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The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich
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Dec 10, 2010

it was ok

I'm about two thirds done with this book...It was a much-anticipated read for me, considering the excitement surrounding the movie "The Social Network." I felt I should read the book before viewing the movie like a self-righteous intellectual.

The book disappoints me. There is an extreme deficiency of literary value. There is little description and real development of the characters. You don't get a glimpse into their thought processes, minds, feelings... This book is as cold as a circuit board.

The sentences LITERALLY are all action sentences. It's like the author is a sports commentator, giving the exact play-by-play of what's happening with little introspection or greater meaning.

If you saw the movie, or even remotely know the story of Mark Zuckerberg, don't read this book. There are no surprises or revelations.

I'm going to see the movie, but much of my expectations have been ruined by the book. But I feel reassured by the script (part of which I read online). A few sentences of the script contains SO much more than fifty pages of the novel...what does that say?

To be fair I will finish the book and report back. But for now, I can't wait until this ordeal's over.
I'm ba-ack...And the book is fin-ished. My original opinion still stands with this novel. The lack of character development kills me; it's like a biography trying terribly to be a novel, and failing. I saw the movie as well, which was everything I was hoping the book would be. This is one of the rare cases where I would say the movie is indeed better than the book...don't waste your time.

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