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Matched by Ally Condie
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Cassia always thought the day she was Matched would open up her world. And to be Matched to her best friend, the boy she knows almost better than she knows herself, seems like a dream come true. But when she puts Xander's microcard into the reader, the face that appears isn't Xander's. It belongs to Ky, a boy in the neighborhood that Cassia has never thought much of before. Seeing Ky's face pushes her to find out more about him; but it also leads Cassia to begin questioning everything about her seemingly perfect world. Could it be possible that the Society doesn't know what is best after all?

I liked Cassia's story. I thought there were a few slow parts to the story, but overall I was captivated and rooted for Ky and Cassia. The ending was annoying because it left me wanting more(it looks like there will be a sequel), but it also seemed a little anti-climatic.

I will be looking for the next installment in Cassia's story.

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