories I've ever read, you get all the answers to the many questions that arose over the course of this series. Everything comes to light. You get all the answers, and you discover the many shocking secrets of the world of these characters.

The way all the distinctive puzzle pieces of this series come together in One Night Unveiled will shock you, mesmerize you, and have you enraptured so fully in everything that you are reading as this story unfolds and reaches its epic conclusion.

The events of One Night Unveiled pick up right after the events of the previous book, and you are thrown right into the thick of it from the very start. You hit the ground running, and you honestly don't stop until you reach the very last page. That is just one of the many aspects that made this book amazing to read. I felt so connected and just alive while reading this chapter in Miller and Livy's story. I was immersed with them both in their world, feeling and experiencing every heartfelt and heart squeezing moment that they were, and living and fighting and giving it everything through it all right along with them.

Reading One Night Unveiled was like watching the best kind of fireworks. I was enthralled the entire time, and couldn't stop reading. I was feeling every single spark and fire and ounce of heat so fully as I journeyed through everything with Livy and Miller. I loved everything I saw and felt and experienced and just understood in this book. I was invigorated, I was fascinated to the highest degree, and I was just in awe of it all.

One of my favorite aspects of this final chapter in Livy and Miller's love story was that you could really feel and see how far they had each come individually and as a couple. Both Livy and Miller have pain and darkness in their past, and all of that comes to the forefront in this book, but it was amazing to see how they both handled that and faced it all. Through it all they kept fighting and pushing, which made me want to do the same with them. While there were many instances where they stumbled and broke and their fight wavered, those are moments where your heart will just go to them, and yet they still just kept giving it their all, and that was magnificent to see.

You see such turn in their relationship in this book, and their story is brimming with so many moments that I guarantee will melt your heart, again and again. Trust me on that one. You really feel how far they've come since they first met, and you just fully understand the depth of feeling and love and adoration they have for one another. It emanates from this story in the most superb way, and it just made me fall so deeply in love once again with both of them because of who they were and what they shared together.

One of my favorite aspects of this series was that both Livy and Miller had pasts that weren't pretty, and those pasts created flaws in their characters and made them complicated and messy, but it also made them them. It made them real and authentic, it made me love them fiercely, and it also allowed them the chance to evolve over the course of this series, and you see that in spades in this book. This phenomenal series allows you to take a journey with both Livy and Miller as they face their respective pasts, and try with all their might to overcome them in order to be together.

That journey is tumultuous and riddled with ups and downs and twists and turns, but it really just highlights that what those two share is worth fighting for, worth risking for, worth giving everything for.

It's an epic kind of love that you will feel so deeply in your heart. It's a love you'll believe in, desire, and feel every ounce of. The spell that Livy and Miller and their effervescent love cast throughout this series is breathtakingly emotional and epically beautiful. I don't know if I've ever read anything like it, and that's just a fraction of what makes this series, and this book in particular so incredible.

Not only does this book give you one last glorious dose of Livy and Miller, it gives you the amazing and distinctive supporting characters that make up this series. They are the best, and at the top of that list is Nan, who is a surefire gem who I loved to pieces. That woman is spunky and sassy and she knows it, and you will too when you read this book. She has the best lines and I want her to be my grandmother something fierce. True story.

The other characters of this series that I've come to love are back as well, along with some others who will remain nameless because I don't want to ruin anything, but just know that those characters make this story even more exceptional. They bring it all together, and their interactions with Livy and Miller and the events they're all involved in make this book. I laughed with them all, hurt with them, wanted to shake them silly a few times, and just felt the love and connection many of them shared. Feeling that from all of these distinctive and wonderful supporting characters just brings this story to life, and they're just another added bonus to the amazing story you're reading.

This book just encapsulated the true magnificence of Jodi Ellen Malpas's writing, and I loved everything her writing allowed me to experience when reading this book, and this series. Her utterly amazing writing brings these characters and their world to life in a such a way that they become so distinctly real. You get to know them, you fall for them, and you just want them because of how she crafts and creates their characters and story. Her writing allowed me to be right in this book, feeling every single things so fully and truly, and that is a reading experience that I will never forget. Her writing and storytelling are truly in a league of their own, and you will realize that over and over again in this book.

One Night Unveiled is a consuming, intense, and mesmerizing story that I will never forget. It gave me everything, and Jodi Ellen Malpas brought everything together in this story superbly. It brings together a truly remarkable and passionate love story brimming with such breathtaking emotion, such realness and authenticity, and such immense feeling. You will bask in everything you get from this book. You'll take in everything that it gives you, and you'll relish in that because it truly is something extraordinary.

This series and this book tells the raw, visceral, heartfelt and consuming love story of Livy and Miller. It's the definition of a love story, and it is hands down one of my favorites to date. You will feel this story, you will experience it so truly, and you will relish in every magnificent thing this story and Livy and Miller give you. This book, this series, these amazing characters, and this author's phenomenal writing is why I love love stories.

One Night Unveiled is the true definition of a 5 star exceptional read, and I guarantee you will fall heart first into everything it gives you if you let it. Read this book. Let it consume and fulfill you. Let Livy and Miller win your heart and give you everything they have. You won't be sorry you read this book because it truly is every positive adjective under the sun and then some. It's every glorious, all-feeling, and beautifully breathtaking thing, and that my friends, is everything.

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Quotes Megan Liked

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“Her face screws up in disgust and she steps forward. "You're a fool, Miller Hart. He'll never let you walk away."
He explodes.
"I love her!" he roars, knocking every person back in the room. "I fucking love her!" Tears burst from my eyes and I fall into his side. He immediately grabs me and pulls me close. "I love her. I love everything she stands for and I love how much she loves me. It's more than you love me. It's more than any of you claim to love me! It's pure and light. It's made me feel. It's made me want more. If any fucker tries to take her away from me, I'll fucking kill them." Pulling up for a second, he gathers a long breath. "Slowly," he adds, shaking beside me, clinging to me tightly, like he's afraid someone will try right now. "I don't care what he says. I don't care what he thinks he can do to me. It'll be him sleeping with one eye open, Sophia, not me. So tell him. Fucking run to him and confirm what he already knows. I don't want to fuck for living anymore. Tell him I don't want to line his pockets anymore. You're not holding me to ransom. Miller Hart is out of the game. The Special One has quit!" He withdraws and takes a few moments to suck in another calming gulp of air, while everyone looks at him, shocked. Including me. "I love her. Go to him. Tell him I love her. Tell him I'm Olivia's now. And tell him if he even thinks about touching a hair on her precious head, it'll be the last thing he ever does.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“I'll love you until there's no breath left in my lungs, Olivia Taylor." He locates my hand and brings my diamond to his lips. "For eternity."
Ishake my head middly. "It's not long enough."
"Then beyind that, too," he whispers.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“You are my soul, Olivia Taylor. You are my light. You are my reason to breathe. Don't ever doubt that.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“Olivia Taylor, I’m so fucking fascinated by you.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“I’ll love you until there’s no breath left in my lungs, Olivia Taylor.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“I find that peace. I find the serenity. I find a familiar deep comfort that can be found nowhere else. Miller wreaks havoc on my mind, body, and heart. And he chases it away just as well.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“I didn’t think there was someone out there who was capable of really loving me,” Miller goes on. “I didn’t think there was someone out there who defied everything I knew.” He takes a long swig of his drink, keeping his eyes on William, who’s shifting uncomfortably on his stool, playing with his glass. “Then I found Olivia Taylor.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“You possess every part of me, Olivia Taylor. For all of the wrongs I have done and all that I am yet to do, I’m asking for your mercy. Only your love will see me through this hell.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

Jodi Ellen Malpas
“I’m the center of her world. And she is the absolute core of mine.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas, Unveiled

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