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The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin
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Dec 07, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** Takada Norfleet


Reading/L.A Book Review #6


The Rules of Survival:
In order to survive you have to follow the rules.

The Rules of Survival a fictional book by Nancy Werlin is about three children, Mathew (Matt), Callie, and Emmy, who have an abusive mother. They live in Boston, Massachusetts. The oldest sibling, Mathew, is doing whatever he can to protect himself and his sisters from their malicious mother. After putting up with all of the abuse from his mother for so long, Mathew begins to lose all hope for the chance of survival for him and his sisters. That is until he sees and meets a guy named Murdoch, at a convenience store, sticking up for a little boy getting yelled at by his father. Mathew wants to be able to always rely on Murdoch to comet o his rescue. However, he soon realizes that he might have to take matters into his on hands.
Some of the themes in The Rules of Survival are to always remember: in the end, the survivor gets to tell the story, the people who say they love you, are the ones to hurt you the most, followed by, you should always protect the ones you love. With this in mind, Mathew did whatever he had to in order to protect Emmy and Callie and to make sure they were safe. He would take the beatings and his whole life would revolve around his sisters. He wouldn’t even give so much as a thought about his own safety. In addition, the people who say they love you are the ones who hurt you the most. Their mother, Nikki, would always mention how much she loved her children, but would physically and mentally cause damage to them. “ She slapped me across the face with a bag of mussels and clams.” (pg.28) always remember: in the end, the survivor gets to tell the story. Mathew was able to stand up to his mother which could’ve cost him his life, but in the end he stood his ground. He decided that his mother has put himself, Callie, and Emmy through enough. He was fed up with her B.S and was tired of it. For this reason,
him and his sisters were able to move on and live happier lives. Always remember: in the end, the survivor gets to tell the story, the people who say they love you, are the ones to hurt you the most, and finally, you should always protect the ones you love.

I can’t personally relate to this book because I don’t get abused. However, my mom does yell when she has to tell my brother and I to do something more than once. Which I guess is understandable because we should do the things she asks us to do the first time, not when we feel like it, but we don’t. In addition, life can be hard. I say this because sometimes the things you want in life don’t some easy and you have to earn what you want because it wont just be handed to you. I also learned that life can be especially hard for people that have to go through situations as Mathew, Emmy, and Callie experienced. I should be thankful that I don’t have to live my life in fear like they did. I also believe that for children that go through life being abused should speak up and tell am adult because they can get you help. It is not good to think that your life is in danger everyday you wake up. You should be able to enjoy life and not be miserable. For the people that abuse others, all I have to say is that you are insecure and very selfish people. I don’t understand how somebody could hurt the ones they say they care about most. If you love somebody then you should show them by caring for them and actually loving them. Not by physically and mentally hurting them. I think that I deserve an “A.” I invested a lot of time into this review and hopefully my hard work pays off. The easiest thing about this assignment is that I had the chance to re-read most of this book so now I have a better understanding about the book. The first time I read the it, I just skimmed it because I didn’t think it was interesting. I plan to improve the semester on my book reviews by actually turning them in on time. One question I have for you is “ what is one sport that you are really good at?” I ask this because you don’t seem like the type of person that likes to get “down and dirty.” you kind of remind me of Marry Poppins. =)
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