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it was ok

You wrote this book, and I saw it all over the place. You grabbed my attention with what looked like a cross between The Collector and American Psycho. I couldn't find your book anywhere, but I was able to land an inter-library loan and get my hands on it. I rushed to the library, but they were closed. I walked away with my head down, disappointed. All I could think about was you and your book which was called You and was written by you. You devil, you.

The next day I got my hands on your book and read through the first one-hundred pages or so pretty quickly. It was amazing. It was fresh and hip and a little dark. This guy, Joe, that you created was great. I loved the beginning of your story. I loved how hip you were with your social commentary on books, authors, music, and especially social media. I was captivated by the story and where it was going, but then it got there.

You took me halfway through this story with these messed up characters, and I was into it, man. I couldn't put it down even though I was really starting to become distracted by all the graphic language and erotic stuff you were throwing into the story. Then, you doubled down on that stuff so when your story flattened out in the middle it felt like you were just relying on all these big girl words you kept throwing around and sexual situations. Neither of these things added a thing to the story you wanted to tell, but you kept forcing it down my throat.

You distracted me from what had potential to be a great story. Halfway through your book, you really lost steam. Joe wasn't the same as he was at the beginning, and everything worked out too conveniently for him. I couldn't feel anything for Beck either so I was left not caring about either of them or what happened to them. And then more vulgar crap and stupid scenes that just ruined it.

Your book was like the first part of a roller coaster where you had me all in slowly taking me up the incline, but then you dropped me too fast and the thrill was quickly gone. I can't recommend this book to anyone. I wanted to. I really wanted to. I wanted to like it more than I did. Why did you have to go and ruin everything?

But your book You which was written by you has made you very successful, and you have a huge fan base who is waiting for you to release the next book in the You series written by you. I added your next book to my to-be-read shelf, but I now have no desire to read it.

Thank you.
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Justin Finally got this in at the library, but they closed before I could get there tonight. It's on tomorrow!

message 2: by Josen (new)

Josen I just bought this book. Lem'me know how it is. :)

Kandice Reviews of books you DIDN'T love are so much more fun to read. ;)

message 5: by Josen (new)

Josen Oh I was so hoping it was a good one

Justin Haha, Kandice. I feel like I've been on a roll not liking books. I'm a pretty cranky reader and reviewer I guess.

Kandice You, you, you. Great use of the word you! ;) Sorry it sucked.

Justin Josen, the story is good overall. I'm in the minority on this, but there were just some things that really weren't needed to add to the story. And the second half didn't have the charm that the first half did. Charm may not be the right word here, but I'm too lazy to backspace.

message 9: by Josen (new)

Josen Lol! Aw I was looking forward to this book. I'll still read it of course, seeing as how I already bought it. lol! But I really liked your review.:)

message 10: by Josephine (Jo) (new)

Josephine (Jo) Clever and interesting review, I think I will give it a miss.

The_Paperback_Peruser Loved the review!

The ending just ruined the book, I think.

Justin Yeah, the ending was stupid, especially the forced story arc that set up the sequel. I think the book would have been awesome if it was just Joe in the bookstore chatting with people about books and music.

The_Paperback_Peruser Justin wrote: "Yeah, the ending was stupid, especially the forced story arc that set up the sequel. I think the book would have been awesome if it was just Joe in the bookstore chatting with people about books an..."

Yeah, keep it simple, you know? This had a potential to be one of the best mysteries from a villain's POV. The last quarter of the book was completely different from the rest.

Kirin Justin- I do agree about the second half of the book and the flagrant use of sexual themes that seemed to steamroll as the story went on. We are in the minority on this one, it is true.
While I didn't fully dislike it, I felt like it could have been a lot better.

Justin I don't think I would have minded as much if those scenes added more to the story. But the scene with Peach and the ice cream stuff was just ridiculous. You're right... it could have been so much better.

Kandice I am so, so confused about something. Why does he mention Mooney feeding him pizza through the window of the cage? Did I miss something?!

Kirin There has to be something about that referenced in book 2! You did not miss it- I wondered it myself.

Kandice <------Lazy
Kirin wrote: "There has to be something about that referenced in book 2! You did not miss it- I wondered it myself."

I don't think I really want to read book 2 just to answer that question. I think I'll troll reviews hoping to satisfy my curiosity.

Chelsea Humphrey I'm trying to get into this one now... I'm on Chapter 4 but I find my self constantly getting distracted and reading the same page over... :/

Jennifer I still haven't finished this book. It's pretty terrible. I don't know why I didn't listen to your and Stephanie's 2-star reviews. This is garbage. And I have learned something over the past couple years. If a book is written in the last ten years by a woman and has the words girl, woman, me or you in the title then most likely it's for s***. :(

message 21: by sue (new) - added it

sue This has vanished to the bottom of my kindle
Great review and very informative

Kimberly Lopez I'm about 60% through this book and feel as though it's just going downhill fast so I came to Goodreads to see if others felt the same way. Thanks for this review. I agree so much. It feels as though it's just getting crass and 'trying' to shock instead of the natural built up tension in the beginning. I feel dirty reading it and am struggling to get through it. I couldn't believe it when I saw there is a sequel. Ugh. I will finish it though. Thanks again!

message 23: by Josen (new)

Josen Haha love your review and totally agree!

Clementine I just finished this shit and im so fucking mad that read it and wasted my time with this horrible book, god!!! this part will always be my favorite part of the book ¨ I cry and watch pitch perfect, and sing along with the barden bellas¨HAHA the fuck is this shit

Justin Clementine - your comment here is amazing. Everything you said there is perfect. Thank you.

Clementine I dont think I´ll ever recover from how bad it was and how famous this book became, overhyped booktubers would do that I guess. Now, The Collector, indeed is a beautiful written book and the good kind of creepy. THAT´s how you write a good interesting sick stalker not this Joe character that is supposed to be a well read man and is incapable of expressing himself as a fucking adult. I have read fan fictions that are much, much better than this, so many talented people and Caroline Kepnes gets to be famous. I just... don't know anymore X)

Ashley I enjoyed this review that you wrote more than this book. Thank YOU! I laughed out loud and agree.

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