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Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Dec 09, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from September 25 to 26, 2011

Exceedingly entertaining, Half-Blood is the perfect hit for those of us who have been ailing from Vampire Academy withdrawals.

Jennifer L. Armentrout has written a fast-paced, mythology rich, funny, passionate, violent and emotional adventure; an adventure that I literally HAD to blow through because I just didn’t want to put my kindle down until the very last page. Even now I want to flick back to the beginning and start reading Half-Blood all over again.

My favorite kind of book, Half-Blood is not only plot-driven but character-driven. The main protagonist, Alex, is the best kind of heroine. She is sassy, strong, snarky and brave, as well as utterly stubborn and impulsive with just the right amount of naivety. I can see why parallels have been drawn between Alex from HB and Rose from VA; they are very similar characters, but since Rose is one of my favorite YA heroines ever, I’m certainly not complaining. I love Alex. I also love Aiden. He starts off very much the brooding badass, but Armentrout does a fantastic job of slowly unraveling his character. It’s wonderful how Alex gets to see him in such a different light from everyone else. Aiden turns out to be incredibly loyal, strong and affectionate and I just… hmm… new crush for me I think. To make matters more complicated, there is Seth. I’m incredibly intrigued by Seth and love Armentrout’s plot device surrounding his character - I thought it was so incredibly clever and I cannot wait for book two to spend more time with this wicked cool character.

The plot itself moves along at a quick, uncomplicated pace (again the author does a great job of revealing the mythology and plot so that it doesn’t overwhelm), with smooth, modern prose, quick quips, an abundance of action and sizzling chemistry between the cast of characters.

Cannot wait for book 2, PURE.

Five Massive Massive Stars!
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message 1: by Anja (new) - added it

Anja Soo jealous you already get to read it! Are you enjoying it so faar? :)

Samantha Young I'm really enjoying it so far, Anja. If you have a kindle it's already available to download on
amazon. I think it's $3.99 on and it is £2.91 on :-)

message 3: by Anja (new) - added it

Anja Okay thanks! I just saw that amazon is already shipping it in paperback as well so I'm gonna get it asap! I'm glad you enjoyed it. What about the romance? Was there lots of it? Was it good? Can't wait to read your review :p

Samantha Young It's well worth the read Anja and the romance is sizzlingly goooood ;-)

message 5: by Anja (new) - added it

Anja Awesome. Now I'm really excited to read this. Did it kind of remind you of The Vampire Academy series? I know a lot of people have compared Half-Blood to it..

Samantha Young There are a number of parallels between VA and Half-Blood, especially in the first few chapters, but as a massive VA fan that didn't bother me at all. Plus, I really felt the story became its own after those first chapters. I thought it was a great read :-)

message 7: by Anja (new) - added it

Anja VA is one of my favorite series so it's definetely not going to bother me either! Thanks Sam! I'm really excited for Half-Blood now :)

Maria Awesome Review Sam!! I loved it, I want more now!! Can't wait for April:))

Samantha Young Hope you enjoy Anja!

Samantha Young Maria! I know, how great was it?! Glad you enjoyed it too. And thanks again for the heads up! April better hurry up :-)

message 11: by Anja (new) - added it

Anja last there gonna be a love triangle?? :D

Samantha Young lol maybe :-p

message 13: by Anja (new) - added it

Anja Noooes! Why?? God love triangles are the bane of my existence :D They're EVERYWHERE lol

Samantha Young Lol. I usually don't like them either unless they are very well-handled but this is a 'maybe' love triangle. If there's going to be one it will be slow developing :-)

Mariela I just finished it, and I thought the author had not originality at all. She stole every idea from VA , it is just a rip off from VA from book 1-6.Situations and characters, a lot of things. But I still like it because it is like re-reading VA. The author live in my town.

Samantha Young I agree that there are loads of parallels between the two books but I think Jennifer has her own voice so I still liked the book. Admittedly I loved her other novel, Obsidian, more :-)

Lawren What is this? I have not heard of it.

Samantha Young It's Chapter 16 (the steamy scene between Alex and Aiden) but from Aiden's perspective. :-)

Lawren Oh thank you God! Ok stop it Samantha! Stop teasing me. Lol, you authors are horrible with the teasing...ok we might like the torture.

Lawren Is it in Pure? Where can I get it?

Samantha Young Lol, I know we're terrible! Haha, anyway this is a good one. It's on Jennifer's blog - here's the link


Lawren Thank you!

Samantha Young No probs :-)

Lawren I read it. It was soooo good. Jennifer told me that Aiden most likely have his own novela in his POV. Probably in the winter of 2012 or 2013.

Samantha Young Oooh, awesome. Looking forward to that :-)

Lawren Me too 8)

Maira great review

Samantha Young Thanks, Maira :)

Maira :)

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