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Blood Rites by Jim Butcher
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Dec 07, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: urban-fantasy
Read in December, 2010

I like Jim Butcher. He's creative and his stories are original, but there's just something holding me back from a 4-star rating. For one, this book, and i'm not kidding or over-exagerating, starts with Harry Dresden, wizard extraordinaire, saving a litter of puppies from a demon. Seriously? Saving puppies? It almost makes me think that the only reason was so that the author could gain cute points for Dresden by randomly having a little puppy peeking out of his trench coat pockets for most of the story. It was kind of like a chick magnet. Except, more like a female reader magnet. As in, how cute, Dresden is so dreamy because he saves puppies, and he kept one of them. I'm going to read more about Dresden because he is sensitive and has a cute puppy.
Ok, that's enough of that.
In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden is called in by Thomas, the White Court vampire, for a favour (this is after he has saved the puppies and returned all but one to their rightful owner. but don't worry. he's not a puppy thief. that little rascal hid in his car). Thomas' friend Arturo, a director of 'adult films' has had people mysteriously dying all around him, and fears that he will be next. Harry is called on the scene, and must go undercover on the set of Arturo's latest film. Meanwhile, there are Red Court vampires gunning for Harry, so he also has to figure out a way to save himself from them.
Once more, Harry has found himself in over his head. However, he has some kickass friends and he's a pretty good wizard. The thing is, even though the plots get a little predictable, I like the books, and I'll continue with the story, because there is room for intrigue and space to grow, and I want Dresden and Murphy to be together; i have from the start :)
One last thing though: I swear to god, if harry says one more time that he's chivalrous and that seeing a woman being hurt is eight bajillion times worse than seeing a guy get hurt and that he can't help wanting to murder whoever is hurting women etc... I'll flip. Because he said something along those lines probably two or three times a chapter. I get it. You're a gentleman. You hold doors and you have an urge to protect women. You don't need to keep saying it. If anything, really chivalrous guys wouldn't feel the need to say that they are chivalrous eighteen million times. They would just do actions that show their chivalry.
So, Mr. Butcher, basic lesson in writing: Show, don't tell. So stop telling me things that I already know about the characters.

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