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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
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Better than the first book, but I wanted to slap Clary for pushing Jace away even though bro/sis love is gross lol! The Simon/Clary relationship annoyed me ugh, glad they broke up and he will probably end up with Maia.& he's a vampire now, that can walk in the sun...this is probably due to him drinking Jace's blood, probably something special about it hmmmm.... Aww I love Jace, his arrogance and his love for Clary. The end was sad when he agreed to just be her brother because thats what she wanted, right when she was going to tell him she loved him. & oh now the moms friend pops up out of nowhere saying she knows how to wake her mom up...ok. Magnus is the shit, I like his character, I wanted to slap Alec for how he has been treating Magnus and pining over Jace, like sheesh get over him and look at whats in front of you! Will read the next one...I figure Jace/Clary will not be bro and sis and he is the inquisitors grandson, I mean they practically tell us in this book, but I shall see if I predicted correctly or not ;-)

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