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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
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Holy St Clair, hypothetical Batman!

This book put me in a whole new state of consciousness. It put me in the life of Anna. It took me straight to Paris and I never looked back.

When I get desperately into the groove of a book, I literally (okay, fine, figuratively) transform into a hermit crab.

I curl up so tight in the shell of my blanket in that special nook carved out in my chair, so tight that everything else melts away. It's just me and the blanket and the book. Just me and my shell. The world blurs and every word on the page comes more into focus than anything around me. It is the ultimate escape. The ultimate getaway. However, I have to make sure that I have everything I might need somewhere close by, because if I can't reach it while I'm in my shell, then I don't get it.

This is exactly the kind of book that I would consider peeing in a cup for (not that I did that or anything, just sayin'). It's really THAT addictive.

The Rundown

The synopsis of this book is fairly straight forward. Girl goes to boarding school in the City of Love and falls for a charming guy and he just so happens to be the last guy she should have fallen for. Dramarama and hilarity ensue.

While this is a fairly PG or PG-13 book, the tension between the two main characters is palpable. I used to think that true tension, capable of thickening the air around you, required a book series to develop properly. I didn't think it could be done within a standalone book. I was so, so wrong.

The Writing

This book is..... Cutesy. Everything Anna does and says is adorable. If that kind of thing bothers you, then it might not be for you. While I can often be Captain Sarcastic, I am also the cornball capital of America. So the cheese in this book didn't bother me at all.

Really, it's a total cheesefest. Oh, and it's also very ANGSTY with a capital everything. But in the best way.

This woman completely nails EVERY aspect of having a teenage crush. How the littlest detail can spark an intense puppy love. The awkwardness of being so close to someone you want to JUMP but can't. They way your heart races at the slightest touch, be it the brush of a hand or the nudge of a foot.

Pretty much: she's amazing. I would read the Bible, Book of Mormon and the Quran all in one day if they were written by Stephanie Perkins.

PS, Stephanie - Callipygian is my favorite new word.

The Characters

Don't EVEN get me started on our love interest, Etienne St Clair. Sigh.

But Anna, oh Anna. With your raisin-sized tooth gap and your skunk-striped hair. Wait a tic... Oh my GOD. I'm freaking out. Anna from Anna and the French Kiss is totally ROGUE. Wow.

Let's see:
The gap between the front teeth? Check.
Brunette with a white streak? Check.
Can't hook up with the guy she wants to hook up with? Check. Granted it's for different reasons than the fact that she might kill him. Still.

And guess what the name of the actress who plays Rogue is. That's right. AN-freaking-NA! Rogue is played by Anna Paquin! Holy shiz!! What a coinkydink. (Woooohoooo my autopredict knows the word coinkydink. That's a hell of an accomplishment right there.)

The Verdict

This is one of those kinds of books, one that I can groove with. I grooved so hard with this book that at some point near the middle, for a split second, I actually considered calling my poor poor better-half on his cell phone and asking him to bring me a glass of water, even though I knew he was asleep in the other room. I KNOW!! But I only considered it for a teeny tiny split second and then thought "Damn, this book is making me crazy."

To be honest, I hadn't had that experience in a loooooong time. I hadn't felt this in way too long. By "this", I mean that desperate need to consume every inch of a book in one sitting. Your eyes blink with sleep, but you will not let them close. You can't imagine being in a state of NOT reading the book. You inhale it feverishly like a starved animal, and when it's over, you can't believe it. Full and content with happiness yet you still crave more, even though there isn't any.

So, let's see now... It's an entirely addictive romance in Paris starring a non-celibate Rogue and a hot guy with a British accent. Do you really need me to say it? FIVER.
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07/10/2011 page 5
1.0% "Sooooo, Anna's dad is.... Nicholas Sparks?" 10 comments
07/10/2011 page 16
4.0% "The girl on the cover SO does not have a gap the size of a raisin between her front teeth. I love the cover, but I also like having accurate portrayals of the characters. Maybe I'm just being too picky. :-/" 8 comments
07/10/2011 page 20
5.0% "Two point deduction for Paris. Suck on that, Preppy Guy. I love Anna."
07/10/2011 page 43
12.0% "Does every person who has an "ann" sound in their name have the nickname "banana"? Peter Panna-banana? Nope. Guess it doesn't work for everyone."
07/10/2011 page 44
12.0% "I'll gouge my eye out with Sean's Darth Maul action figure if she sits with us every day. Oh my god! A Star Wars reference. Stephanie Perkins is my freaking hero."
07/10/2011 page 46
12.0% "Lab partners, huh? Because that NEVER happens in YA novels. Geez, hot guy lab partners never happened to ME in High School. What the hell? I always got paired with nerdy girls. Well, mainly because I was one and that's who I always sat with. XD"
07/10/2011 page 107
29.0% "Good lord - the movie theater, the arm rest dance, the legs touching, the glances. God, I remember those days. She captured the feeling PERFECTLY. Humina, hummmmm-naaaaaa. &*\%$^€\!!!!!!"
07/10/2011 page 135
36.0% "Does anyone in this book have a simple last name? St Clair? Oliphant? Higgenbaum? Wasserstein? Saunderwick?" 5 comments
07/10/2011 page 237
64.0% "It cracks me up that Anna would rather have what her brother got for Christmas, Star Wars stuff and a rock polishing kit, instead of jewelry. My thoughts exactly. Obviously, I loved Star Wars growing up, but little known fact: I was also obsessed with rocks. Especially... SHINY ones."
07/10/2011 page 246
66.0% "AND she hates "Jar Jar-freaking-Binks"?! Can I love this girl any more than I already do?" 9 comments
07/10/2011 page 372
100.0% "EEEEEEEP! May I have some more please?" 7 comments

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message 1: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora Yay! Five stars! I'm glad:)

Molly Talbert Oh! Can't wait to read! It has great reviews.

Aleeeeeza whoo-hoo. another anna lover yayyy. :D

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Another 5 starer! I can't believe it. I'm going to have to pick it up very soon just to see what everyone is gushing about^^:)

Jessica I'm totally in love with this review, Lynds! That's exactly how I felt about this book! Awesome review, seriously.

message 6: by Lyndsey (last edited Sep 11, 2011 01:28PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lyndsey Thanks, Jess :-) I don't know if I have EVER been so involved in a book before. Why aren't there more books like this? Why doesnt she have dozens of books out for me to read now?

YES, do it, Leanne!

Jessica Lyndsey wrote: "Thanks, Jess :-) I don't know if I have EVER been so involved in a book before. Why aren't there more books like this? Why does she have dozens of books out for me to read now?

YES, do it, Leanne!"

I know! I think I read this book about 5 times before I was finally able to put it aside and read something else. Your review really made me want to pick it up again, though :) I've been looking for something similar ever since...without luck :(

Janina I only re-read this book not so long ago, when I felt like everything I read was just average. I don't care how cheesy it is, I just LOVE it!! And I can't wait for Lola. I really hope it will be able to do Anna justice ... I think I'll camp in front of my mailbox when the 29th comes closer ;).

Lyndsey I don't often re-read books but this is one that I would be beyond thrilled to read over and over. Mainly though, I wish I could experience it for the first time again. It's funny that a cheesy love story can get your heart racing even more than a thriller or adventure book.

message 10: by Jo (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jo Great review, Lyndsey.

Mostly for the Rogue. I immediately thought of her too :-D


message 11: by Lyndsey (last edited Sep 11, 2011 02:06PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lyndsey That didn't hit me until after I read the book, believe it or not. Which is surprising considering my unabashed love of the X-men. Sometimes, I'm a little slow on the uptick.

I'm in love with Anna Paquin, though. I just got caught up on all the True Blood episodes so now I'm ready for the finale!! Yeeeeeay!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh. Oh, Eric Northman. You kill me. (Har, har.)

message 12: by H. (new) - rated it 3 stars

H. Shar I seriously NEED to read this.

Francina Simone Best book on teenage love that I EVER read...

Alanah Your review is spot on. I honestly pulled an all nighter. It's Is now 7am and I have not slept one bit due to the book being like a drug, completely taking over and If I didn't have it, I was pretty much suffering from withdrawal. Oh my! HIM! You know who I'm talking about, where do I start with "Him"!? I have more finished this book feeling empty, I wish it was reality. And have now come to the conclusion that I will never truly fall in love unless this character is "him" now more nothing less. Haha.

Alexandra Liking for the Rogue theory... I always thought she was pretty cool

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