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Pleasure Me by Monica Burns
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Ruth and Garrick met in a ball, after he save her from the insults of a courtesan younger. The attraction between them is immediate, and increasingly found in the following weeks, the desire between them is increasing.

Unfortunately both had a hard life. Ruth was forced to be courtesan and when your age starts to be the reason for risking her future, she can only take refuge in the orphanage she runs. Garrick on the other hand, endured abuse that his uncle gave him, for it has a deep trauma that prevents from intimacy with Ruth.

But think about a woman who at age 41, feels old-and remember that the standards of the time already was, and she sees Garrick-younger, handsome and rich, a man who can have the woman that he want, letting see the age difference does not matter, making her feel young, and the other run away from her and putting silly excuses. What would you think? Well, Ruth thought that Garrick could feel things for her but knowing she was old, lost interest. The poor Garrick suffered much trying not to hurt her, wanting to be with her while pulling away for his disability.

The struggle between the desires, the social norms, their own fears and prejudices, and so on. Is really palpable, feels that connection with them. Just as the passion between them, but there are some attitudes that suddenly not seem to fit, especially with regard to Garrick.

I liked the novel enough to put 3 stars, although on half of the book or so, there were a couple of chapters made me very heavy, it deducts points. Also the fact that the novel had been falling in many cliches, I think for another reader who has no problem with stories that tend to carry a line previously worked by others, situations that make them predictable, can find "Pleasure Me" to your liking. I did not like the synopsis mentions that she agrees to be with Garrick for the need of money, it is true that it needs funds, but it happens rather the opposite way. And the issue of murder is not a central theme in the plot develops throughout the book with details to chance, but when things go wrong, no emotion, and end up working out a few pages later. What seems rather filling and I saw it unnecessary. Since the problem of Garrick and Ruth struggle with their age was enough. The predictable end and again, unnecessary and falling on the same topics I mentioned earlier.

The problem of Garrick is not something that I've ever seen before in a novel and liked that were used. I think any guy should feel embarrassed or think that no one will want him, only by "that" detail. Which makes it no less human, and if any woman thinks that way, is that it has serious problems. Not only has sex with the body but also with the brain, and if there is ok, everything else is unimportant.

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Me lo apunto seguro !!
besos ^ ^

Yelania Nightwalker Judith wrote: "Me lo apunto seguro !!
besos ^ ^"

Vi tu comentario en el blog, sobre los libros de Kleypas. Yo lo intenté ya varias veces con ella pero nunca logro seguir adelante con sus libros. Me regalaron el de Otra vez la magia o algo así se llama y me lo leí sólo porque se me hacía feo no hacerlo, y que mi novio pensara que no quería su regalo (aprecié el detalle); la chica de la librería le recomendó el libro (muy caro, por cierto) y él pensó que me gustaría ¬¬" total que conseguí terminarlo pero la verdad es que sólo confirmé lo que ya sabía, no me gusta su estilo. Me aburre muchísimo y es ella como escritora, su estilo, lo que no me atrae, porque te digo que ya lo he intentado muchas veces. Pero qué padre que tú estés disfrutando de la lectura :)

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