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Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
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Dec 08, 2010

it was amazing


Sarah and David are your typical American couple with troubles in their relationship, but what's not typical is what they're about to endure: A zombie apocalypse started by an experiment gone awry at a university. Can these two put aside their "irreconcilable differences" to get out of the city alive? This is a charming tale with an awesome, strong female protagonist who is remarkably much better than her husband at zombie-killing!


A disclosure: I am both a romantic and a zombie-lover, so this book was really a perfect fit for me. I finished Married with Zombies in a little over 3 hours: That's a testament to two things. One, that it's a pretty short book (regrettably) and two, it's insanely good. The book has the "typical" zombie that's killed by headshots only, turns a victim in a few minutes, and is a cross between the Romero "slow" zombie and the 28 Days Later "wicked fast zombie." The zombies are awkward/clumsy but are capable of bursts of high speed. But let's face it, this book is way less about the zombies and way more about a couple that has fallen out of love learning to love again through a common bond: Zombie hunting.

And it does it well, very well. It's often said that a couple, any couple, regardless of marital status, will have a hard time existing without strong common bonds. Author Jesse Petersen emphasizes Sarah and David's problems by setting the first zombie encounter in a very unusual place: The marriage counselor's office. They are confronted by Dr. Kelly, their marriage therapist, busily eating one of her clients.

They take off from the office and from there on out, it's a fight of survival and ingenuity as the duo struggles to escape the metropolitan Seattle and reach some form of safety. But the age-old question of zombie apocalypses is: Where is safe and what is safety? After a run-in with some religious fanatics in a run-down Casino as they are on their "road trip", Sarah and David are left with some unanswered questions but have had some questions answered, specifically about their relationship. New talents and new desires have been unearthed and they are sharing much more of their lives post-zombie than when the zombies had not been ravaging the world.

This book is familiar enough to make you happy and also different enough from other zombie books to warrant the quick read, especially if you, like me, want to see a little deeper character study of just what it'd be like during a zombie apocalypse than what other books and movies have offered to us of late. The humor is witty and is what you'd expect from a married couple trading barbs, and the barbs are perfectly zombie-related!
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